Adwoa Aboah experimented with drugs and partied excessively because she ''wanted to''.

The 25-year-old model first smoked weed at 14, before she started taking ecstasy, mephedrone and ketamine - but Adwoa has insisted her decision to use illegal highs wasn't influenced by peer pressure, but because she was curious about all the substances effects.

Adwoa, who appeared on the cover of American Vogue earlier this year, shared: ''There can be an assumption that when you're growing up you go, 'Oh everyone else is doing it, I should do it.' No. I wanted to take drugs, I wanted to drink, I wanted to stay out all night.''

Adwoa overdosed twice after leaving school, but has been clean of drugs for the last two years and has even created her own online platform where girls can go to discuss their addictions and sexuality, among other issues.

Adwoa entered rehab to combat her drug problem and has admitted she benefited from sharing her troubles with other people.

Speaking to ES Magazine, the catwalk star said: ''I'd only ever talked about it in front of my parents or my doctor. So to be talking about it with strangers was cathartic and amazing.

''But I think I blocked it out. It came out and I went, 'Wow, OK ... my life is out there.' I mean it was quite scary ... but it was amazing, the response that I got.''

Meanwhile, Adwoa previously revealed that her trademark shaven head stands as a ''f**k you'' message to the fashion industry.

The British star shaved off her tresses several years ago to rebel against the beauty business, although she was not aware of the message she was conveying.

Reflecting on her eye-catching makeover, Adwoa explained: ''It was a kind of a f**k-you to the industry, even if I wasn't conscious of that at the time.''