Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer STEVEN ADLER was "heartbroken" when Axl Rose shot down plans for a full reunion of the legendary band - because he is desperate to see the group back together.
Adler was one of the original members of the rock group but was fired in 1990 after his drug habit spiralled out of control.
Guitarist Slash followed, quitting the band in 1996 after a series of rows with frontman Rose. Other members to have walked out include Izzy Stradlin and Duff MCKagan.
Adler has never given up hope that the band would one day share a stage again - and admits he was deeply upset when Rose blocked a potential multi-million dollar reunion deal.
He tells Dirty Rock Magazine, "Axl ran the whole thing into the ground and still is. It's a shame. It's heartbreaking, because I was there from the beginning and helped get it started, and to see what he did and is still doing, it's hurtful. That, and I heard that some big rock agency offered us $150 million for us to do 20 shows. And that was very hurtful that Axl said no and doesn't want to do it.
"As long as the five of us are alive, there's an opportunity."