Hollywood's top addiction specialist DR. Drew Pinsky has blasted Michael Jackson's embattled physician for not seeking help for his superstar client's spiralling drug problem.
In an affidavit, obtained by the Los Angeles Times earlier this week (beg24Aug09), Dr. Conrad Murray reportedly told police he was trying to wean the King of Pop off powerful anaesthetic Propofol, which Jackson was using in large doses in an effort to get to sleep.
Legal and medical experts have questioned Dr. Murray's decision to make the drug available to Jackson - because it's usually strictly administered only in sterile environments, like hospitals, by trained anaesthesiologists.
And now Dr. Pinsky, the man behind reality TV show Celebrity Rehab, has publicly criticised Jackson's physician for not alerting experts to the singer's drug dependency issues.
Pinsky says, "You can't wean people off medication, it really doesn't work. The fact is, if he identified addiction in Michael Jackson he should have brought in an addiction team... Dr. Murray was unfortunately over his head with this one.
"I would bring that person into a hospital, 24-hour monitoring... and cold turkey."