ROLLING STONE RONNIE WOOD was once so hooked on drugs, he accidentally smoked sugar instead of crack cocaine.
The veteran guitarist spent up to $4,500 (£3,000) a day on his freebase cocaine habit in the 1980s and admits he was so desperate for drugs, he would smoke whatever he could get his hands on.
Wood recalls, "It got to the point where I would be on my hands and knees looking for crumbs that might have fallen out of the crack pipe. I even banned my children eating meringues in the house after I ended up smoking sugar, believing it to be cocaine."
The rocker, who has been to rehab seven times in 30 years, admits his drinking problems were even worse - but he has now been sober for the last six months.
He tells Britain's News of the World: "It was just a downward spiral. When the last bottle went, it was the end of an era. Something clicked in me."