Scottish actress Vivian Gray gave birth to her son in a street on her way to a local hospital.

The 31 year old began having contractions a week before her due date, and believed she had plenty of time to walk to the local maternity unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.

However, as she was on her way with her husband Adrian Jayasinha and her mother Alicia Gray, she realised she was close to giving birth, and she had to sit down on the pavement about 30 yards from the hospital.

Her mum laid down her jacket for her expectant daughter to sit on, and then ran to the hospital to get help.

Vivian tells the Daily Mail newspaper, "The hospital was extremely efficient. Within three minutes, two midwives, two assistant midwives and two paramedics were with me with all the equipment and held sheets round me to screen me from view while they delivered the baby."

The couple's newborn son, Sky, joins older brother Liam, two.