TAXI actress Marilu Henner has been hiding an incredibly rare superpower - she has a medical condition which enables her to remember almost every day of her life in vivid detail.
The star, 58, is one of few people in the world with superior autobiographical memory, which was first diagnosed by neurobiologist James MCGaugh in 2006.
Henner was unaware of the official term for the abnormal ability until her close friend, TV journalist Lesley Stahl, began researching it for a case study about violinist Louise Owen on U.S. news show 60 Minutes - and realised the similarities between the musician and the actress' conditions.
Stahl says, "When I first heard about this research, what surprised me was not that this condition existed, but that it was considered so rare. That's because it sounded like a description of a friend of mine."
Interviewed on 60 Minutes, which aired on Sunday (19Dec10), Henner tells Stahl, "I can rattle off almost every time I've seen you... It's like putting in a DVD and it queues up to a certain place. I'm there again, so I'm looking out from my eyes and seeing things visually as I would have that day."