Ncis star David Fisher was acting in "self-defence" when he hit out at his neighbour during a dispute on Thursday (01Sep11), insisting he is "not a violent person".
The British actor is facing a charge of felony battery after becoming embroiled in a heated dispute with another resident in his Los Angeles apartment block, clashing over wet towels which had been hung out to dry.
Fisher reportedly attacked his neighbour and choked him, before the unidentified male escaped his grip and called police.
He was arrested, booked and held behind bars on $50,000 (£31,250) bail, while his alleged victim was taken to a local hospital.
But the actor has now spoken out to clear his name against the accusations, claiming he had no choice but to lash out after coming under attack first.
Fisher also alleges the man, a former friend, had insulted his late mother, who passed away last year (10), by teasing, "Are you still crying about your dead mommy?"
He tells, "I was pushed by my neighbour and further provoked when he referenced to my dead mother. My actions were in self-defence. I am not a violent person."