HERMAN BRIX, an Olympic athlete and actor who starred on the big screen as TARZAN, has died. He was 100. Brix died Saturday (24FEB07) in Santa Monica, California of complications from a broken hip. Brix won a silver medal for the shotput in the 1928 Olympics and went on to star in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF TARZAN in 1935. He later adopted the stage name Bruce Bennett and appeared as Joan Crawford's husband in Mildred Pierce, and as an ill-fated gold prospector in THE TREASURES OF SIERRA MADRE. Among his other credits were THE OFFICER AND THE LADY, ATLANTIC CONVOY, SAHARA and Dark Passage. After his Hollywood career ended in the 1960s, Brix went on to work for a Los Angeles food service company, where he became a West Coast sales manager. He later had a successful career in real estate before retiring in the mid-1980s.