Abz Love has changed his name to 'Love' by D-Poll to celebrate the re-launch of his music career.

The 39-year-old singer - who was formerly in the 90's boyband 5IVE - has opened up about his new EP 'Golden', which he will be releasing next month on his birthday (29.06.19), and the star has revealed that he has changed his moniker to just his surname because he wanted to ''reinvent himself'' and has asked his fans to join him and do the same.

He said: ''I've written an EP that I'm going to release on June 29, my birthday, just to say here are some songs that are sitting on my iTunes doing nothing.

''I have a song called Golden and it's a song about just making something beautiful, having something gold. I've changed my name man, I've called myself Love. I was like, 'What shall I call myself? I'm going to change my name and reinvent myself.'

''I want to be the family of Love, come join, I invite everyone to change their name by D-Poll, it's like £15 man come join the family.''

And Abz - who was dropped by his former label Sony BMG in December 2003 as a result of his drug addiction - admitted that he started making music again to help his recovery and ''well-being''.

However, not all the melodies he was making were good, and he had to delete a track about a chicken off of his YouTube channel.

He told The Sun Online: ''I had been making music purely for my own well-being to get stuff out stuff that's in my head, whether that's rhymes, raps or melodies. It's not all good, I'm not going to lie.

''Man, I was living in the wilderness, in the forest and I wrote a song about a chicken and I deleted that off my YouTube real quick because when I got back to London I realised that it's not a cool thing to sing about and no one really cares. I've had my moments.''