99 Souls have disguised their faces to avoid being ''famous''.

The British house band - who are made up of Jo and Soul - have admitted they conceal their profiles from the public by wearing hats and editing out their facial features on their album cover because they want to keep a ''low profile'' and want to enjoy a ''relaxed life'' where only their music is recognised by the public.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about their obscured identity, Soul said: ''Obviously after one song it's not like we are a big deal or anything, but just because of where we want to go, we want to have hit after hit after hit, make a classic album the whole world loves so we don't want to be famous. But we want our music to get to the level where if our face was on it we would be famous, and we just want to keep a low profile and go live a nice relaxed life basically.''

And the 'That Girl is Mine' hitmaker's have revealed making hit records are their sole focus at the moment, and they are ''excited'' to release their forthcoming album and more tracks in the future.

Jo explained: ''Right now we are really focused on the music thing. We both have aspirations outside of that , but I think right now that is our main focus and we are really excited about the album we are working on and really excited about what is coming.

''It's quite funny because I was discussing something this with Soul and I said to him 'What's the plan', and he said 'There is no plan B, we are just plan A guys'. So we are just trying to make plan A work, we try to do music we love, what people will love. We test music out on people and we don't really have a plan B because we really strongly believe in plan A.''