50 Cent's ad campaign for sportswear giant REEBOK has come under fire in Britain, with various groups charging it glorifies fun violence.

The TV commercials feature the IN DA CLUB rapper counting to nine, referring to the number of times he was shot in 2000, while the print ads feature the star, real name CURTIS JACKSON, with finger print records.

THE DISARM TRUST, an anti-gun charity in the UK, calls the ads "irresponsible and despicable", accusing Reebok of "preying on young impressionable black males".

Reebok denies the Disarm Trust's claims, stating that the advertisements are "edgy" and will only be featured in adult-oriented media outlets, reports website ALLHIPHOP.COM.

A spokesperson for the company says, "Reebok does not condone every action, choice or view expressed by the athletes and entertainers who wear our products."

The "I am what I am" campaign features such stars as Andy Roddick, Jay-Z and Lucy Liu.

17/03/2005 03:03