Rapper 50 Cent is disappointed nobody has tried to shoot him while he's been out driving - because he spent $200,000 (GBP105,000) bulletproofing two of his cars.

The MAGIC STICK hitmaker, who was shot nine times in an attack before rising to fame, has spent a lot of time and money on ensuring he's safe when he's on the road - but he's never had the opportunity to put the efficiency of the safeguards to the test.

He tells BLENDER magazine, "I have two (bulletproof vehicles), one in New York, one in LA, and it was about 100 grand each,

"I'm actually disappointed though: Nobody's shot me. I spent a lot of money on that s**t!"

And when he's outside of his vehicles, 50 Cent, real name CURTIS JACKSON, relies on the efforts of just a single bodyguard.

He adds, "I don't like everybody around me like that. The biggest security detail I've rolled with was about 10. That's when you had me, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck together."

15/03/2005 03:13