Recording with rapper 50 CENT proved to be a nostalgic experience for LIL' KIM - because it reminded her of working with her late lover the NOTORIOUS BIG.

New York natives 50 Cent and Lil' Kim recently got together and recorded the hit track MAGIC STICK, and now it sits at number 10 on America's Billboard HOT 100 singles charts.

And the diminutive rap beauty, real name KIMBERLY JONES, says working with the IN DA CLUB rapper was fun experience which reminded her of her late mentor Biggie Smalls.

She says, "That was fun cause 50 and I had a great chemistry, you know what I mean?

"It was just weird like... it gave me a feeling that I think I might had when Biggie was alive. Like it to me, reminded me of a GET MONEY record."

28/05/2003 02:02