Rapper 50 Cent argues the level of scrutiny his music is subjected to is unfair, because the creativity of other art forms is rarely questioned.

The IN DA CLUB superstar, real name CURTIS JACKSON, sees himself as an artist trying to push the imagination of his listeners - and he can't understand why he is heavily criticised for gun references in his lyrics when films depict firearms in far greater detail.

Jackson tells MTV.COM, "I'm giving them a photograph, a direct indication, of what this is about, what the actual story is and then allow their imagination to go a step further.

"There are standards that are placed on music as an art form that aren't placed on any other form of entertainment. If we walk into your local video store, imagine how many times we're going to see a gun on the cover of the packaging to advertise an action film.

"How many war films will we find? How many westerns? See, for me to make a record, and just add a gun to it, they want to make it negative, because of their perception of me."

23/03/2005 17:10