Sears on Wednesday became the first U.S. retailer to begin taking orders for 3D television sets, a 46-inch model priced at $2,599 and a 55-inch one priced at $3,299. The problem, however, is that, as of yet, there are no 3D movies on DVD or TV shows on broadcast or cable networks that can been viewed on them. Nevertheless, Samsung, which manufactures the sets being sold online by Sears, said on Thursday that it expects to sue at least 2 million 3D sets this year and suggested that number may be conservative. And, in an intriguing comment, Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung's visual display division, said, "We have also developed technology that converts 2D content into 3D, and that will enable consumers to experience watching TV with an extra visual dimension even when 3D content is somewhat less available." According to China's Xinhua news service the conversion will take place within the TV sets themselves "with just one click of a remote controller."