Some of Britain and the world's most beloved brands are predicted to lose a staggering $300 billion if plans for plain packaging are mandated.

Alcohol, sugar, fast food and other products are now required to carry health warnings and it is feared drinks brands in particular are most vulnerable to the threat of labelling censorship, which has already been carried out on tobacco, and just eight leading brand owners alone could face losses of $187 billion.

In a bid to save the cultural heritage of many iconic brands from the campaign to have their packaging censored or plastered with graphic warnings, membership organisation Endangered Species are spearheading a call for the creative industry to unite and find more effective ways to promote responsible consumption of products including fizzy drinks, fast food, alcohol and sugar through superior and creative packaging design.

From October 3, leading names in design, marketing and branding will come together for the Design Hackathon ( where agencies such as JKR Global and Sedley Place will collaborate on design solutions to raise awareness of responsible consumption while also enabling brands to keep their creative integrity.

The concepts will then be collated, edited and presented to brand owners and the world's media via an interactive website, with the ultimate aim of the campaign being to help companies put the ideas into practice in order for their consumers to continue enjoying their products while also understanding how to lead healthy, responsible and positive lives.