8th February 2014

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Gary Oldman Confirms Talks For 'Star Wars: Episode Vii' Role Have Taken Place

Gary Oldman could be the latest A-List actor that might be joining the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' project.The news surfaced from the 55 year-old during...

8th February 2014 0:12

X Factor USA Cancelled As Simon Cowell Heads Back To Britain

Simon Cowell's X Factor experiment in America has officially failed - the Tv talent show has been axed by executives at Tv network Fox.The show will...

8th February 2014 0:38

Russell Brand Calls The Sudden Death Of "Drug Addict" Philip Seymour Hoffman "Inevitable"

It is publically known that Russell Brand's past involved an intense battle with substance and alcohol abuse, but the Brit managed to overcome his...

8th February 2014 0:57

Fox Cancels X Factor As Simon Cowell Announces Return To UK Version

Fox has canceled the talent show 'The X Factor'.The television network announced on Friday (Feb 7th) that they have pulled the plug on the reality...

8th February 2014 1:40

Reese Witherspoon And Ryan Phillippe Sell House

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe have sold the last property they owned together.The former couple, who split in 2007 after seven years of...

8th February 2014 2:00

Elizabeth Olsen Hates 'Awkward' Sex Scenes

Elizabeth Olsen finds sex scenes ''incredibly awkward.''The 'In Secret' star, who is dating 32-year-old model Boyd Holbrook, tried to create a safe...

8th February 2014 2:00

Blake Lively Indulges On Southern Food

Blake Lively indulged on rich Southern food during a three-hour feast in Winthrop, Massachusetts.The former 'Gossip Girl' star, who loves to cook and...

8th February 2014 2:00

Demi Lovato: Selena Gomez Is 'Amazing'

Demi Lovato thinks Selena Gomez is ''amazing.''The 'Heart Attack' hitmaker - who sought treatment for an eating disorder, drug abuse and self-harming...

8th February 2014 2:00

Philip Seymour Hoffman's New York City Funeral Attended By Hollywood's Biggest Stars

The funeral of Philip Seymour Hoffman took place this Friday (Feb 8th), and the best that Hollywood has to offer were on hand to pay their final...

8th February 2014 2:27

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Loved Ones Attend Wake

Philip Seymour Hoffman's loved ones attended his wake in New York City on Thursday (06.02.14). The 46-year-old actor's estranged girlfriend Mimi...

8th February 2014 2:59

Woody Allen Finally Responds To Dylan Farrow's Accusations Of Sexual Abuse

It has been one week since Woody Allen's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow published an open letter in the New York Times (Feb 1st), detailing the sexual...

8th February 2014 3:14

Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered As A 'Lovely Person'

Philip Seymour Hoffman's priest will remember him as a ''lovely person.''Fr. James Martin S.J., who helped the late actor prepare for his role as...

8th February 2014 3:59

Eva Mendes Pulled Over By Police

Eva Mendes was allegedly caught using her cell phone while driving.The 'Training Day' star narrowly avoided a ticket when she was pulled over by a...

8th February 2014 3:59

Terrell Owens New Wife Wants Divorce After Two Weeks Of Marriage

Terrell Owens is back on the market sooner rather than expected.The former NFL wide receiver thought things might be finally turning around for him...

8th February 2014 4:16

Jay Leno Signs Off After 22 Year Career On Final 'Tonight Show' In Teary Farewell

The last ever 'Tonight Show', hosted by Jay Leno, aired this past Thursday (Feb 6th).The 63 year-olds stint at the NBC talks-show lasted for over two...

8th February 2014 5:17

Rosie O'donnell Returns To 'The View' And Doesn't Hold Back Against Barbara Walters

Rosie O'Donnell returned to a familiar setting this past Friday (Feb 7th) as she made an appearance on the daytime talk-show 'The View'.And it didn't...

8th February 2014 6:04

Chad Smith Challenges Will Ferrell To Drum-off

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith has challenged actor Will Ferrell to a ''drum-off''. Fans often comment on how the pair bear more than a passing...

8th February 2014 6:21

Dylan Farrow Responds To Woody Allen's Denial Of Sexual Abuse Claims

One week ago Dylan Farrow began a media frenzy by claiming director Woody Allen sexually abused her when she was just 7 years-old.The now 28 year-old...

8th February 2014 6:50

Jennifer Garner 'Emotional' About Returning To Work

Jennifer Garner was ''emotional'' about going back to work so soon after giving birth.The 41-year-old actress - who has children Violet, eight,...

8th February 2014 9:06

Kristen Stewart Prefers The Natural Look

Kristen Stewart prefers looking natural.The 'Twilight' actress has been made the face of fashion house Balenciaga's new perfume Rosabotanica and...

8th February 2014 9:06

The Wanted 'Shafted' By Max George

The Wanted feel ''shafted'' by Max George.The 'Walks Like Rihanna' group are set to go their separate ways following their 'Word of Mouth' tour later...

8th February 2014 9:06

Beck Shocked By Flaming Lips Snub

Beck spent a year thinking people hated him. The 'Loser' singer hired The Flaming Lips to support him on tour in 2002 but frontman Wayne Coye...

8th February 2014 10:00

Morgan Freeman's King Kong Terror

Morgan Freeman says 'King Kong' ''scared the daylights'' out of him when he first saw it. The 76-year-old Oscar-winning actor moved from a rural area...

8th February 2014 10:00

Glee (The Show) Loses Major Court Battle With Glee (The Club)

The long running battle over trademarks between The Glee Club and 20th Century Fox’s Glee has come to a head, and it’s the Glee Club who have...

8th February 2014 10:53

Woody Allen Denies Molestation Allegations

Woody Allen has hit back at allegations he molested his daughter Dylan Farrow.The iconic filmmaker - whose adopted child recently spoke out claiming...

8th February 2014 11:00

David Beckham Says His Sons Will Be 'Ladykillers'

David Beckham says his sons will all be ''ladykillers''.The retired soccer star thinks Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11, and eight-year-old Cruz will...

8th February 2014 11:00

Adele Earns £30m Without New Tours Or Albums

Adele earned £30 million in 2013 without touring or releasing any music.The 'Skyfall' singer's Melted Stone company revealed a turnover of...

8th February 2014 11:00

Lily Allen: Miley Cyrus' Image Is 'Great'

Lily Allen thinks Miley Cyrus' sexy image is ''great''.The 'Hard Out Here' hitmaker believes stars like the 'Wrecking Ball' singer are in control of...

8th February 2014 11:00

How Ralph Feinnes His Stressful Side During Invisible Woman Filming

He’s worked with some of the finest directors in both the U.K and Hollywood and starred in some of best and biggest films made in the last two...

8th February 2014 12:01

Simon Cowell Has - And Is - The X-factor. And There's No Show Without Him

TV bosses have decided to give the U.S version of The X-Factor a rest following a sustained period of disappointing viewing figures. FOX were keen to...

8th February 2014 12:53

Gary Oldman Confirms Star Wars Episode Vii Rumor: Best One Yet?

There are many rumors flying around as to who’ll play who in the upcoming Star Wars reboot, helmed by J.J Abrams. The franchise has gone from...

8th February 2014 14:01

Justin Bieber's Lawyers Seek To Block Release Of Jail Pictures

Lawyers representing embattled pop star Justin Bieber have filed legal documents in an attempt to prevent the release of images showing the singer in...

8th February 2014 14:06

The X Factor USA Cancelled As Simon Cowell Heads Back To Britain

Simon Cowell's The X Factor experiment in America has officially failed - the Tv talent show has been axed by executives at Tv network Fox.The show...

8th February 2014 14:06

Dappy Begged Doctors To Repair His Face After Horse Attack

British rapper Dappy feared he would be left permanently disfigured after he was kicked in the face by a horse last year (13).The former N-Dubz star...

8th February 2014 14:06

Rapper Trinidad James Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Rapper Trinidad James has been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession after allegedly lighting up a joint in his hotel room, according to a...

8th February 2014 14:06

Russian Punk Stars To Meet U.s. Prisoners

Newly-free Russian punk stars Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova are set to come face-to-face with American prisoners following a meeting...

8th February 2014 14:06

Late Slayer Star Honoured With Traffic Roundabout In Polish Town

Late Slayer star Jeff Hanneman has been honoured in Poland - with a roundabout.Fans of the rocker, who died of liver failure last year (13),...

8th February 2014 14:06

Woody Allen Responds To Dylan Farrow's Molestation Claims

Woody Allen has responded to molestation accusations made by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, insisting the claims are the result of a vindictive...

8th February 2014 14:06

Captain Phillips, American Hustle And Frozen Take Eddie Awards

Captain Phillips, American Hustle and Frozen all scooped prizes at the 64th American Cinema Editors Eddie Awards on Friday night (07Feb14).During the...

8th February 2014 14:06

Cara Delevingne's Pregnant Sister Weds

Models Cara and Poppy Delevingne's socialite sister Chloe has wed property developer Ed Grant.The couple exchanged vows at London's members only club...

8th February 2014 14:06

George Clooney's New Film Opens As Lost Artwork Is Handed Back To Poland

George Clooney's new film about the real-life art experts who retrieved paintings and sculptures from the Nazis during World War Two has been given a...

8th February 2014 14:06

Luc Besson Rebooting The Transporter For Prequel Series

French director Luc Besson is set to reboot his hit action franchise The Transporter for a new series of prequels - without leading man Jason...

8th February 2014 14:06

Matt Damon Flew Daughter's School Class To South Africa During Invictus Shoot

Actor Matt Damon once flew his daughter's entire school class to South Africa to avoid breaking his own vow to never spend more than two weeks away...

8th February 2014 14:06

Fascinating Fact: 4057902

Members of Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs choir scored a highlight at the Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Games on Friday night (07Feb14) by...

8th February 2014 14:06

Fascinating Fact: 4057903

Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage welcomed American sports fans to the Sochi Olympics in Russia on Friday night (07Feb14) - the British actor was...

8th February 2014 14:06

Fascinating Fact: 4057904

Gravity has become only the third film in history to make more than $100 million (£62.5 million) from Imax screenings.

8th February 2014 14:06

Peter Andre Wants More Children

Peter Andre wants to have more children.The singer - whose fiancée Emily McDonagh gave birth to their first daughter last month - has admitted the...

8th February 2014 14:59

Chris O'dowd Defends Justin Bieber

Chris O'Dowd has defended Justin Bieber's recent behaviour.The 'Bridesmaids' star believes the 'Beauty and a Beat' hitmaker's controversy - which...

8th February 2014 14:59

Nicolas Cage Has No Regrets

Nicolas Cage doesn't regret any of his career choices.The 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' star doesn't have a problem with his decision to accept...

8th February 2014 14:59

Woody Allen Responds To Dylan Farrow Allegations, Questions Mother's Influence

The last week has been dominated by Dylan Farrow’s allegations that Woody Allen sexually abused her when she was 7-years-old. Now, after some...

8th February 2014 15:38

Joel Kinnaman Loved Robocop Drama

Joel Kinnaman loved mixing action and drama in 'Robocop'.The Swedish-born star - best known for his work in 'The Killing' - was excited to work on a...

8th February 2014 16:06

Harry Styles: One Direction Aren't In Same 'League' As The Beatles

Harry Styles admits One Direction aren't in the same ''league'' as The Beatles.While the curly-haired heartthrob thinks the band are experiencing the...

8th February 2014 16:06

Despite Drug-addled Belfort Role In 'Wolf', Leonardo Dicaprio Insists He's Never Taken Drugs

There was to be no method acting on this one. Leonardo DiCaprio may be in line for an Oscar for portraying the drug-addicted stockbroker Jordan...

8th February 2014 17:23

Bruce Jenner Having 'Identity Crisis'?

Bruce Jenner's sons think he is going through an ''identity crisis.''Brody Jenner, 30, and Brandon Jenner, 32, who have been spending a lot more time...

8th February 2014 17:51

Woody Allen Admits Son Looks Like Frank Sinatra

Woody Allen has admitted Ronan Farrow ''looks a lot like'' Frank Sinatra.The 'Blue Jasmine' director addressed his ex-partner Mia Farrow's recent...

8th February 2014 17:51

Rihanna Reunites With Drake?

Rihanna and Drake left a nightclub together on Friday night (07.02.14).The former couple fuelled speculation they have rekindled their relationship...

8th February 2014 18:01

Neil Patrick Harris Accepts Hasty Pudding Award

Neil Patrick Harris donned a messy black wig and red high heels to accept his Hasty Pudding award.The 'How I Met Your Mother' star was named Harvard...

8th February 2014 18:01

Laura Cohen (Maggie) On The Final 8 Episodes Of The Walking Dead Season 4

With the midseason opener set to hit screens this Sunday (Feb 8), The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohen – who plays Maggie on the hit zombie drama –...

8th February 2014 18:16

Selena Gomez Was 'Burnt Out'

Selena Gomez was ''burnt out'' before she went to rehab.The 'Come & Get It' hitmaker, who secretly spent two weeks at the Dawn at the Meadows...

8th February 2014 19:59

Michael Jackson Estate Owes $702 Million?

Michael Jackson's estate is being pursued for $702 million in taxes.The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accused the late 'Thriller' hitmaker's...

8th February 2014 19:59

Sean Penn Passionately Kisses Charlize Theron

Sean Penn couldn't keep his hands off Charlize Theron in Los Angeles on Friday (07.02.14).The couple - who made their first public appearance...

8th February 2014 19:59

Woody Allen's Daughter Will Not Be 'Silenced'

Woody Allen's daughter has hit back at him for denying allegations he sexually abused her.Dylan Farrow, who claims the 'Blue Jasmine' director...

8th February 2014 20:34

Mariah Carey Puts Home On Market For $12.99 Million

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are selling their home in California for $12.99 million.The couple, who have two-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe,...

8th February 2014 23:00

Chris Pratt Gushes About His Talkative Son

Chris Pratt is excited that his son has started talking.The 'Parks and Recreation' star has a 17-month-old little boy, Jack, with his wife, Anna...

8th February 2014 23:00

Demi Lovato Is Excited To Hit The Road For Tour

Demi Lovato has ''never been more excited'' ahead of her new tour.The 21-year-old singer, who is set to perform her first 'Neon Lights' show in...

8th February 2014 23:00

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