1st June 2013

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Max George Says Reality Show Is Too Racy For His Mother

Max George doesn't want his mother to watch 'The Wanted Life'.The Wanted singer admitted he is reluctant for his mum to watch the E! reality TV show,...

1st June 2013 2:00

Khloe Kardashian Hits Back At Critics

Khloe Kardashian hates being compared to her sisters.While Khloe, 29, has recently slimmed down and has been referred to as ''the hot sister'', she...

1st June 2013 2:00

Why Philip Seymour Hoffman Checked Himself Into Rehab

Philip Seymour Hoffman checked himself into rehab for heroin abuse.The Oscar-winning actor - who has battled substance abuse in the past - has...

1st June 2013 2:01

Taylor Swift Would Never Chase A Guy

Taylor Swift would never chase a guy.While the 23-year-old singer has a number of tricks she uses to show a member of the opposite sex when she is...

1st June 2013 2:09

Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj Cut Ties With American Idol

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have quit 'American Idol'.The 'Starships' hitmaker and the 43-year-old superstar announced they were leaving the show as...

1st June 2013 3:00

Kodaline Singer Obsessed With The Boss

Kodaline's Steve Garrigan wouldn't be able to control himself around Bruce Springsteen. The Irish frontman is a massive fan of the 63-year-old singer...

1st June 2013 6:21

Zoe Saldana Can Handle Heartbreak

Zoe Saldana recovers from heartbreak ''very easily''.The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' beauty - who split from 'The Hangover Part III' hunk Bradley...

1st June 2013 9:06

Audrey Tautou Says Non To Hollywood Move

Audrey Tautou won't move to Hollywood.The 'Amelie' actress became a worldwide sensation after breaking out in the hit 2001 French drama, but she...

1st June 2013 9:06

Sharon Osbourne Warns Ozzy No More Dugs

Sharon Osbourne will take husband Ozzy Osbourne back for good as long as he never turns to drink or drugs again, according to reports. The 'X Factor'...

1st June 2013 9:06

Manic Street Preachers Making 'Acoustic Soul' Album

The Manic Street Preachers are working on an ''acoustic soul'' album.The 'If You Tolerate This, Your Children Will Be Next' group have dropped their...

1st June 2013 9:59

Thor Sequel Will Look Ancient

'Thor: The Dark World' will have a more ''ancient'' look.The film's director Alan Taylor replaces 'Thor' filmmaker Kenneth Branagh on the sequel and...

1st June 2013 10:00

Amanda Bynes' Neighbours Recall The Nightmare Of Living With Her

The 'is she really crazy?' saga surrounding Amanda Bynes continues to be added to from both sides of the argument. On Friday (May 31) evening, a...

1st June 2013 10:01

Justin Bieber's Security Team Point The Finger At Tyler, The Creator Following Reckless Driving Charge Against Singer

Justin Bieber landed himself in hot water for a change on Memorial Day after he was accused of recklessly driving his Ferrari around his exclusive...

1st June 2013 10:40

The Exorsist Versus The Life Of Amanda Bynes - Can You Spot The Differences?

The plot thickens as Amanda Bynes neighbours have apparently turned to the press to vent about the experience of living with the, shall we say,...

1st June 2013 10:47

David Beckham Tipped For Big Screen Stardom

David Beckham has been tipped for Hollywood success.Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has compared the recently retired soccer superstar to basketball...

1st June 2013 11:00

Florence Welch Set For Major Star Wars Role?

Florence Welch is being considered for a leading role in the new 'Star Wars' trilogy.The 26-year-old pop diva could be turned into an ''overnight''...

1st June 2013 11:00

Kelly Brook Slams 'Desperate' Katie Price

Kelly Brook has accused Katie Price of being ''desperate'' in their on-going feud.The pair have been engaged in a bitter battle recently after the TV...

1st June 2013 11:00

Carly Rae Jepsen Kissed A Guy And Ran Away

Carly Rae Jepsen has done a ''kiss and run'' on a guy. The Canadian singer claims the lyrics of her international hit 'Call Me Maybe' couldn't be...

1st June 2013 11:00

Philip Seymour Hoffman Already Back Filming Following 10-Day Stint In Rehab For Heroin Use

Philip Seymour Hoffman pulled a shocker this week when it emerged that not only had he just completed a 10-day stay at a detox facility on America's...

1st June 2013 11:05

Box Office Biggies: After Earth Flounders, While Fast & Furious Dominates

The critics definitely aren’t favoring After Earth this week and for ones, movie-goers seem to agree. M. Night Shyamalan’s crack at sci-fi,...

1st June 2013 11:51

Nyc Woman Claims Rihanna-endorsed Lipstick Gave Her Herpes!

A woman from Harlem who bought a MAC lipstick endorsed by singer Rihanna is claiming that she ended up with herpes after using the product she bought...

1st June 2013 11:53

Baby Talk With Leann Rimes - She's Ready To Have One Of Her Own

LeAnn Rimes has had a rough patch over the past couple of years, but with the drama behind her, she’s looking forward to the release of her brand...

1st June 2013 12:23

In A Fit Of Feminist Energy, Khloe Kardashian Defends Her Sisters Against Media Scrutiny

The Kardashians are fiercely protective of their own and Khloe Kardashian once again proved this true, when she lashed out at the media for referring...

1st June 2013 12:43

The Unlikely Rescue Of Amc's The Killing

If you’ve never seen The Killing, you wouldn’t be the only one. The AMC drama has had its spotlight stolen in previous years by bigger projects....

1st June 2013 13:16

Katie Couric On The Dating Scene And Her Brief Encounter With Jeff Probst

It always feels a bit strange when celebrities open up about their dating lives, but when it’s Katie Couric, everyone pays attention. The...

1st June 2013 13:49

Lou Reed Recovering After Liver Transplant

Veteran rocker Lou Reed is recovering after undergoing a life-saving liver transplant.The former Velvet Underground singer had the operation in April...

1st June 2013 14:05

David Foster Lands Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Top songwriter/producer David Foster has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.The 16-time Grammy winner - who has composed tracks...

1st June 2013 14:05

Lil Scrappy Enters Rehab

Rapper Lil Scrappy has entered a rehabilitation facility to kick his addiction to marijuana.The hip-hop star, real name Darryl Kevin Richardson Ii,...

1st June 2013 14:05

Rihanna Fan Sues Over Coldsore

Rihanna has been named in a bizarre new lawsuit filed by a woman who alleged the singer's lipstick gave her oral herpes.New Yorker Starkeema...

1st June 2013 14:05

Chester Bennington Has No Plans To Leave Stone Temple Pilots

Linkin Park star Chester Bennington's side project with Stone Temple Pilots looks set to become a semi-permanent thing - he's keen to perform as...

1st June 2013 14:05

Rock Legend Carmine Appice To Front Metal Camp

Revered Vanilla Fudge drummer Carmine Appice is offering rock fans the chance to join him onstage at his first Rockaholics Metal Fan Camp.Appice, who...

1st June 2013 14:05

The Wanted Scrapped 2012 Album Of 'Mediocre' Songs

The Wanted scrapped a finished album they recorded last year (12) after bandmates agreed the songs were at best "mediocre".The group relocated to Los...

1st June 2013 14:05

Jason Mraz Struggled To Record Video For Dying Teen's Swansong

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Jason Mraz struggled to film his segment for the video to accompany tragic Zach Sobiech's tune Clouds because...

1st June 2013 14:05

Stars Reach Out To Victims Of New Oklahoma Tornadoes

Olivia Munn, Kristin Chenoweth and Carrie Underwood have offered heartfelt tributes after multiple tornadoes swept through Oklahoma on Friday...

1st June 2013 14:05

Heath Ledger's Joker Diary Unveiled

A diary kept by Heath Ledger while he prepared to play The Joker in The Dark Knight has been unveiled.The notebook, featuring photos, drawings and...

1st June 2013 14:05

Leann Rimes Confirms Sitcom Plans

Singer/actress Leann Rimes is developing a new sitcom based on her marriage to Eddie Cibrian in a bid to give fans a real look into their private...

1st June 2013 14:05

Katharine Hepburn Dangled Oscar Win Over Co-star Fonda

Jane Fonda will always treasure a fond memory of her On Golden Pond co-star Katharine Hepburn's competitive streak after the late movie icon picked...

1st June 2013 14:05

Julie Delpy Rages At Imaginary Chatting Filmgoer In New Psa

Before Midnight co-stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke have shot a public service video for a Texas cinema reminding film fans to turn off their...

1st June 2013 14:05

Fascinating Fact: 3697272

50 Cent is to join Tom Cruise, J.J. Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer at an upcoming Hollywood producers' workshop. Movie fans keen to learn more about...

1st June 2013 14:05

Fascinating Fact: 3697273

Top Olympic sailor Andrew Simpson was laid to rest on Friday (31May13) following his fatal training accident on 9 May (13). The gold medallist...

1st June 2013 14:05

The Things They Tweet: 3697274

"Just received my 1:6 Jor El figurine... looks great... how did I get Kenny Rogers' beard?" Russell Crowe likes his Man of Steel action figure.

1st June 2013 14:05

Call In Csi - Tyler The Creator Implicated In Justin Bieber's Reckless Driving Case

Justin Bieber has had a number of unfortunate incidents in the past year, but the latest one – the allegations of reckless driving, raised against...

1st June 2013 14:27

Pregnancy Rumors Crumble, As Beyonce Wines And Dines With Jay Z In Berlin

It appears that Beyonce’s firm denial of any pregnancy rumors wasn’t just a convoluted plot to confuse the media (go figure) there just isn’t a...

1st June 2013 14:58

Heidi Klum's 'Crazy Hat' Birthday Bash

Heidi Klum is being thrown a hat party for her 40th birthday.The supermodel celebrates the milestone today (01.06.13) and revealed she is ''excited''...

1st June 2013 15:00

Professor Green Worried About Stag Night

Professor Green is expecting his friends to ''ruin'' him with ''drugs and prostitutes'' on his stag night.The rapper - who grew up on a tough council...

1st June 2013 15:00

The Power Of Social Media And Patrick Stewart's Pizza Slice

Sir Patrick Stewart caused a veritable storm on social media – and traditional media for that matter – when he tweeted a photo of himself...

1st June 2013 15:28

Jessica Simpson Stuns In High School Performance Of "The Music And The Mirror" [Video]

Jessica Simpson might be on extended maternity leave from performing, but she took a chance to remind everyone that she’s still got it and she...

1st June 2013 16:06

Gemma Arterton: Byzantium Is Not Twilight

Gemma Arterton insists 'Byzantium' is not another 'Twilight'.The actress assures her new movie, despite being a vampire thriller, isn't like the hit...

1st June 2013 16:06

Mumford And Sons: Glastonbury Is A Risk

Mumford and Sons aren't sure they can compete with The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury and admit the festival appearance is a big ''risk''.The 'I Will...

1st June 2013 16:06

Interracial Couple In Cheerios Ad Sparks Storm Of Racist Comments

An innocent ad for Cheerios cereal got the better of internet commenters this week. The ad shows a young girl talking to her mother about Cheerios...

1st June 2013 16:38

Amanda Bynes' Neighbors Pull Out The Pitchforks, While Her Family Tries To Intervene

According to a resident in Amanda Bynes’ apartment complex in NYC, living with the star is a nightmare of horror movie proportions. An anonymous...

1st June 2013 17:32

Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter To Get $49 Million?

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter with Larry Birkhead could soon inherit $49 million.A judge formally put an end to the more than a decade-long...

1st June 2013 17:51

Bruce Jenner Doesn't Know Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's stepfather has only met Kanye West once.Bruce Jenner admits that he doesn't know the 35-year-old rapper well because he has barely...

1st June 2013 17:51

Simon Cowell Won't Retire

Simon Cowell says the idea of retirement makes him ''want to jump off a bridge.''The 'Britain's Got Talent' and ''X Factor' boss also claims that he...

1st June 2013 17:51

Sofia Coppola Criticises Celebrity Culture

Sofia Coppola believes celebrity culture in America is out of control.'The Bling Ring' director wrote the movie about a real-life story based on five...

1st June 2013 17:51

Jaden Smith Denies Romance With Kylie Jenner

Jaden Smith has denied being in a relationship with Kylie Jenner.The 14-year-old 'After Earth' actor - who stars in the movie alongside dad Will -...

1st June 2013 17:51

Kanye West Goes Back To Basics With Updated "Yeezus" Cover Art

We know Kanye West as a flamboyant, larger-than life character, but he defied expectations this week, when he released the cover for his upcoming...

1st June 2013 18:02

Ashley Tisdale's Stalker Arrested

Ashley Tisdale's stalker has been arrested for violating his restraining order.Nicholas Fiore is currently in police custody after contacting the...

1st June 2013 20:00

Bruno Mars' Mother In Critical Condition

Bruno Mars' mother has had a serious heart attack.The 'Locked Out Of Heaven' hitmaker's mother Bernadette Hernandez, 55, was rushed to hospital in...

1st June 2013 20:00

Selena Gomez Still Feels 15

Selena Gomez admits she is immature when it comes to love.The 'Come and Get It' singer - who has an on/off relationship with Justin Bieber - is...

1st June 2013 20:00

Anna Paquin Loves Being Busy

Anna Paquin has had a ''really awesome last few months.''The 'True Blood' star - who has nine-month-old twins with her co-star and 43-year-old...

1st June 2013 20:00

Madonna Wants To Start A 'Revolution Of Love'

Madonna called on fans to start a ''revolution of love'' at the Sound of Change concert.The 'Hung Up' hitmaker was one of the A-list stars to lend...

1st June 2013 22:00

Chrissy Teigen Hits Out At Jennifer Lopez

John Legend's fiancee has lashed out at Jennifer Lopez's uptight security team.Top model Chrissy Teigen claims she was asked to stop watching John...

1st June 2013 23:00

Kris Jenner Worried About Child Birth

Kris Jenner is ''really nervous'' about her daughter Kim Kardashian giving birth baby in Los Angeles next month.The reality TV star and manager, who...

1st June 2013 23:00

Adam Levine Wants To Get Married

Adam Levine wants to get married in the future.The Maroon 5 frontman - who is dating model Nina Agdal, 21, after secretly splitting from Victoria's...

1st June 2013 23:00

Beloved U.s. Tv Star Jean Stapleton Dead At 90

Veteran U.S. Tv and stage actress Jean Stapleton has died, aged 90.The actress passed away on Friday (31May13) of natural causes at her home in New...

1st June 2013 23:13

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