3rd November 2012

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A Jamie Foxx As Electro Inspired Top 5 Superhero Villains!

With Jamie Foxx’s heavily rumoured inclusion in The Amazing Spiderman 2, we’ve racked our brains, and think he’ll do well to get into this...

3rd November 2012 0:00

21 Animated Oscar Submissions Will Make For An Exciting 5-Man Race

Over two months before nominations are set to be released, and a further month before the winner is announced, the official website for the Oscars...

3rd November 2012 0:00

Mr Burns Is Latest Advocate For Mitt Romney

Neither Mr Burns, nor the Simpsons, have been particularly politically vocal over the past 20-odd-years, but it seems nuclear power plant owner and...

3rd November 2012 0:50

Sting & Springsteen Lead All-star U.s. Telethon

Sting and Bruce Springsteen provided the performance highlights during the Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together telethon in America on Friday night...

3rd November 2012 1:06

We Will Not Leave Anyone Behind: Christina Aguilera Supports Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

Christina Aguilera opened the highly publicised charity telethon, "Hurricane Sandy: Come Together", in aid of the devastation caused by Hurricane...

3rd November 2012 1:29

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Job Safe

Charlie Sheen's job on 'Anger Management' is safe.Although it was claimed earlier this week that the actor is once again taking drugs, which got him...

3rd November 2012 1:51

Technology Meets Fashion In Nicole Scherzinger's Twitter Dress

X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger turned up at the launch of 4G from EE at the London Battersea Powerstation to help promote the new, faster...

3rd November 2012 1:52

Samuel L. Jackson On Disney's Star Wars Deal: "He Got Cheated"

Samuel L. Jackson offered a pithy yet powerful surmise of Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilms, saying that George Lucas got "cheated" to TMZ.The TMZ...

3rd November 2012 1:54

Hulk Hogan: 'Bubba And I Are Not Friends'

Hulk Hogan will never talk to Bubba the Love Sponge again.The wrestler recently dropped the lawsuit against his former best friend over his leaked...

3rd November 2012 2:00

Naomi Campbell Books 500k Diana Ross Performance

Naomi Campbell will pay Diana Ross more than $500,000 to perform at her boyfriend's 50th birthday bash.The 42-year-old model is planning a huge party...

3rd November 2012 2:00

John Travolta Was Love Of Kirstie Alley's Life

John Travolta is the love of Kirstie Alley's life.The 61-year-old actress fell for her 'Look Who's Talking' co-star on the set of the movie almost 25...

3rd November 2012 2:00

Susan Boyle Has Donny Osmond Blanket

Susan Boyle sleeps with Donny Osmond every night.The 'I Dreamed A Dream' singer has had a huge crush on the 70s heartthrob most of her life and tucks...

3rd November 2012 9:06

Chris O'dowd Uneasy With Heartthrob Tag

Chris O'Dowd is not comfortable with being called a heartthrob. The 33-year-old actor - who wed TV presenter Dawn Porter earlier this year - does not...

3rd November 2012 9:06

Duchess Catherine Taking Riding Lessons

Duchess Catherine is taking horseriding lessons even though she is allergic.The royal's husband Prince William would love nothing more than for his...

3rd November 2012 9:06

Kristen Stewart's Praise For Pattinson

Kristen Stewart can't imagine having anyone except Robert Pattinson playing her 'Twilight Saga' love interest.The co-stars recently rekindled their...

3rd November 2012 9:06

Khloe Kardashian: 'X Factor Is Nerve Wracking'

Hosting the 'X Factor' is the most nerve wracking thing Khloe Kardashian has ever done.The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star landed the job of...

3rd November 2012 9:06

Movie Star Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wants to be a movie star.The 'Beauty And A Beat' singer is looking at scripts and is interested in trying out action and comedy...

3rd November 2012 9:36

Ronnie Wood Sleeps Better With Stones

Ronnie Wood is glad The Rolling Stones are back together - because it suits his sleeping patterns.The group recently reconvened to record two new...

3rd November 2012 10:00

Lady Gaga Asks Pippa Middleton For Royal Tips

Lady Gaga is asking Pippa Middleton for tips on how to act like a royal. The pop singer reportedly wants the socialite - sister to the Duchess of...

3rd November 2012 11:00

Ronnie Wood's Son Wants Him To 'Pay Up'

Ronnie Wood needs to ''pay up'' according to his son. The 65-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist has been accused of neglecting his four grown up...

3rd November 2012 11:00

Hulk Hogan Gives Bubba The Love Sponge The Heave-ho: They Are “Not Friends”

They may have settled their legal troubles, but that doesn't mean that Hulk Hogan and radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge will be rekindling their...

3rd November 2012 11:45

Is Jamie Foxx Lined Up To Play Electro In Next Spiderman Film?

Jamie Foxx could soon be sending shockwaves to audiences after it has emerged that he is to take on the shocking role of supervillain Electro in the...

3rd November 2012 12:03

Stars Show Support For Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together Telethon

A Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together Telethon was held last night in the hopes of bringing relief to the millions affected when Hurricane Sandy ripped...

3rd November 2012 13:02

Taylor Lautner's Wig Regret

Taylor Lautner has admitted that there is something that he regrets most about his time filming the Twilight Saga, and that is not keeping hold of...

3rd November 2012 13:28

Aerosmith Considered Wearing Make-up

Aerosmith considered wearing make-up after seeing KISS for the first time. The 'Dream On' hitmakers thought they might have to adopt a similar look...

3rd November 2012 14:00

Sting & Springsteen Lead All-star U.s. Telethon

Sting and Bruce Springsteen provided the performance highlights during the Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together telethon in America on Friday night...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Russian Prime Minister Repeats Call For Rockers' Release

Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has urged the country's lawmakers to release jailed rockers Pussy Riot, insisting the two women still...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Chris Brown Launching Charity For Teenagers

Singer Chris Brown is reportedly planning to hand out financial grants to programs which educate teenagers about the arts.The Kiss Kiss hitmaker is...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Rocker Alex Hellid Undergoes Major Operation

Swedish rocker Alex Hellid is recovering in hospital after undergoing a "major operation" this week (begs29Oct12).The Entombed guitarist was admitted...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Roger Waters Forms Band With Military Veterans For Benefit Show

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters will take to the stage with a band made up of military veterans at the sixth annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit in New...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Honeymoon In Tanzania

Newlyweds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel spent their honeymoon in Tanzania after exchanging vows in southern Italy last month (Oct12).The...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Nicki Minaj Curses In New Reality Show

Rapper Nicki Minaj was left stunned when she watched an early screening of her new reality show, because she frequently swears in the footage.The...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Bret Michaels Honoured In Texas

Rocker Bret Michaels was handed the key to the city of Galveston, Texas on Friday (02Nov12).The Poison frontman headlined the Lone Star Rally, which...

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Say: 3355166

"I'm just so relieved that this is over with... I am so proud of each lawyer that represented our family in this. They were so prepared... I'm also...

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Say: 3355167

"It's gone a bit wrong. I've been doing weights but I've had to stop because I can't fit in anything. I got obsessed but it's not good for fashion."...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Fascinating Fact: 3355168

Singer/actor Glen Hansard has landed a two-episode role on hit U.S. drama Parenthood. The Once star will play himself in shows that will air in...

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Tweet: 3355169

"I can't believe last night! I love country music so much. Thanks Cma's for making our dreams come true. So blessed." Miranda Lambert was still...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Ben Stiller Volunteers At New York Shelter For Sandy Victims

Actor Ben Stiller ensured his fellow New Yorkers didn't go hungry in the wake of superstorm Sandy this week (begs29Oct12) by serving food at a...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Alec Baldwin Boosts Nyu Students' Spirits After Sandy

Alec Baldwin helped boost the spirits of students left homeless in New York following superstorm Sandy this week (begs29Oct12) by visiting their...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Bam Margera Divorced

Jackass star Bam Margera is officially divorced - and his ex couldn't be happier.Missy Rothstein took to Twitter.com to herald the end of the union...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Kirstie Alley: 'I Fell Hard For John Travolta'

Actress Kirstie Alley has confessed she fell so madly in love with John Travolta on the set of 1989 movie Look Who's Talking she had to fight the...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Sally Field Packed On Pounds For Lincoln Role

Actress Sally Field packed on 25 pounds (11 kilograms) to play former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary Todd in Steven Spielberg's new...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Jon Favreau's Jersey Boys On Hold

Actor/director Jon Favreau's movie adaptation of hit Broadway show Jersey Boys has been put on hold after executives at Warner Bros. backed out of...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Parker Posey Turned Down Girl, Interrupted Role

Parker Posey turned down the role in Girl, Interrupted which won Angelina Jolie an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.The Dazed and Confused star was...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Hotel Transylvania, Brave & Frankenweenie On Oscars Shortlist

Animation heavyweights Pixar, Disney, Sony and DreamWorks look set for another battle royal at the Oscars - the studios represent six of the 21 films...

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Tweet: 3355179

"Traveling back and forth to France... exhausted yet so good to see my kids. The joy of my life!" Actress Kelly Rutherford is finding constant trips...

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Say: 3355180

"I actually bought a dog at an auction. I had way too many glasses of Pinot Grigio (wine), and I came home with a Newfoundland (puppy)."...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Fascinating Fact: 3355181

Actress Julianne Moore has been named the new Global Brand Ambassador for cosmetics company L'Oreal Paris. She'll front ads for the company in 2013.

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Say: 3355182

"I think there are a hundred different avenues that it could go down... but I think if anything else happens to Bella and Edward at this point, I'm...

3rd November 2012 14:06

The Things They Say: 3355183

"I haven't talked to her. She's like a little sister to me, so I would love to wrap my arms around her right now, but I haven't been able to reach...

3rd November 2012 14:06

Rza Already Working On New Wu Material

On the back of the release of his directorial debut, RZA could be working on new material for a Wu Tang Clan comeback album.With a busy filming...

3rd November 2012 14:17

Brandon Flowers' Teeth Rotted

Brandon Flowers' teeth rotted away when he was a teenager.The Killers frontman admits his perfect white smile now is a result of having to undergo...

3rd November 2012 16:06

Ashley Greene's Difficult Career

Ashley Greene thinks 'Twilight' has made her career ''a little difficult''.The 25-year-old actress has portrayed the role of Alice Cullen in the...

3rd November 2012 16:07

Alicia Keys Boxes Up Grammys

Alicia Keys keeps her Grammy Awards in a box because she can't think what to do with them.The 31-year-old singer has picked up 14 of the prestigious...

3rd November 2012 16:07

Aerosmith Considered Wearing Make-up

Aerosmith considered wearing make-up after seeing KISS for the first time. The 'Dream On' hitmakers thought they might have to adopt a similar look...

3rd November 2012 17:00

Amanda Bynes Says She Doesn’T ‘Get Naked’ And Doesn’T Need Help

Amanda Bynes has leapt to her own defence as rumours about her life keep escalating with each passing day, with the star telling US Weekly that she...

3rd November 2012 17:00

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Sickened Ex-wife

Linda Hogan was sickened by Hulk Hogan's sex tape.The 53-year-old former reality TV star - who split from the retired wrestler in 2007 after 24 years...

3rd November 2012 17:51

Jennie Garth Has Bad Taste In Men

Jennie Garth admits she only like bad boys.The 'Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country' star - who recently lost an estimated 30 pounds following her...

3rd November 2012 17:51

Kristen Stewart Is Romantic

Kristen Stewart claims she is just as romantic as her 'Twilight Saga' character Bella Swan.The 22-year-old 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' actress - who...

3rd November 2012 17:51

Emma Stone Not Marrying Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are in no rush to get married.The couple - who met on the set of 'The Amazing Spiderman' and are both set to reprise...

3rd November 2012 17:51

Chris Brown Wants To Be An Inspiration

Chris Brown wants to inspire children.The 23-year-old 'Turn Up The Music' singer - who will remain under supervised probation until early next year...

3rd November 2012 20:14

Leonardo Dicaprio Not Ready To Settle Down

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly dumped Erin Heatherton because he didn't want to settle down.The 37-year-old 'Inception' star - who has previously...

3rd November 2012 20:14

Britney Spears' Mother Struggled With Lawsuit

Britney Spears' mother struggled with their recent court battle more than the popstar.The 30-year-old 'X Factor' USA judge's father Jamie Spears has...

3rd November 2012 20:14

Britney Spears Very Nervous On 'The X Factor'

Britney Spears was a nervous wreck during her first live show of 'The X Factor' USA.The 30-year-old singer - who sits on the judging panel alongside...

3rd November 2012 22:00

Chris Brown Plans To Keep Rihanna Happy On Tour

Chris Brown and Rihanna are planning to spend thousands on phone-bills while he is on tour.The 23-year-old 'Turn Up The Music' singer - who will...

3rd November 2012 23:00

Justin Timberlake's Safari Honeymoon

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are honeymooning on safari.The newlywed couple - who married in front of more than 100 close friends and family at...

3rd November 2012 23:00

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