15th September 2012

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Justin Bieber Approached For 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Justin Bieber has been asked to star in upcoming movie 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'.The 18-year-old star was appearing on the Jonathan Ross's chat show in...

15th September 2012 2:00

Russell Brand Helps Homeless Man

Russell Brand reached out to help a homeless man.The comedian came to the aid of the unfortunate street dweller in Los Angeles, California on...

15th September 2012 2:00

Jennifer Lopez Never Wanted To Break Up Family

Jennifer Lopez doubted her decision to break up with Marc Anthony.The singers announced their split in July 2011 and for Jennifer it was a tough...

15th September 2012 2:00

David Beckham Wants James Bond's Car

David Beckham reportedly wants to buy the Aston Martin car used by Daniel Craig in the film 'Quantum Of Solace'.The soccer star is apparently ready...

15th September 2012 4:00

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Buying Miami Home?

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are finalising a deal on a $6million property in Miami, Florida.The unmarried 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' stars are...

15th September 2012 4:00

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Comments On Mother's Interview

Lindsay Lohan's father thinks her mother is a bad influence on the starlet.Michael Lohan, spoke out after the release of a preview clip of Dina Lohan...

15th September 2012 4:01

Kate Middleton Photos Could Affect Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubrey's lawyer will almost certainly use the publication of the Kate Middleton topless photographs in his case to keep his and Halle Berry's...

15th September 2012 5:00

Pink Thinks She Sings Better Upside Down

Pink thinks she sings better upside down.The vocalist has recently been performing without a bungee rope for the first time in four years a device...

15th September 2012 5:00

Robbie Williams Feels Sorry For Harry Styles

Robbie Williams feels sorry for Harry Styles.The former Take That member is sad that the One Direction singer won't get to live out the perks of...

15th September 2012 5:00

Harry Styles: Liam Is The Best Boyfriend

Harry Styles thinks Liam Payne would make a great boyfriend.The One Direction heartthrob - who is renowned for his womanising ways - says if he had...

15th September 2012 9:00

Adele's New Album Inspired By Pregnancy

Adele's new album will be inspired by her pregnancy.While the 24-year-old singer is known for her songs about lost love and heartbreak, friends say...

15th September 2012 10:00

Channing Tatum Is 'Perfect Co-star'

Channing Tatum's wife says he is the ''perfect co-star''.Jenna Dewan met the 'Magic Mike' actor when they worked on 'Step Up' together and she loved...

15th September 2012 10:08

Lauren Conrad; I Don't Speak To Kristin

Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari no longer speak to each other.The pair had a turbulent relationship when they appeared on reality show 'The...

15th September 2012 11:00

Duchess Catherine Warns Pippa About Partying

Duchess Catherine has told her sister Pippa Middleton to stop acting like a ''party girl''.The royal - who was known as Kate Middleton before her...

15th September 2012 11:00

Prince William Vows To Protect Catherine

Britain's Prince William has vowed wife Duchess Catherine will not suffer the same press intrusion as his late mother did.The Duke of Cambridge was...

15th September 2012 11:00

Kate Middleton Topless Photos To Be Published A Second Time

Kate Middleton topless photos will be published a second time, this time in the Italian gossip magazine Chi, reports have emerged.The sneakily...

15th September 2012 12:30

Kristen Stewart Was Unfazed By The Topless Scenes In 'On The Road'

Kristen Stewart has admitted that despite the risk it posed to her and her career, appearing topless in her new film 'On The Road' didn't bother her...

15th September 2012 13:04

Lady Gaga Launches New Perfume, In True Gaga Fashion

Lady Gaga has at last given her fans the chance to smell like her, as she unveiled her new fragrance, Fame at New York department store MACys...

15th September 2012 13:44

Seth Macfarlane Set To Lose His Snl Virginity

Seth Macfarlane is by no means a stranger to the world of comedy, with three hit series and a top grossing film over his belt, however tonight he...

15th September 2012 13:48

Britney Spears Is Scared That People Will Make Fun Of Her On 'The X Factor'

Britney Spears has revealed her dread at the prospect of being made fun of by millions as she looks to return to American TV screens for her role as...

15th September 2012 13:53

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Eye Up $6million Miami Pad For New Show

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Kardashian look ready to make an offer for a $6miilio pad in Miami, where they will call home whilst recording...

15th September 2012 14:01

Mickey Hart Accused Of Attacking Tour Bus Owner

Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart's legal woes have taken a bizarre turn after it emerged he's accused of beating up the owner of his tour...

15th September 2012 14:11

Justin Bieber Shoots Hoops During Tv Chat

Justin Bieber showed off his sporty side during a TV interview in the U.K. by shooting basketball hoops in the studio.The Baby hitmaker made an...

15th September 2012 14:11

My Chemical Romance Star Is A Dad Again

My Chemical Romance star Billy Martin has become a dad again - his wife Linzi gave birth to the couple's second child on Friday (14Sep12).The...

15th September 2012 14:11

Fascinating Fact 14109

Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland has landed a lead role in a new TV comedy. The Survivor singer, who became a big name on British TV last...

15th September 2012 14:11

Jennifer Lopez Laughs At Mum's Red Carpet Disaster At Royal Event

Jennifer Lopez will never forget the time she met British royals Prince William and Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge at a special event in Los Angeles...

15th September 2012 14:11

Marcus Mumford Confesses To Lifting Line From Award-winning Book

Mumford & Sons star MARCUS Mumford has confessed to lifting a line from author Hilary Mantel's Booker Prize-winning book Wolf Hall for a song on the...

15th September 2012 14:11

Taylor Swift Back On Top Of The U.s. Pop Charts

Taylor Swift has returned to the top of the U.S. pop charts a week after she was blown off the Billboard Hot 100's number one spot by Flo Rida's...

15th September 2012 14:11

Whitney Houston's Death Tops Shocking Moments Poll

Whitney Houston's death has been voted the most shocking moment of 2012 so far.The tragedy in February beat Kristen Stewart cheating on her Twilight...

15th September 2012 14:11

Dakota Fanning Meets With Cancer Survivors

Hollywood star Dakota Fanning has been interviewed by two teenage cancer survivors after playing a leukaemia victim in her new movie.The teen star...

15th September 2012 14:11

Russell Brand's Help For Homeless Man

Comedian Russell Brand showed off his charitable side by taking a homeless man to his apartment in Los Angeles for a bath and a hot meal.The Get Him...

15th September 2012 14:11

Sarah Ferguson And Darren Day File Hacking Lawsuit

Former British royal Sarah Ferguson, singer/actor Darren Day, and psychic Uri Geller have added their names to a list of stars suing over the U.K.'s...

15th September 2012 14:11

The Things They Say 26175

"I started working in this business when I was 17 years old; now I'm 52. If that was the worst I've done - which is make a bit of money, s**g a few...

15th September 2012 14:11

Second Magazine To Publish Topless Duchess Of Cambridge Shots

Editors at a second European magazine are preparing to publish sensational photographs of British royal Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge sunbathing...

15th September 2012 14:11

Bryan Cranston: 'I Know How Easy It Is To Lose Control And Kill Someone'

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston can tap into his character's dark history in the hit drama, because he knows how easy it is for happy, normal people...

15th September 2012 14:11

David Beckham Eyes James Bond's Car

Soccer superstar David Beckham wants to add to his car collection by buying James Bond's Aston Martin, according to a report.The Los Angeles Galaxy...

15th September 2012 14:11

Jamie Lee Curtis Puckers Up For Tv Smooch With First Boyfriend

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis came face to face with the guy she shared her first kiss with during a recent TV chat.The A Fish Called Wanda star's ex,...

15th September 2012 14:11

The Things They Say 26176

"I don't even know what it is... I had a call from my lawyer today that apparently someone for two years has been putting a tweeter out there with my...

15th September 2012 14:11

Tony Danza Turns Teaching Experience Into Book

Actor Tony Danza has opened up about his recent experience as a high school teacher for a new book.The Crash star went back to the classroom in 2009...

15th September 2012 14:11

Dermot O'leary Weds

Irish TV host Dermot O Leary has married his long-term girlfriend Dee Koppang.O'Leary, who presents the U.K. version of The X Factor, exchanged vows...

15th September 2012 14:11

Simon Cowell Defends Naked Prince Harry

Simon Cowell has defended Prince Harry's naked photo scandal.The royal was partying with a bevy of beauties in a Las Vegas hotel suite when someone...

15th September 2012 14:19

Eva Longoria Confirms She's Dating Nfl Star Mark Sanchez

Eva Longoria has confirmed that she is indeed dating NFL star quarter back Mark Sanchez, who plays for the New York Jets, after she was quizzed about...

15th September 2012 14:32

Downton Abbey Returns For Series Three

DOWNTON ABBEY is returning to our screens for series number three tomorrow night (September 16th), with the series ready to begin life in peace time...

15th September 2012 14:57

Prince Harry Caught Up In Taliban Attack Scare

Prince Harry was allegedly at the heart of a planned attack on a British army base in Afghanistan by Taliban forces, it emerged after senior...

15th September 2012 15:10

Joss Whedon Couldn't Say No To Avengers 2

Joss Whedon has admitted that agreeing to write 'The Avengers 2' wasn't a difficult decision.It has taken a while for the writer and director to sign...

15th September 2012 16:00

Biffy Clyro Promise Stripped Down Album

Biffy Clyro's seventh album will be stripped down. The 'Stingin' Belle' band have just completed their huge double disc 'Opposites' album, but are...

15th September 2012 16:16

Mel Gibson Furious About Payout To Ex

Mel Gibson is furious at the large divorce payout his ex-wife received.While it was previously revealed that Mel gave Robyn half of his estimated...

15th September 2012 17:15

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