29th July 2012

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Shaggy: I Can't Smoke Weed Like Sean Paul

Shaggy can't smoke marijuana like Sean Paul. The 'It Wasn't Me' hitmaker and his fellow Jamaican singer are friends and collaborated on the track...

29th July 2012 6:00

Chris Rock Recalls Childhood Bullying

Chris Rock had ''water balloons with p**s'' thrown at him when he went to school. The 47-year-old comedian - who has been married to Malaak...

29th July 2012 9:00

Peter Andre's Son Loves Books

Peter Andre's son Junior has become a ''bookworm.''The reality TV star's seven-year-old boy - his eldest child with ex-wife Katie Price - has...

29th July 2012 9:00

Sir Paul Mccartney Forgets Hey Jude Lyrics

Sir Paul McCartney forgets the lyrics to 'Hey Jude'.The Beatles musician has been singing the 1968 single for over 40 years, but although he...

29th July 2012 10:00

Mila Kunis Enjoys Being A Bitch

Mila Kunis loves playing a ''bitch''. The 'Black Swan' actress - who is believed to be dating Ashton Kutcher - finds it easy to play a nasty...

29th July 2012 10:02

Queen Elizabeth: My Olympics Cameo Was 'A Laugh'

Britain's Queen Elizabeth thinks her Olympic Games Opening Ceremony cameo was a ''bit of a laugh''. The 86-year-old royal took part in a pre-recorded...

29th July 2012 11:00

Robert Pattinson Was 'Weeks Away' From Proposing To Kristen

Robert Pattinson was ''weeks away'' from proposing to Kristen Stewart before finding out she cheated on him. The 'Twilight' star was due to ask for...

29th July 2012 11:00

Marvin Humes And Rochelle Wiseman Marry

Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman have got married. The happy couple tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire on...

29th July 2012 11:15

Kristen Stewart Affair Went On For Months, Sanders' Brother-in-law Claims

News that the alleged 'momentary indiscretion' between Kristen Stewart and RUPERT SANDERS was much more than that, as his Brother-in-law has come...

29th July 2012 12:40

Snoop Dogg Banned From Norway

Rapper Snoop Dogg has been barred from entering Norway for two years after trying to enter the country with a small amount of cannabis in his...

29th July 2012 13:00

Muse Love Olympic Song Reaction

Muse think it's ''cool'' if people hate their Olympics song.The group recorded 'Survival' for the London 2012 games and its unusual sound has divided...

29th July 2012 14:00

Geoffrey Hughes Dies

British actor Geoffrey Hughes has died following a battle with cancer.The star, who passed away at the age of 68 on Friday (27Jul12), is believed to...

29th July 2012 14:02

Nick Lachey Jumps Out Of Helicopter In New Reality Show

Singer Nick Lachey put his life on the line by jumping out of a helicopter while shooting upcoming U.S. reality TV series Stars Earn Stripes.The 98...

29th July 2012 14:02

Bret Michaels Planning Biopic

Poison star Bret Michaels is planning to make a movie about his life.The rocker, who owns a film production company with actor Charlie Sheen, wants...

29th July 2012 14:02

Mark-paul Gosselaar Weds

Former Saved By The Bell star Mark-paul Gosselaar has married his advertising executive fiancee Catriona Mcginn.The pair wed on Saturday (28Jul12) at...

29th July 2012 14:02

Snoop Dogg Banned From Norway

Rapper Snoop Dogg has been banned from entering Norway for two years after allegedly trying to smuggle marijuana into the country last month...

29th July 2012 14:02

Alex Trimble Almost Missed Out On Olympics Performance

Two Door Cinema Club frontman Alex Trimble almost missed out on the chance to perform in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics because he was...

29th July 2012 14:02

Anthea Turner Splits From Husband

British TV personality Anthea Turner has split from her husband Grant Bovey amid allegations of infidelity.The former Gmtv presenter is said to have...

29th July 2012 14:02

Colin Farrell's Fast Food Vacation

Actor Colin Farrell gained 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) in 11 days after driving across America to visit the best fast food haunts in the country.The...

29th July 2012 14:02

Henry Winkler To Play Porn Star On Broadway

Former Happy Days star Henry Winkler is returning to Broadway for the first time in 12 years - as a porn star.The veteran actor has signed on to...

29th July 2012 14:02

Hayden Panettiere: 'Tv Character Is Not Based On Taylor Swift'

Hayden Panettiere has dismissed rumours suggesting her character in a new country music TV drama is based on superstar singer Taylor Swift.The Heroes...

29th July 2012 14:02

Comedian Frankie Boyle Angers Olympics Fans

British comedian Frankie Boyle is under pressure to apologise to U.K. Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington after insulting her looks in a post on...

29th July 2012 14:02

Justin Bieber Forced To Appologise For Foul Language On First-class Flight

Justin Bieber must be used to all kinds of requests from female fans, but when he was asked to quiet down with his shrill swearing whilst on a...

29th July 2012 14:31

Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' Set For 90 Show Pick Up

Charlie Sheen is clearly enjoying his time in Anger Management, and looks about ready to enjoy it a whole lot more as the FX sitcom is set to be...

29th July 2012 14:46

Matthew Mcconaughey Takes Lead In Nc-17 Rated 'Killer Joe'

Soon to be dad of three Matthew Mcconaughey is due to star in another movie that his children should probably wait a few years to watch, as his...

29th July 2012 14:59

Queen Elizabeth Enjoyed Her Olympics Cameo, But Didn't Get Chance To Watch It

Hrh Queen Elizabeth Ii has admitted that she was impressed with her turn as James Bond's escortee at the Olympic ceremony on Sunday.The 86-year-old...

29th July 2012 15:17

Tom Cruise Spoils Suri Rotten, Annoys Katie Holmes In The Process

Tom Cruise is stepping up his effort to win over daughter Suri in the aftermath of his quickie divorce with Katie Holmes, something that will no...

29th July 2012 15:41

Andy Serkis' Gollum Voice Issues

Andy Serkis found it difficult to reprise his role as Gollum in 'The Hobbit'. The British actor revealed it was tough to voice the sly creature after...

29th July 2012 16:00

Mumford & Sons Lose Innocence

Mumford & Sons' new album shows they have lost their ''innocence''.The folk-rock group will release 'Babel' in September - the follow-up to the huge...

29th July 2012 16:03

Britney Spears Uncertain About Wedding

Britney Spears isn't sure what type of wedding she wants.The US 'X Factor' judge - who has been married twice before - is set to tie the knot with...

29th July 2012 16:04

Mark Wahlberg: Bieber Is A Really Talented Actor

Mark Wahlberg thinks Justin Bieber is a ''really talented'' actor. The 41-year-old actor is to team up with the 18-year-old popstar in a forthcoming...

29th July 2012 17:00

Ministry Frontman Collapses On Stage From Dehydration

Rockers Ministry were forced to axe their gig in France on Saturday (28Jul12) after frontman Al Jourgensen collapsed on stage.The band was performing...

29th July 2012 23:01

Christina Aguilera Impressed By Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera has praised her pop peer Britney Spears for her stint as a talent show judge on The X Factor.The Beautiful hitmaker, a panellist...

29th July 2012 23:01

Wayne Coyne Convinced He Will Die During Bathroom Break

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is convinced he will die on the toilet like Elvis Presley.The rocker admits he would ideally like to pass away...

29th July 2012 23:01

Frank Turner Hits Out At Olympics Critics

Singer Frank Turner has hit back at critics who claim he sold out by performing at the Olympics opening ceremony.The songwriter performed at the...

29th July 2012 23:01

Plan B Scores Second Number One Album In U.k.

Rapper Plan B has scored his second number one U.K. album with the release of his new record Ill Manors.The British rapper, who enjoyed huge success...

29th July 2012 23:01

A Nickelback Fan Falls 40-Feet Trying To Sneak Into Concert

A Nickelback fan was hospitalised in upstate New York last week (begs23Jul12) after falling down a gorge while trying to sneak into the band's...

29th July 2012 23:01

Mila Kunis Glad To Have Avoided Child Stardom

Actress Mila Kunis is thankful her parents didn't push her into child stardom as she is convinced she would have fallen apart under the pressure of...

29th July 2012 23:01

Olivia Munn Kicked Out Of Own Tv Premiere

Actress Olivia Munn was kicked out of her own premiere of The Newsroom because her five-year-old niece Ripley was too disruptive.The Iron Man 2 star...

29th July 2012 23:01

Queen Elizabeth Ii Enjoyed Filming Scenes For Olympics Opening Ceremony

British royal Queen Elizabeth Ii enjoyed filming a James Bond-themed sketch for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, admitting it was "a bit...

29th July 2012 23:01

Russell Brand: 'Community Service Is An Honour, Not Punishment'

Russell Brand has no qualms about his sentence for criminal damage because the comedian considers community service an "honour", not a punishment.The...

29th July 2012 23:01

Game Of Thrones The Big Winner At The Tca Awards

Medieval fantasy series Game Of Thrones triumphed at the 2012 Television Critics Association Awards on Saturday night (28Jul12) by landing the...

29th July 2012 23:01

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