5th May 2012

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Bruce Jenner Has Not Met Kanye West

Bruce Jenner says he hasn't even met Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Kanye West.The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star's stepfather admitted that the...

5th May 2012 2:02

Jennifer Love Hewitt Had Nightmare About Breast Reduction

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been having bad dreams about her breasts decreasing in size.'The Client List' actress - who wears a size 36-C bra - has been...

5th May 2012 2:15

Megan Fox Ends Interview With Steve Jones

Megan Fox cut an interview with Steve Jones short as he prepared to ask her about her rumoured pregnancy.Steve managed to bring up the subject that...

5th May 2012 4:02

Nicole Richie 'Feels Great' About Her Body

Nicole Richie says she now feels great about her body.The daughter of singer Lionel Richie - who found fame starring on 'The Simple Life' alongside...

5th May 2012 4:02

Lamar Odom Blames Cousin's Death For Basketball Performance

Lamar, whose starry life away from the basketball court with wife Khloé Kardashian hasn't helped his standing with frustrated Texans, infuriated...

5th May 2012 4:02

Will.i.am's Travelling Affects 'The Voice' Contestants

Will.i.am's international lifestyle is apparantly causing 'The Voice' contestants to lose out on valuable coaching time.The Black Eyed Peas' star's...

5th May 2012 5:02

The Wanted In Talks To Tour With Chris Brown

The Wanted is in talks to tour the US with Chris Brown this summer.The group revealed that they have spoken to the singer about joining him for the...

5th May 2012 5:02

Debra Messing Speaks About Failed Marriage

Debra Messing has spoken out about her failed marriage to Daniel Zelman for the first time.The couple split in December and the 'Smash' actress has...

5th May 2012 5:02

P. Diddy's Party Slippers

P. Diddy makes his party guests wear slippers.The rap mogul doesn't like outdoor shoes ruining the floors of his Miami mansion so shocked guests when...

5th May 2012 6:00

Sienna Miller Takes Up Yoga

Sienna Miller has taken up yoga to help with her pregnancy.The 'Factory Girl' actress is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Tom...

5th May 2012 6:00

Mumford & Sons Complete Album

Mumford & Sons have finished recording their new album - but may not release it.The group have been working hard on the follow-up to 2009's 'Sigh No...

5th May 2012 6:02

Lady Gaga Likes To Be Dominated In Bed

Lady Gaga likes to be dominated in bed.The 'Bad Romance' hitmaker - who split with boyfriend Taylor Kinney before embarking on her current Born This...

5th May 2012 9:53

Julianne Hough's 'Gross' Rock Of Ages Costumes

Julianne Hough's 'Rock of Ages' costumes were ''gross''.The dancer-turned-actress stars in the forthcoming movie musical and had a particularly fun...

5th May 2012 10:00

'Stand Out' Queen Elizabeth

Britain's Queen Elizabeth likes to ''stand out''.The monarch - who is celebrating her 60th year on the British throne this year - is always keen to...

5th May 2012 11:00

Adam Yauch Of The Beastie Boys Passes Away

A solemn hush fell over the musical community yesterday, as Beastie Boys Adam Yauch, or Mca as he was known in the group, finally fell victim to his...

5th May 2012 12:33

Kanye West Catches An Eyeful Of The New York Knicks Cheerleaders

Rapper Kanye West may be expecting to get an earful from his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, as he was spotted eying up the on-court talent at a recent...

5th May 2012 13:04

Lindsay Lohan Escapes Hit And Run Charges

Just when it looked like Lindsay Lohan might be ready to reignite her career, with the star having ended her supervised probation for stealing a...

5th May 2012 13:36

Married Anna Paquin 'Still Bisexual.'

Stephen Moyer may well be the luckiest man in Hollywood, not only is he married to his beautiful True Blood co-star Anna Paquin, but his wife has...

5th May 2012 13:52

Adam Yauch's Mother Praises Her 'Courageous' Son

Adam Yauch's mother has spoken out about her son's "courageous" battle with cancer, insisting the Beastie Boys star remained "hopeful" right up until...

5th May 2012 14:06

Adam Yauch's Film Company To Continue Without Him

Executives at the film company run by Adam Yauch have pledged to honour his legacy by continuing without him following his death on Friday...

5th May 2012 14:06

Jail-bound Rapper Mystikal Bids Farewell To Fans At Final Show

Rapper Mystikal bid farewell to fans on Friday (04May12) at his final show before his upcoming prison stint.The hip-hop star performed at the New...

5th May 2012 14:06

Slash To Take Unsigned Bands On Tour

Guitar legend Slash will give 20 unsigned bands a boost by offering them support slots on his latest tour.The former Guns N' Roses star kicked off a...

5th May 2012 14:06

Stone Sour Lose Bassist

Stone Sour bassist Shawn Economaki has left the band.The group, fronted by Slipknot star Corey Taylor, is currently working on a new album and...

5th May 2012 14:06

Roger Daltrey Reveals Keith Moon Olympics Invite Was For Real

The Who rocker Roger Daltrey has poked fun at the organisers of the 2012 London Olympics after they emailed the band and requested the presence of...

5th May 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25116

"Adam and the Boys put us on our first tour 25 years and 79 tours ago. They were essential to our beginning, middle and today. Adam especially was...

5th May 2012 14:06

The Things They Tweet 2562

"This morning I lost a great friend, a brother and a legendary bandmate, Adam Yauch. I will miss him so deeply." The Beastie Boys' longtime...

5th May 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25117

"Adam Yauch brought a lot of positivity into the world and I think it's obvious to anyone how big of an influence the Beastie Boys were on me and so...

5th May 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25118

"May a great musical pioneer rest in peace. Our prayers go out to his family, as his hip hop family mourns our loss and celebrates his life." Rapper...

5th May 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25119

"She's going to be so sleepy. Hopefully her man is helping her out a lot and they can balance that. It's a magical time. When that baby's first born,...

5th May 2012 14:06

Lindsay Lohan Cleared In Hit-and-run Investigation

Lindsay Lohan will not face prosecution over allegations of hit-and-run, the Los Angeles District Attorney has ruled.The Mean Girls star found...

5th May 2012 14:06

Mila Kunis Lost Family In The Holocaust

Actress Mila Kunis carries a haunting family secret - she lost relatives in the Holocaust.The Black Swan star was born in the Ukraine and moved to...

5th May 2012 14:06

Salma Hayek Told Baby Would Suffer From Down Syndrome

Actress Salma Hayek endured a "difficult pregnancy" during which she nearly lost her baby and was then told her little girl would be born with Down...

5th May 2012 14:06

Angelina Jolie Thanks People Of Sarajevo For Honorary Citizenship

Angelina Jolie has thanked the people of Bosnia for making her an honorary citizen of Sarajevo.The actress-turned-director stepped behind the camera...

5th May 2012 14:06

The Things They Tweet 2563

"Congratulations Mayor of London! I look forward to seeing you again soon." Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates London Mayor Boris Johnson on his...

5th May 2012 14:06

Ben Stiller's Neighborhood Watch Gets Name Change

Ben Stiller's new movie Neighborhood Watch has been given a name change to distance the film from the shooting of African-American teenager Trayvon...

5th May 2012 14:06

Simon Cowell In Possible Move To Bbc

Despite being the go-to guy for primetime ITV producers, it seems like the media giant that is Simon Cowell is ready to sever his ties with the...

5th May 2012 14:25

Kim Kardashian Finds Novel Way To Fill Her Spare Time

It seems boredom can affect even the rich and beautiful, with Kim Kardashian being no exception to the rule whatsoever. But rather than watching TV...

5th May 2012 14:41

Latest Dark Knight Rises Trailer Emerges

Anticipation for the last installation of Christopher Nolan's take on the Batman saga is ready to reach boiling point as the latest DARK KNIGHT RISES...

5th May 2012 15:00

Paloma Faith Wants To Make Money

Paloma Faith's main ambition is to make money.The 26-year-old singer-and-actress admits she doesn't have a preference as to which creative channel...

5th May 2012 15:31

Michael Fassbender 'Seduced' By Cash

Michael Fassbender admits he gets ''seduced'' by money.The 'Shame' actor has to ''keep an eye'' on himself to ensure he doesn't get greedy or...

5th May 2012 16:04

Duchess Of York's Lawyer Attends Turkish Hearing

Britain's Duchess of York has claimed she was merely a ''contributor'' to the ITV1 documentary which was accused of breaking Turkish law by secretly...

5th May 2012 16:04

Scarlett Johansson 'Loses Control' Of Face While Filming

Scarlett Johansson ''loses control'' of her face when filming action scenes.The 'Avengers Assemble' actress hates seeing female movie stars still...

5th May 2012 16:06

Emma Watson's Lipstick Obsession

Emma Watson is obsessed with lipstick.The 'Harry Potter' actress used to hate wearing colour on her lips but now enjoys experimenting with different...

5th May 2012 17:00

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