21st April 2012

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Halle Berry Keeps Shoes For Daughter

Halle Berry is saving her shoes for her daughter.The 45-year-old actress still owns footwear that was given to her by her mother and hopes one day to...

21st April 2012 6:00

Duchess Camilla Is A 'Fairy Godmother'

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been praised as a ''fairy godmother''. The royal - who is married to Britain's Prince Charles - came up with the...

21st April 2012 9:00

Nicki Minaj Won't Be Poor Again

Nicki Minaj never wants to be poor again.The 29-year-old singer had a tough childhood with an abusive father and grew up without a great deal of...

21st April 2012 9:00

Noomi Rapace Stunned By Director Praise

Noomi Rapace thought she would ''pass out'' when Sir Ridley Scott said he liked her work.The Swedish actress met up with the director to discuss a...

21st April 2012 10:00

Tulisa Says Dappy Is Attention Seeker

Tulisa believes her N-Dubz bandmate Dappy is an attention seeker. The 'X Factor' judge was forced to put her cousin and fellow singer ''in his...

21st April 2012 10:01

Dappy Insists He Is Innocent

Dappy insists he is ''completely innocent'' after being embroiled in a fight at a petrol station.The 'No Regrets' singer has branded reports he and a...

21st April 2012 11:00

Robin Gibb Astonishes With Progress

Robin Gibb's family ''can't believe'' his progress since he woke from his coma.The Bee Gees singer - who slipped into a coma last week after...

21st April 2012 11:00

Taylor Swift To Star As Jone Mitchell

Pop and country star Taylor Swift has voiced her desire to portray singing legend Joni Mitchell in an upcoming biopic about the late singer. Swift...

21st April 2012 13:14

'2pac Still Alive' Says Suge Knight

Rap mogul Suge Knight, real name MARION KNIGHT, has gone on record with his belief that deceased rapper Tupac Shakur may still be very much alive....

21st April 2012 13:32

Gabrielle Union Banned From Sitting Courtside By New Beau

Actress Gabrielle Union has been given a red card for her boisterous behaviour at courtside, apparently cheering on new beau Dwayne Wade far too...

21st April 2012 13:38

Pippa Middleton 'Out Of Hiding' After Gun Controversy

We all saw the scandal unfold in front of our eyes, as media darling Pippa Middleton got caught up in the middle of a gun-fuelled frenzy after a...

21st April 2012 13:43

Marianne Faithfull Curates Tate Collection To Look Back At Her Life

Singer/songwriter Marianne Faithfull has documented her colourful life in a new exhibition at one of Britain's most renowned museums.The star has...

21st April 2012 14:06

Robbie Williams Visits Mexico City Slums For New Sports Charity Film

A trip to the slums of Mexico City has given father-to-be Robbie Williams a taste of how the world's poorest kids have to fight to survive.The Take...

21st April 2012 14:06

Robin Gibb Back From Coma

Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has recovered consciousness after falling into a coma earlier this month (Apr12).The singer has been fighting for his life...

21st April 2012 14:06

Ted Nugent Axed From Fort Knox Concert

Rocker Ted Nugent has been axed from a concert at U.S. military base Fort Knox following the controversy over his rant against President Barack Obama...

21st April 2012 14:06

Willie Nelson Greets Hordes Of Fans At Statue Unveiling

Willie Nelson was greeted by huge crowds in his home state of Texas on Friday (20Apr12) as a bronze statue of the star was erected in his honour.The...

21st April 2012 14:06

Betty White Upset About Having To Cancel Dick Clark Dinner

Actress Betty White fought back tears during a taped TV interview as she remembered her friend and regular dinner partner Dick Clark, who passed away...

21st April 2012 14:06

Carey Mulligan & Marcus Mumford To Marry Over Weekend - Report

British actress Carey Mulligan is set to wed her rocker beau, Marcus Mumford, in a secret ceremony this weekend (21-22Apr12), according to U.K....

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25009

"A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that's what I did. I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me." Rapper Nicki...

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Tweet 2516

"Rip Idol. Hope you're happy and healthy in cat heaven." Singer Sam Sparro mourns the death of his pet cat.

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25010

"I'll be going to Bulgaria to shoot that. It's kind of an action movie with Ethan Hawke about us in a car. It's a car chase the entire movie. I'm...

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25011

"When I first won Miss Greater Syracuse when I was a sophomore at Syracuse University... and my friends and my mother said, 'Go for it, get the...

21st April 2012 14:06

Arnold Schwarzenegger Escapes Speeding Ticket

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to convince a cop to terminate a speeding ticket after he was pulled over in Beverly Hills...

21st April 2012 14:06

Johnson To Become Grandmother Again

Former supermodel Beverly Johnson is set to become a grandmother again - her daughter is pregnant with her second child.Plus-size model Anansa Sims...

21st April 2012 14:06

Gabrielle Union Banned From Beau's Basketball Matches

Actress Gabrielle Union has been banned from sitting courtside at basketball matches - by her own boyfriend, Dwyane Wade.The Bring It On star has...

21st April 2012 14:06

Newlywed Lake Rules Out More Children

Actress Ricki Lake has ruled out having children with her new husband because she's enjoying the "freedom" of motherhood now her two sons are...

21st April 2012 14:06

Vanessa Williams Still In Touch With First Love

Singer/actress Vanessa Williams has revealed she's still in touch with the ex-boyfriend whose child she aborted as a teenager.The Desperate...

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Tweet 2517

"I've said it before. I'll say it again. I'll never have a better job than I do right now. #30Rockisthegreatestsitcom" Actor Alec Baldwin insists he...

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25013

"I had surgery but it worked really well. I feel very well physically, and particularly my back. It was a really successful surgery." Actor Matthew...

21st April 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 25012

"I'm a fan of small romantic gestures. I've done things like write a romantic song for a girl or do a painting or something like that. Those are more...

21st April 2012 14:06

Jason Segel Seeing Michelle Williams?

Tinseltown looks like it may have its new golden couple, as the rumoured relationship between Jason Segel and Michelle Williams looks to be hotting...

21st April 2012 14:21

Dappy Is 'Innocent' After Brawl

Former N-Dubz star DAPPY has come on record denying his participation in an apparent brawl that took place in February at a Surrey petrol station....

21st April 2012 14:31

Max George Rows With Bandmate Jay

Max George is always getting into arguments with bandmate Jay McGuiness.The Wanted singer admits he and Jay often have cross words with each as...

21st April 2012 14:39

Robin Gibb Amazes With Coma Progress

Singer and former Bee Gee Robin Gibb has astounded the medical and entertainment world as he shows signs of shrugging off his recent coma. The star...

21st April 2012 14:42

Guy Pearce Looks For Moving Movies

Guy Pearce wants to be ''moved'' by his film roles.The 'Lockout' actor says when he looks for parts he goes for interesting characters rather than...

21st April 2012 16:00

The Darkness Want Gaga Collaboration

The Darkness are hoping to collaborate with Lady Gaga.The 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' hitmakers are set to support the pop superstar on her...

21st April 2012 16:02

Reese Witherspoon's Seaweed Craving

Reese Witherspoon is craving seaweed.The 'This Means War' actress is currently pregnant with her third child and has been waking in the night with...

21st April 2012 16:03

Nicki Minaj's Nasty Alter Ego

Nicki Minaj turns to her alter ego Roman when she needs to be a b***h.The 'Super Bass' singer has a number of alternate identities and says she...

21st April 2012 17:00

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