18th March 2012

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Dannii Minogue Wants To Design For Duchess Catherine

Dannii Minogue wants to design for Duchess Catherine. The former 'X Factor' judge created clothing line Project D with her close friend Tabitha...

18th March 2012 6:00

Kimberly Wyatt's Daily Meditation

Kimberly Wyatt mediates for two hours a day.The former Pussycat Dolls singer has a daily ritual which she goes through at home in order to feel more...

18th March 2012 6:00

Jls Desperate To Keep Bash Under Wraps

JLS have hired a former MI5 agent to plan Marvin Humes' bachelor party in secret.The group - also comprising Aston Merrygold, JB Gill and Oritse...

18th March 2012 9:00

Kate Beckinsale Pines For Britain

Kate Beckinsale misses England so much she cries over tins of baked beans in Californian supermarkets.The 'Total Recall' star lives in Brentwood,...

18th March 2012 9:00

The Cure Won't Release New Songs

The Cure don't want to ''capitalise'' on their success by a releasing a new album. The 'Love Cats' band are headlining a number of major festivals...

18th March 2012 10:00

Robert Pattinson Scared Of Sex Scene

Robert Pattinson was ''scared'' when he had to film a sex scene with girlfriend Kristen Stewart The 25-year-old star and the brunette beauty...

18th March 2012 10:02

Chantelle Houghton 'Terrified' Of Death During Childbirth

Chantelle Houghton is ''terrified'' of dying during childbirth. The 28-year-old glamour model - who collapsed on Friday (16.03.12) while out shopping...

18th March 2012 11:00

Jessie J And Tinie Tempah Dating?

Jessie J and Tinie Tempah have been going on ''secret dates''.The 23-year-old beauty and the 'Written in the Stars' hitmaker reportedly ''like each...

18th March 2012 11:00

Duchess Catherine Meets Irish Guards

Britain's Duchess Catherine's St. Patrick's Day presentation caused three soldiers to faint yesterday (17.03.12). The royal attended her first solo...

18th March 2012 11:03

The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence Was Discovered On The Street

The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that she was discovered by a talent scout on the city street. According to The Daily News,...

18th March 2012 12:35

Jennifer Ellison Reveals That Skating Partner Dan Whiston Is Her 'Hero'

Jennifer Ellison has stated that her 'Dancing on Ice' partner is her 'hero'. Jennifer Ellison, who has been skating with Dan Whiston all series but...

18th March 2012 13:01

Katy Perry Spends Night With Fans After 'Let's Dance' Performance

Katy Perry highlighted that she puts time aside for her fans after spending some time with them after her performance on 'Let's Dance for Sports...

18th March 2012 13:29

Claire Danes Enjoyed Cia Experience

Claire Danes was ''elated'' after spending the day with the CIA.The actress was delighted to meet staff at the government organisation to prepare for...

18th March 2012 14:00

Rihanna Visits Her Grandparents For Granny Dolly's Birthday

Rihanna took some time out to cook her grandparents a birthday meal. Rihanna visited her grandparents in honour of Granny Dolly's birthday.To...

18th March 2012 14:03

Eminem Joins 50 Cent For Sxsw Show

Rapper 50 Cent thrilled fans during his show at the South by Southwest (Sxsw) festival on Friday night (16Mar12) by bringing out mentor Eminem for a...

18th March 2012 14:06

Jeremih Addresses 'Miming' Controversy

R&B star Jeremih has defended himself after he was accused of miming at a recent gig, insisting he is "way too talented" to lip sync.The Birthday Sex...

18th March 2012 14:06

Matthew Mcconaughey Joins The Cult Onstage At Sxsw

Hollywood actor Matthew Mcconaughey became a rock star for the night on Saturday (17Mar12) when he performed with The Cult at the South by Southwest...

18th March 2012 14:06

Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble And Brown Sing At Green's Birthday Bash

Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, Enrique Iglesias and Chris Brown were among the artists who performed for British billionaire Sir Philip Green during...

18th March 2012 14:06

Lenny Kravitz Thrilled To Work With Paris Houseguest Lawrence

Rocker Lenny Kravitz was thrilled when he learned the leading lady in his new film The Hunger Games would be Jennifer Lawrence - because the actress...

18th March 2012 14:06

Madonna Set For Record Shattering 41st U.s. Dance Chart Number One

Madonna will extend her list of successes on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart next week (beg19Mar12) when her 41st track hits number one.The...

18th March 2012 14:06

Rihanna Celebrates Grandmother's Birthday In New York

Rihanna gave fans a glimpse into her home life on Saturday night (17Mar12) by documenting her grandmother's birthday party on Twitter.com.The pop...

18th March 2012 14:06

Rufus Wainwright: 'Lady Gaga Hasn't Done One Good Song'

Rufus Wainwright has taken aim at Lady Gaga, branding her "disingenuous" and insisting the Poker Face hitmaker has "not one good song" in her back...

18th March 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 24646

"I went to Coachella and 99.9 per cent of the acts I saw, I thought, 'Why am I in retirement...?' I was like, 'Get off the stage, let me show you how...

18th March 2012 14:06

Fascinating Fact 13068

Former R.E.M. star Peter Buck will be the star attraction at rocker Todd Rundgren's second annual Musical Revival Camp, which will take place at the...

18th March 2012 14:06

Armie Hammer Misses Mirror Mirror Premiere

Actor Armie Hammer was notably absent from the world premiere of his new film Mirror Mirror on Saturday (17Mar12) after missing his flight.The Snow...

18th March 2012 14:06

Channing Tatum Kept Drunk Hill Out Of Jail In Miami

Actor Channing Tatum kept 21 Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill out of jail during a recent trip to Miami after the drunk funnyman insisted on grabbing a...

18th March 2012 14:06

Hugh Grant's Shame Over Modelling Pictures

Actor Hugh Grant was left red-faced during a U.K. TV interview on Friday (16Mar12) when host Graham Norton presented him with embarrassing modelling...

18th March 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 24647

"I kinda liked it... I don't like talking to celebrities, so I figured if it stinks they won't come close." Lady Gaga liked the famous meat dress she...

18th March 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 24648

"We have been working on this for years. We still are trying to make a song together... I won't say it's happening right now but it's gonna happen."...

18th March 2012 14:06

Frank Bruno Blinded In Street Attack

British boxing legend Frank Bruno was blinded in one eye after he was brutally attacked by a stranger.The former World Champion has revealed he was...

18th March 2012 14:06

James Denton Stunned By Sheridan's Accusations

Desperate Housewives star James Denton was stunned when former co-star Nicollette Sheridan accused show producers and creator Marc Cherry of wrongful...

18th March 2012 14:06

De Niro To Help Raise Obama Funds At Cocktail Party

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower will host a cocktail reception to raise funds for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Monday...

18th March 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 24651

"I feel very excited about my life and I'm excited about things to come. There are so many things on the horizon." Eva Longoria is feeling happy...

18th March 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 24650

"I've reached that stage in life... where I need a flash car to keep my spirits up. I'm not proud of it but I'm very very in love with it, I have to...

18th March 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 24649

"Guys love getting shot. It was a great way to go out." Actor James Denton on his recent Desperate Housewives death.

18th March 2012 14:06

Rosie O'donnell Us Talk Show Axed By Oprah Winfrey

Rosie Odonnell's US talk show has been axed after only five months on the air. ROSIE O'DONNELL's show has been taken down from the Oprah Winfrey TV...

18th March 2012 14:33

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Brother's 25th Birthday And St Patrick's Day

Kim Kardashian has had a busy weekend celebrating both her brother's 25th birthday in Las Vegas and getting in the spirits for St Patrick's Day. Kim...

18th March 2012 15:09

Paul Weller's Happy Album

Paul Weller says his latest album ''exudes'' happiness.The 53-year-old rocker admits he really enjoyed making 'Sonik Kicks' and he thinks the...

18th March 2012 16:00

Dennis Quaid Daunted By Clinton Role

Dennis Quaid says playing Bill Clinton was the ''scariest'' role he's ever played.The 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' actor took on the part...

18th March 2012 16:05

Florence Welch Recalls Teenage Festival Experience

Florence Welch hoped she'd get ''picked up'' at her first ever festival. The Florence + the Machine singer went to England's Reading Festival for the...

18th March 2012 17:01

Alice Cooper Receives Honorary Doctorate At L.a.'S Musicians Institute

Rocker Alice Cooper was the special guest at Los Angeles' Musicians Institute on Saturday (17Mar12) as he picked up an honorary doctorate and...

18th March 2012 23:06

Amber Tamblyn Releases Angry Raps She Offered Tyrese

Actress Amber Tamblyn has released the angry, girl power rhymes she sent to singer/actor Tyrese Gibson as part of an online prank - to raise funds...

18th March 2012 23:06

Guetta Baffled By Web Death Hoaxes

French Dj David Guetta is baffled by frequent web reports about his death - because they always seem to hit while he's staging high profile gigs.The...

18th March 2012 23:06

Drake Files Response In Marvin's Room Royalty Row

Rapper Drake has broken his silence about an ongoing royalties row over a phone chat recording in hit song Marvin's Room.Drake's representative has...

18th March 2012 23:06

Jimmy Page's Lost Soundtrack Tunes To Be Released

Rare movie soundtrack music Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page recorded 40 years ago is finally set for release on a new album.Tracks the guitar great...

18th March 2012 23:06

Kylie Minogue Wows Fans At First Anti-tour Shows In Native Melbourne

Kylie Minogue kicked off her 25th anniversary tour in her native Australia on Sunday (18Mar12) with back-to-back shows in Melbourne.The pop superstar...

18th March 2012 23:06

Lil Wayne Ordered To Cut Grass At New Orleans Home

Lil Wayne has been ordered to cut the grass at his New Orleans home after the rapper let the property's lawns become unkempt.The hip-hop star has...

18th March 2012 23:06

Fascinating Fact 13069

Rapper and actor T.I. has landed a guest starring role on Kelsey Grammer's acclaimed TV drama Boss.

18th March 2012 23:06

The Things They Say 24652

"I think my favourite part is feeling that bond for a lifetime. There is something spiritual and beautiful about it. We give ourselves personal time...

18th March 2012 23:06

Rascal Flatts Plan Restaurant Chain

Country trio Rascal Flatts have their sights set on becoming restaurateurs.The I Melt hitmakers are looking into possible venues for a diner chain....

18th March 2012 23:06

Spike Lee Fires Back At Basketball Player's Stolen Life Story Accusations

Moviemaker Spike Lee is defending himself from accusations he stole the idea for his 1998 movie He Got Game.Maurice Ballard, 37, insists Lee based...

18th March 2012 23:06

The Things They Tweet 2416

"Tonight we ended a 13 month tour. It was a beautiful trip around the world and I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Thanks guys." Taylor...

18th March 2012 23:06

Police Launch Investigation Following Death Outside Boxer's Home

Police in England have launched an investigation into the death of a man outside former boxing world champion Herbie Hide's Norfolk home.The victim,...

18th March 2012 23:06

Charlize Theron & Fassbender Join The Stars At Wondercon

New mum Charlize Theron and Shame star Michael Fassbender stunned fantasy geeks and film fans on Saturday (17Mar12) when they stopped by the...

18th March 2012 23:06

Jason Priestley Signs On For Feature Film Directorial Debut

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 pin-up Jason Priestley has landed his feature film directorial debut.The actor, who has shot a handful of TV episodes, a...

18th March 2012 23:06

Kate Winslet In Negotiations For Stage Debut

Titanic actress Kate Winslet is in talks to make her stage debut.The British beauty is being courted to star in a revival of director David Hare's...

18th March 2012 23:06

Keira Knightley Blames Body Anxiety On Career

Keira Knightley is convinced her movie career is to blame for her body image battle, insisting "seeing your flaws on the screen" fuels her...

18th March 2012 23:06

Soccer Star Fabrice Muamba In Critical Condition After Collapse

Fabrice Muamba, a former African refugee who has found success as a soccer star in England, is fighting for his life after suffering a heart attack...

18th March 2012 23:06

Frank Bruno Tried Drugs And Alcohol Aged Eight

British boxer Frank Bruno has sensationally revealed he first tried drugs and alcohol at the age of eight.The sportsman, who has previously been open...

18th March 2012 23:06

Adrian Grenier Offers Himself Up For Charity Auction

Entourage star Adrian Grenier became a surprise lot at a charity auction in New York after offering himself up as a date to raise money.The actor was...

18th March 2012 23:06

Naked Channing Tatum And His Drunk Pals Gatecrash Marlon Wayans' House Party

Movie hunk Channing Tatum pulled the prank of all pranks on Marlon Wayans during a boozy weekend with his pals - they decided to strip-gatecrash one...

18th March 2012 23:06

Fascinating Fact 13070

Jonah Hill's adaptation of Johnny Depp's TV show 21 Jump Street has shot to the top of the U.S. box office thanks to a $35 million (£22 million)...

18th March 2012 23:06

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