8th January 2012

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George Clooney Hates Hurting People

George Clooney's greatest fear in life is "hurting someone".The 50-year-old actor - who is currently dating former wrestler Stacy Keibler, and has...

8th January 2012 5:45

A.j. Mclean Admits 'Relapses'

A.J. McLean admits he still relapses in his battle to stay sober.The Backstreet Boys hitmaker - who underwent his third stint in rehab last year to...

8th January 2012 5:45

Pixie Lott's Unhappy Inspiration

Pixie Lott writes songs when she is sad.The 20-year-old singer says it "helps" her creative process if she is not in a good mood when she pens a new...

8th January 2012 6:45

Daniel Craig's Tattoo Bed

Daniel Craig had to get in bed with Rooney Mara "pretty much straight away" after they met on the set of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'. The...

8th January 2012 6:47

Kelly Brook Puts Happiness First

Kelly Brook would never stay in an unhappy relationship.The model-and-actress - who is currently dating former rugby player Thom Evans - says she...

8th January 2012 9:01

Zooey Deschanel Craved Normality

Zooey Deschanel has "always wanted to be normal".The '(500) Days of Summer' actress has learned to "take advantage" of her reputation for being...

8th January 2012 9:01

Beyonce Knowles Gives Birth

Beyonce Knowles has given birth to a baby girl. The 'Single Ladies' singer and rapper husband Jay-Z welcomed their first child together at the Lenox...

8th January 2012 9:30

Paris Hilton Plans House Record

Paris Hilton will release a house album in the summer.The 30-year-old socialite has had to put her musical ambitions on hold because of her TV...

8th January 2012 9:45

David Thewlis' Expensive Giraffe

David Thewlis once spent £2,000 on a camel for a scene in a film - because he couldn't afford a giraffe.The British actor, director and author...

8th January 2012 9:47

Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl

R&B superstar Beyonce has given birth to a baby daughter.The Crazy in Love singer delivered little Ivy Blue Carter in New York's Lenox Hill Hospital...

8th January 2012 9:51

Christina Aguilera Happy In Her Skin

Christina Aguilera is "happy" in her own skin. The singer and mentor on US TV show 'The Voice' has come under fire for her fuller figure, but doesn't...

8th January 2012 10:46

Beyonce Gives Birth To Ivy Blue Carter, Celebrities React

Beyonce and Jay Z have finally welcomed their first child together, with the Single Ladies singer giving birth to a daughter via scheduled C-section...

8th January 2012 12:41

Beyonce Baby Arrives

Beyonce Knowles has given birth to a baby girl. Beyonce Knowles and rapper husband JAY-Z have welcomed their first child together last night (7th Jan...

8th January 2012 12:53

Kelly Clarkson Rocks Out On Saturday Night Live

Kelly Clarkson made her third appearance on sketch comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' last night (7th Jan 2012). Kelly Clarkson was the musical guest...

8th January 2012 13:07

Justin Bieber Fans Get Angry With Disney, Bieber Gets New Jesus Tattoo

Justin Bieber fans are enraged with Disney after their flagship channel made a comment recently about the pop idol. The channel made the 'Beliebers'...

8th January 2012 13:39

Madonna Was Lonely In London

Madonna felt she was an "outsider" when she lived in London.The 53-year-old American singer resided in the UK capital when she was married to...

8th January 2012 14:00

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Flight For Using Phone

Alec Baldwin was booted from a plane at Los Angeles International Airport for using his phone to play a word game. After the altercation, Alec...

8th January 2012 14:03

Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl

R&B superstar Beyonce has given birth to a daughter.The Crazy in Love singer delivered a little girl named Ivy Blue Carter at New York's Lenox Hill...

8th January 2012 14:11

Perry Opens Up After Brand Split

Katy Perry has broken her silence since splitting from husband Russell Brand to urge fans to avoid "gossip" about their marriage breakdown.Brand...

8th January 2012 14:11

Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

Music legend David Bowie will be celebrating his Golden Years on Sunday (08Jan12) - he turns 65.The veteran singer-songwriter has enjoyed a stellar...

8th January 2012 14:11

Fascinating Fact 12636

Classical singer Katherine Jenkins put aside the heartbreak of her broken engagement by kicking off her latest tour at the New Theatre Oxford in...

8th January 2012 14:11

Kenny G Setting Sail For Alaska In 2013

Easy listening icon Kenny G is setting sail on a celebrity concert cruise around Alaska next year (13).The saxophonist, who is the biggest-selling...

8th January 2012 14:11

Happy Birthday, Dame Shirley Bassey!

Welsh icon Dame Shirley Bassey has a big reason to celebrate on Sunday (08Jan12) - the singing superstar turns 75.Known for her powerful vocals,...

8th January 2012 14:11

Pitt Injured Knee Saving Daughter

Brad Pitt's mystery knee injury has been solved - the actor hurt himself protecting his daughter from a fall while skiing.The Ocean's Eleven star...

8th January 2012 14:11

The Things They Say 23923

"I really felt like I was going to have an opportunity to meet her. That album (Back to Black) I remember, it was around that Motown time. I was...

8th January 2012 14:11

Silent Era Screenwriter Maas Dies

Frederica Sagor Maas, who wrote screenplays for silent era stars including Clara Bow, has died. She was 111.The pioneering screenwriter passed away...

8th January 2012 14:11

Glenn Close, George Clooney, Pitt And Williams Feted With Palm Springs Awards

Glenn Close, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Michelle Williams were among the famous faces who picked up top prizes at California's Palm Springs...

8th January 2012 14:11

Meryl Streep Defends The Iron Lady After David Cameron's Criticism

Meryl Streep has hit back at British Prime Minister David Cameron after he criticised her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher as a vulnerable elderly...

8th January 2012 14:11

Fascinating Fact 12637

Rapper Pitbull kicked off his birthday celebrations on Friday (06Jan12) with a party for fans at the 1 Oak Las Vegas hotspot in Sin City's The...

8th January 2012 14:11

Clive Owen Not Attached To Oldboy

Clive Owen has reportedly become the latest big-name Brit to pull out of Spike Lee's Oldboy remake, according to industry reports.Colin Firth was...

8th January 2012 14:11

Denise Richards' Romance With Richie Sambora Strengthened By Cancer Tragedies

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora's relationship in the 2000s was put to the test when they were both hit by family cancer tragedies, with the...

8th January 2012 14:11

Glee Stars Pose For Scary Elle Magazine Spread

Glee stars Lea Michele, Jayma Mays and Dianna Agron have teamed up to recreate scenes from the most iconic horror films for a new Elle magazine photo...

8th January 2012 14:11

Jason Segel Takes Fan As His Date To Awards

Funnyman Jason Segel rewarded a fan who serenaded him on YouTube.com by taking her as his date to an awards show.Chelsea Gill became a hit on the web...

8th January 2012 14:11

Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie & Knightley Help Make Up U.k.'S Ultimate Woman

Body parts of Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley and royal bride the Duchess Of Cambridge make up the ideal woman, according to a new British...

8th January 2012 14:11

Natalie Portman Shooting Documentary About Veganism?

Actress Natalie Portman has reportedly signed on to shoot a documentary about the benefits of becoming a vegan.The Black Swan star disappeared from...

8th January 2012 14:11

The Things They Say 23924

"Back on Twitter. Happy New Year." Actor Alec Baldwin returns to Twitter.com after a month-long hiatus, which began after he was booted from an...

8th January 2012 14:11

Fascinating Fact 12639

Filmmaker Lars Von Trier's haunting drama Melancholia has been named Best Film of 2011 by America's National Society of Film Critics. The movie's...

8th January 2012 14:11

Fascinating Fact 12638

Lindsay Lohan has added to her body art collection - the Mean Girls star has had the words 'Live without regrets' inked on her left wrist. Lohan also...

8th January 2012 14:11

Georgia Salpa Rejects Towie Kirk Norcross Advances In Cbb House

Georgia Salpa has rejected the former Only Way is Essex star Kirk Norcross who drunkenly suggested she should have a bath with him in the 'Celebrity...

8th January 2012 14:43

Nicola Mclean Was Torn Between Cbb House And Her Mother's Cancer

Nicola Mclean was torn about appearing in 'Celebrity Big Brother' due to her mother currently fighting breast cancer. Nicola Mclean has been taking...

8th January 2012 15:04

David Thewlis' Social Movie

David Thewlis felt being in 'Harry Potter' was more like a "social occasion" than work. The British actor - who played professor and secret werewolf...

8th January 2012 17:00

Jennifer Hudson Stunned By Fiance's Proposal

Jennifer Hudson has opened up about her fiance David Otunga's romantic proposal - he kept her engagement ring taped to his leg to prevent the singer...

8th January 2012 23:06

Michael Jackson Fans Suing Conrad Murray For 'Emotional Damage'

A group of Michael Jackson fans are suing the singer's former physician DR. Conrad Murray for "emotional damage" over the star's 2009 death.Last...

8th January 2012 23:06

Miranda Lambert Recovering From Food Poisoning

Country star Miranda Lambert is recovering after battling a severe bout of food poisoning earlier this week (begs02Jan12).The House That Built Me...

8th January 2012 23:06

Adele Reclaims Throne Atop The U.k. Albums Chart

Singer Adele has once again reclaimed the top spot of the U.K. albums chart with her hit record 21.The Chasing Pavements hitmaker has now spent 19...

8th January 2012 23:06

Brandy And Monica Reunite In Studio

Nineties R&B stars Brandy and Monica are re-teaming for a new collaboration - 14 years after they topped the charts together.The singers won a Grammy...

8th January 2012 23:06

The Things They Tweet 2226

"So excited to see Nashville and make music there... love going to new places, wonder what the riding's like there!" British singer Leona Lewis is...

8th January 2012 23:06

Paula Abdul And Boyfriend Split

Singer and TV personality Paula Abdul is a single woman after splitting from her boyfriend.The X Factor judge and record label owner Jeff Bratton...

8th January 2012 23:06

Alan Cumming Renews Wedding Vows In New York

Actor Alan Cumming and his partner Grant Shaffer renewed their wedding vows in New York City on Saturday (07Jan12).The X2 star entered into a civil...

8th January 2012 23:06

Brooke Mueller Wins Court Order Banning Live Courtroom Feed

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller has won a court order banning members of the media from streaming her upcoming drug arraignment live...

8th January 2012 23:06

Classic Costumes To Go On Display In London

Costumes from film classics including Gone With The Wind and Breakfast At Tiffany's are to be displayed for the first time in a landmark exhibit in...

8th January 2012 23:06

Jessica Chastain Flew To Paris For Dinner Meeting With Icon Huppert

The Help star Jessica Chastain has met her acting icon after dropping her an email and requesting a get together.The red head has always been a huge...

8th January 2012 23:06

Kristen Bell Feels Guilty About Ruining Christmas With Stink Bomb

Actress Kristen Bell feels guilty about ruining her family's Christmas (11) celebrations after a stink bomb she bought accidentally deployed in her...

8th January 2012 23:06

Actress Kristen Johnston Buys Homeless Man New Coat

Christmas came late for a homeless man in New York City last week (ends06Jan12) when actress Kristen Johnston gifted him a new winter jacket and a...

8th January 2012 23:06

The Things They Say 23925

"Yes, Robert is good looking in person, but he doesn't have that diamond-sparkle skin like in those Dracula movies. He’s a very disciplined, very...

8th January 2012 23:06

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