7th January 2012

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Viscount Linley Advised To Save

Britain's Viscount Linley was always taught to "credit, not debit". The royal - the son of Britain's late Princess Margaret and her former husband...

7th January 2012 5:45

Paris Hilton's Pony Present

Paris Hilton has been given a baby pony as a present.The 30-year-old socialite is known for her love of animals and is particularly taken by her new...

7th January 2012 5:45

Professor Green's Lyrical Rows

Professor Green approaches songwriting like "having an argument" with himself.The 'Read All About It' hitmaker favours verbalising his new lyrics and...

7th January 2012 6:45

Ralph Fiennes' Young Fans

Ralph Fiennes has attracted a new generation of fans because of the 'Harry Potter' franchise.The 49-year-old actor thinks it is "amazing" that so...

7th January 2012 6:47

Dakota Fanning Fit In With Accessories

Dakota Fanning bought a floral umbrella so she would fit in at university.The 17-year-old actress knew it could be "weird" when she started studying...

7th January 2012 9:00

Pixie Lott Prefers Personality To Looks

Pixie Lott likes "gentlemanly" guys.The 20-year-old singer - who is in a relationship with model Oliver Cheshire - insists looks are not as important...

7th January 2012 9:00

Tinie Tempah Planning Adele Duet

Tinie Tempah wants to record with Adele this year.The 'Pass Out' hitmaker has been discussing a collaboration with the singer - who was hit by a...

7th January 2012 9:45

Kate Beckinsale Wants Unlikeable Roles

Kate Beckinsale is "not interested" in playing likeable characters.The British actress says her main ambition in approaching a role is to make the...

7th January 2012 9:46

Russell Brand Struggles Not To Crave Womanising Days

Russell Brand admits he finds it hard not to "cherish and crave" his time as a womaniser. The ex-sex and drug addict comedian filed for divorce from...

7th January 2012 10:23

Duchess Catherine's 'Amazing' Style

Britain's Duchess Catherine's fashion sense has been hailed "amazing" by a top Hollywood stylist. The young royal's dedication to high street brands...

7th January 2012 10:30

Natasha Giggs Slammed By 'Big Brother' Star Imogen Thomas

Natasha Giggs has been slammed after appearing in the Celebrity Big Brother house this week. Previous contestant Imogen Thomas criticised Natasha...

7th January 2012 12:57

Melanie Amaro Signs To Epic Records

MELANIE AMARO, the winner of the US X-Factor, has signed to Epic Records, the label announced this week. After winning the crown in December (2011),...

7th January 2012 13:38

Russell Brand Uninvited From People's Choice Awards Due To Perry Divorce

RUSELL BRAND uninvited from any ceremony is always sure to spark the headlines, but this time it was his split from starlet Katy Perry that has left...

7th January 2012 13:40

Bruno Mars Opens Up About Motown Exit

Bruno Mars has opened up about his unsuccessful stint with Motown Records as a teenager, admitting his departure from the label felt like "a step...

7th January 2012 14:06

Cannon Undergoes Kidney Surgery

Mariah Carey's ailing husband underwent surgery in Los Angeles on Friday (06Jan12) after suffering acute kidney failure during a winter break in...

7th January 2012 14:06

Beyonce Shows Off Baby Bump

Beyonce is still pregnant, despite reports she gave birth a week ago (ends30Dec11).The R&B superstar was expected to become a first-time mum last...

7th January 2012 14:06

Chaz Bono To Have Penis Surgery

Cher's newly-single son Chaz Bono is considering his options after choosing to go ahead with 'penis' surgery.Bono, who was born a girl, is in the...

7th January 2012 14:06

Jason Derulo Feels 'Blessed' To Survive Neck Injury

R&B singer Jason Derulo feels "blessed" to be alive after fracturing a vertebrae in his neck this week (begs02Jan11) because the majority of people...

7th January 2012 14:06

Keith Richards 'Doing Well' After Eye Operation

Rocker Keith Richards is recovering "very well" after undergoing laser surgery last month (Dec11) to correct his failing eyesight.The Rolling Stones...

7th January 2012 14:06

Newlywed Simmons Offers Up Saucy Marriage Tips

Newlywed Kiss rocker Gene Simmons has found the secret to a lasting Hollywood marriage - the wife has to be a "w**re in the bedroom" and the husband...

7th January 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 23918

"She was in tears. It was a very special moment for me." Bruno Mars' mother was overwhelmed when the singer gifted her with a new house.

7th January 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 23920

"I was a nice suburban girl... I never thought I would ever - I'm really giving it away now aren't I? - ever try a spliff. In fact, I'm ashamed to...

7th January 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 23919

"I definitely look at comfort, I buy bigger sizes. I haven't really gone to maternity clothes because I don't really love maternity stuff." Pregnant...

7th January 2012 14:06

Harrelson Suffered Depression After Rampart Screening

Woody Harrelson experienced a bout of depression after viewing the first cut of upcoming movie Rampart, branding it "one of the worst periods in my...

7th January 2012 14:06

O. Russell Won't Face Charges For Alleged Breast Test

Filmmaker David O. Russell will not face criminal charges following an investigation into allegations he inappropriately touched his transgender...

7th January 2012 14:06

Amanda Seyfried Splits From Real Estate Boyfriend

Mamma Mia! star Amanda Seyfried is single again after splitting from real estate executive Andrew Joblon at the end of last year (11), according to...

7th January 2012 14:06

Corey Feldman To Reveal Alleged Abuse In New Book

Former child star Corey Feldman has vowed to write a book to reveal the details of his alleged abuse as a youngster.The Stand by Me star was thrust...

7th January 2012 14:06

Kirstie Alley Pockets Bet For Leaving Her Hair Alone In Tv Interview

Former Cheers star Kirstie Alley has pocketed $1,000 (£625) after getting through a TV interview without touching her hair.The actress combats her...

7th January 2012 14:06

Matt Damon Pulls Out Of Directorial Debut

Actor Matt Damon has pulled out of his directorial debut due to "scheduling conflicts".The Departed star teamed up with John Krasinski to co-write...

7th January 2012 14:06

Michelle Williams' Holiday Canter Turned Into A Nightmare Ride

Actress Michelle Williams saw her life flash before her eyes during a recent holiday horseback ride in Mexico - because her mount appeared to be...

7th January 2012 14:06

Jersey Shore Star Indicted For Drug Possession

U.S. reality TV star Jonathan Manfre has been indicted for third degree felony possession of hallucinogen Ketamine.The Jersey Shore stud, aka The...

7th January 2012 14:06

Forgotten Star Kristy Mcnichol 'Outs' Herself To Help Bullied Kids

Actress Kristy Mcnichol has 'come out' as a lesbian in a bid to help kids who are tormented about their sexuality.The 49-year-old former child star...

7th January 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 23921

"I love beautiful women and I get loads of them. I'm very grateful for that and I appreciate them. For my birthday party in Vegas I brought a bus...

7th January 2012 14:06

The Things They Say 23922

"The dogs knew I wasn't very serious about the commands and you could see them not wanting to be bothered with this stuff. They'd have this look, 'Oh...

7th January 2012 14:06

Ricky Gervais Promises That His Jokes Will Be Told 'My Way' At Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais has promised that when he returns to host the Golden Globes this year, his jokes will not be toned down. This comes after Ricky Gervais...

7th January 2012 14:52

David O. Russell To Face Further Dispute From His Transgender Niece

DAVID O. RUSSELL will have to prepare himself as his transgender niece isn't giving up on her claims that he groped her breasts. Even though the...

7th January 2012 14:54

Ryan Seacrest Rumoured To Be Facing 'American Idol' Axe

Ryan Seacrest may soon be dropped from 'American Idol'. After having hosted the series since the show began, Ryan Seacrest may be axed after his...

7th January 2012 14:57

Michael Fassbender: Actors Have A 'Buffet' Of Women

Michael Fassbender thinks actors sleep around because there is "more of a buffet of choice".The 'Shame' actor can understand why so many people in...

7th January 2012 15:08

Sam Worthington Likes Nice Smiles

Sam Worthington always falls for a woman's smile. 'The Debt' star doesn't mind if a girl has bad fashion sense, as if she likes his jokes, she will...

7th January 2012 17:00

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