9th October 2011

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Kristen Stewart Was Studious School Student

Kristen Stewart was a studious school student.Although the 'Twilight' actress is famous for her sulky demeanour and slacker appearance she admitted...

9th October 2011 5:45

Daisy Lowe Healed By Shaman's Belch

Daisy Lowe was once healed by a shaman who burped on her. The model is interested in alternative therapies and likes to visit psychics and healers,...

9th October 2011 5:45

Tilda Swinton Loves Life In Scotland

Tilda Swinton feels "privileged" to live in Scotland.The 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' actress was born in London but has Scottish roots and is...

9th October 2011 6:45

Gary Barlow Doesn't Enjoy His Hits

Gary Barlow doesn't enjoy his number one records. The Take That singer - who has written most of the band's biggest hits, including UK number one...

9th October 2011 6:47

Justin Bieber Is In Love With Selena

Justin Bieber is in love with Selena Gomez.The 'Baby' hitmaker has been dating the singer-and-actress since March and he admits he has completely...

9th October 2011 9:15

Steve Jones Ready For La Women

Steve Jones wants to have as much sex as possible. The US 'X Factor' host - who is renowned for his womanising ways - wants to enjoy the benefits of...

9th October 2011 9:15

Rihanna Is 'Too Mature' For Mother

Rihanna's mother thinks she is "way too mature".The 'We Found Love' singer says her tough upbringing - as the eldest daughter in her family who had...

9th October 2011 9:45

Anna Faris Has Red Carpet Fashion Fear

Anna Faris is always scared she will be named on a worst dressed list when she attends a showbiz event.The Hollywood star is always nervous before...

9th October 2011 9:47

Alex Reid And Chantelle Houghton Get Engaged

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton have got engaged live on TV.The 36-year-old cage fighter - whose divorce from Katie Price has still not yet been...

9th October 2011 11:30

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Draws 50,000

50,0000 people were in attendance for the Michael Jackson tribute show taking place at Cardiff's Millennium stadium last night, including his three...

9th October 2011 12:17

Stars Turn Out For The Ides Of March Premiere

George Clooney's much anticipated thriller 'The Ides Of March' finally saw its premiere taking place last week in New York, following sizzling...

9th October 2011 12:44

Nicole Polizzi And Jersey Shore "Genius" Claims Simon Cowell

Nicole Polizzi - also known as Snooki - and the rest of the 'Jersey Shore' cast have found themselves an unlikely fan in X Factor mogul Simon Cowell,...

9th October 2011 13:14

Arnold Schwarzennegger Returns Home To Inaugurate Museum

Arnold Schwarzennegger was back in his homeland of Austria this week, enjoying refuge from his messy divorce in the US and inaugurating a museum of...

9th October 2011 13:41

Rihanna's 'Mojo' Style

Rihanna makes her style choices based on what her "mojo" tells her to do. The 'We Found Love' singer is known for whimsically dramatically changing...

9th October 2011 14:00

Paul Mccartney To Sing To Nancy Shevell At Wedding Reception?

Paul Mccartney and Nancy Shevell's wedding ceremony is expected to take place today, an event that will feature all sorts of links to the Beatle's...

9th October 2011 14:10

Michael Jackson's Children Take Centre Stage At Tribute Show

Michael Jackson's three children took centre stage at a tribute show in Wales on Saturday night (08Oct11) and gave an emotional speech in honour of...

9th October 2011 14:16

Lady Gaga Goes Country For Tv Interview

Lady Gaga went country for a TV appearance in Britain this weekend (08-09Oct11) by turning the set into a farm and walking onto the stage with a live...

9th October 2011 14:16

George Harrison Tribute Gigs Planned

A pair of free concerts will be held in the Beatles' native city of Liverpool, England to mark 10 years since the death of guitarist George...

9th October 2011 14:16

Jennifer Hudson Explains Michael Jackson Show Exit

Jennifer Hudson pulled out of a performance at the Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales at the last minute due to "major production issues".The...

9th October 2011 14:16

Gaga Planning '10 More Albums' Before Motherhood

Lady Gaga has no desire to become a mother in the near future as she wants to release "at least 10 more albums" before falling pregnant.The Poker...

9th October 2011 14:16

Conrad Murray's Home Repossessed

DR. Conrad Murray's home was repossessed and sold at auction as he prepared to stand trial over the death of Michael Jackson.The medic is accused of...

9th October 2011 14:16

Dappy Released After Arrest

British rapper Dappy has been released without charge after he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend.Police were called to a house...

9th October 2011 14:16

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Donate To Somali Aid Efforts

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $327,000 (£218,000) to help displaced mothers and children in war-torn Somalia.The charitable couple...

9th October 2011 14:16

Kirsten Dunst Becomes German Citizen

Kirsten Dunst has embraced her European roots by becoming a German citizen.The Hollywood actress, whose father is German and mother is Swedish, has...

9th October 2011 14:16

Gabor Hospitalised

Ailing actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is fighting for her life in hospital after her husband found her unconscious and bleeding on Saturday (08Oct11).The 94...

9th October 2011 14:16

The Things They Say 23082

"People have done remixes of my songs in the past, but to work on a brand new track with somebody like David would be brilliant. I'd love that."...

9th October 2011 14:16

The Things They Say 23081

"Sometimes I'm a lucky angler but when it's something like salmon fishing, which takes extreme expertise, then I'm very much a beginner. The biggest...

9th October 2011 14:16

The Things They Say 23080

"I was there (in court) last week and it's very hard. But we have a large family and there are only so many seats in the courtroom. Half of the...

9th October 2011 14:16

The Things They Say 23083

"I think I can say that maybe four per cent of those reports I read are anywhere close to correct." Gerard Butler on speculation about his love life.

9th October 2011 14:16

Goodwin Curbing Her Swearing On Tv Set

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is learning to clean up her act while starring on new U.S. TV series Once Upon A Time - because she has to pay up everytime...

9th October 2011 14:16

Richardson Feels Closer To Family After 'Terrible' Grief

Actress Joely Richardson feels closer to her family than ever following the death of three relatives in recent years.Richardson's sister Natasha...

9th October 2011 14:16

Orlando Bloom Denied Bathroom Breaks During Wife's Labour

Orlando Bloom was so determined not to miss the birth of his son, he urinated in a bottle in the delivery room rather than make a trip to the...

9th October 2011 14:16

Julianne Hough And Ryan Seacrest In Dancing Mood Post-footloose Premiere

Julianne Hough is likely to see her star rise ever further with the release of re-make of the 1984 classic 'Footloose,' the former Billboard Country...

9th October 2011 14:36

Sir Paul Mccartney Marries On Lennon's Birthday

Sir Paul Mccartney married his fiancee Nancy Shevell in London on Sunday (09Oct11) on the day his late bandmate John Lennon would have turned 71.The...

9th October 2011 16:37

Amanda Seyfried Doesn't Want To Hear About Ex-'S Love Life

Amanda Seyfried admits it's hard to hear ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper talk about his love life.The 'Mamma Mia!' co-stars split last year after dating...

9th October 2011 17:00

Marina Diamandis Explains Self-doubt Worries

British singer Marina Diamandis has opened up about the feelings of self-doubt she experienced while promoting her debut album, insisting she wanted...

9th October 2011 23:02

Rowland Wanted Family Like The Cosby Show

Kelly Rowland craved a normal family upbringing when she was younger after watching The Cosby Show.The former Destiny's Child star has not seen her...

9th October 2011 23:02

Roger Williams Dead At 87

Celebrity pianist Roger Williams has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 87.He passed away at his Los Angeles home on Saturday...

9th October 2011 23:02

Former Weezer Star Welsh Found Dead In Hotel Room

Former Weezer star Mikey Welsh was found dead in his Illinois hotel room on Saturday (08Oct11).Welsh was set to check out of the Raffaello Hotel in...

9th October 2011 23:02

Sir Paul Mccartney Marries On Lennon's Birthday

Sir Paul Mccartney married his fiancee Nancy Shevell in London on Sunday (09Oct11) on the day his late bandmate John Lennon would have turned 71.The...

9th October 2011 23:02

Gerard Butler Slimmed Down After Unflattering Paparazzi Shots

Gerard Butler was spurred on to lose weight after unflattering pictures of him relaxing on holiday hit the headlines.The Scottish star, who famously...

9th October 2011 23:02

Terry Gilliam's Harry Potter Regrets

Terry Gilliam regrets entering into talks to direct the first Harry Potter movie, because he became too excited thinking about how he could adapt...

9th October 2011 23:02

Nicole Kidman's Film Scrapped After Weisz's Exit

Nicole Kidman's new film The Danish Girl has been shelved following the departure of actress Rachel Weisz, according to a U.K. report.The movie was...

9th October 2011 23:02

Rolf Harris Opens Up About Troubled Personal Life

Australian entertainer Rolf Harris broke down in tears during a TV interview as he opened up about his battle with depression and his troubled...

9th October 2011 23:02

Nicki Minaj Reveals Suicidal Thoughts

Nicki Minaj felt so low as she struggled to land a record deal, she contemplated suicide.The rapper admits she spent years working hard on her music...

9th October 2011 23:02

The Things They Say 23084

"It was a very sad moment for me at that point, because I don't come from a family of lawyers, it was a big deal that I was going to law school. And...

9th October 2011 23:02

Fascinating Fact 12195

Host Ben Stiller thrilled fans by reprising his iconic Zoolander role while performing a sketch during Saturday Night Live's show at the weekend...

9th October 2011 23:02

Hugh Jackman Makes A Splash With Jimmy Fallon

Hugh Jackman was drenched with water on U.S. TV on Thursday night (06Oct11) as he played a card game with Jimmy Fallon.The X-Men star sat down for a...

9th October 2011 23:02

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