22nd January 2011

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Andrew Garfield Thinks He'll Always Be Ordinary

Andrew Garfield doesn't think playing Spider-Man will change his life.The 27-year-old actor - who is set to portray the superhero and his alter ego...

22nd January 2011 5:47

Katy Perry Loves Skipping

Katy Perry keeps fit by skipping.The 26-year-old singer enjoys five 25-minute workouts every week with personal trainer Harley Pasternak, who says...

22nd January 2011 5:47

The View Can't Work Sober

The View claim they need drugs to finish their songs. The 'Same Jeans' hitmakers recorded the majority of their forthcoming third album 'Bread and...

22nd January 2011 6:46

Reese Witherspoon Loved Elephant Work

Reese Witherspoon credits an elephant with being one of the best co-stars she's had. The 'Water For Elephants' actress loved working alongside the...

22nd January 2011 6:47

Matt Damon Blasts 'Charlatan' Psychics

Matt Damon thinks that psychics are "charlatans".The 40-year-old actor - who plays a psychic who can see dead people in his latest film 'Hereafter'...

22nd January 2011 9:17

Rosamund Pike Annoyed By Hoffman

Rosamund Pike found working with Dustin Hoffman "annoying".The 31-year-old actress - who appears alongside the Hollywood legend in 'Barney's Version'...

22nd January 2011 9:45

Ozzy Osbourne Loves Magic Tea

Ozzy Osbourne regards tea as a "magic potion".The legendary rocker knows having his favourite hot beverage before performing isn't good for his...

22nd January 2011 9:48

Mila Kunis Stands By Her Movies

Mila Kunis "stands by" every movie she has made.The 'Black Swan' actress acknowledges some of her previous cinematic outings have not been...

22nd January 2011 14:01

Minaj Kicked Out Of London Hotel

Hip-hop sensation NICKI MINAJ was officially kicked out of a London hotel on Friday (21Jan11) after bosses became annoyed with the growing number of...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Gallagher Suffers From Skin Disease

LIAM GALLAGHER suffers from skin disease psoriasis - and the condition is so bad, a fan once mistook flakes of skin on the rocker's scalp for...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Mraz Stalls Wedding Until Gay Marriage Is Legal

Singer/songwriter JASON MRAZ has pledged not to wed fiancee TRISTAN PRETTYMAN until gay marriage is legal in America.The I'm Yours singer proposed to...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Marley's Family Win Image Rights Case

BOB MARLEY's family has won a legal battle against the bosses of an apparel company, who were accused of unfairly selling products bearing the reggae...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Celebrity Beauty Salon Boss Enters Guilty Plea

A beauty salon boss accused of scamming A-list clients including LIV TYLER and JENNIFER ANISTON out of thousands of dollars has pleaded guilty to a...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Fascinating Fact 10713

The site featured on the cover of the BEASTIE BOYS' PAUL'S BOUTIQUE album in Manhattan, New York has been destroyed by a fire. The famous location...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Mckibbin Upset Cowell Over Eyes Comment

Former AMERICAN IDOL hopeful NIKKI MCKIBBIN's pop career was doomed early on when she rebuked SIMON COWELL for a comment he made about her eyes,...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Lennon Letters To Be Published

JOHN LENNON's letters are to be published after his widow YOKO ONO agreed to hand them over to a British book company for a reported $500,000-plus...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Kutcher Excited For American Football Clash

ASHTON KUTCHER is trying to temper his excitement for Sunday's (23Jan11) big American football clash between his beloved Chicago Bears and the Green...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Mystique Make-up Prompted Allergic Reaction For Lawrence

WINTER'S BONE star JENNIFER LAWRENCE suffered for her art on the set of the new X-MEN prequel FIRST CLASS - she had an allergic reaction to the body...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Moss Buys London Mansion In Law And Miller's Neighbourhood

Hollywood couple JUDE LAW and SIENNA MILLER are set to welcome a celebrity neighbour to their London home - supermodel KATE MOSS has reportedly...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Redford Will Never Heal From 'Scar' Of Losing Son

ROBERT REDFORD doubts he will ever fully recover from the tragedy of losing his infant son more than 50 years ago.The Butch Cassidy and the Sundance...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Romero Agrees To Plead Guilty In Marriage Sham Case

Mexican actress FERNANDA ROMERO will plead guilty to lying on immigration documents to avoid a retrial over allegations of marriage fraud.The 28 year...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Oprah To Reveal All About Family Secret

OPRAH WINFREY dropped a bombshell at the end of her daytime show on Friday (21Jan11) by revealing she'll be telling all about "a family secret" on...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Fascinating Fact 10716

Actress ALISON ANDERS is two timing former FRIENDS stars Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc. Anders, who is LeBlanc's real-life girlfriend, plays his...

22nd January 2011 14:17

The Things They Say 19937

"I am very happy for Ivanka and Jared. They are wonderful young people!" Property mogul and reality TV star DONALD TRUMP is overjoyed by his daughter...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Fascinating Fact 10715

Little MACKENZIE FOY has landed one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood - the 10 year old will play Edward and Bella's child Renesmee in the final...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Fascinating Fact 10714

KELSEY GRAMMER isn't the only member of his extended family planning a 2011 wedding - the actor's 27-year-old daughter SPENCER is engaged. As the...

22nd January 2011 14:17

Mickey Mouse Club 'Depressing' For Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling remembers being in 'Mickey Mouse Club' as a "depressing" experience.The 30-year-old actor found being in the Disney TV show hard because...

22nd January 2011 17:01

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