9th October 2010

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Lennon Capsule Buried At The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Bosses at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio have marked JOHN LENNON's 70th birthday by 'burying' a time capsule containing the late...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18346

"He would have been very angry about the situation that's going on in the world now and probably would have started to become an activist." YOKO ONO...

9th October 2010 1:32

Disturbed Cancel U.s. Tour As Draiman Falls Ill

Heavy rockers DISTURBED have scrapped their upcoming U.S. tour so frontman DAVID DRAIMAN can undergo treatment for a serious throat condition.The...

9th October 2010 1:32

Iggy Pop Shelves His Own Biopic

IGGY POP has pulled the plug on a biopic because filmmakers wanted him to be involved in the promotion of the project.The Passenger was to star...

9th October 2010 1:32

Elton Goes Gaga Over Pop's First Lady

ELTON JOHN can't wait to work with LADY GAGA again because he considers the colourful pop star his "b**tard daughter".The two stars teamed up for a...

9th October 2010 1:32

Winehouse Supports Dad At Cabaret Club

AMY WINEHOUSE hit the stage for her second surprise show in a week on Thursday night (07Oct10) when she joined her dad MITCH for a gig at London's...

9th October 2010 1:32

Queen Of Gospel Walker Dies

Grammy-winning singer ALBERTINA WALKER, known as the Queen of Gospel, has lost her battle with emphysema. She was 81.Walker passed away of...

9th October 2010 1:32

Mcgraw Visits Nephew's School With Anti-bullying Message

Country star TIM MCGRAW thrilled students at a Franklin, Tennessee middle school with an assembly visit on Thursday (07Oct10) - but he wasn't there...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18347

"I'm a parent. I have daughters. I don't cuss. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person... walking around my house (saying), 'B**ch, pick this...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Tweet 1240

"Went cliff diving. boarding. good food. sunshine. and even hit the studio inspired to write a new song. Thank u Hawaii." JUSTIN BIEBERis living the...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18348

"I don't think that he would have retired; he's not the retiring type." YOKO ONO thinks her late husband JOHN LENNON would still have been a big part...

9th October 2010 1:32

Pacino To Play Phil Spector

AL PACINO is set to play another controversial real-life figure on U.S. TV after signing up to play jailed music mogul PHIL SPECTOR in a new...

9th October 2010 1:32

Vaughn's 'Gay' Line To Be Removed From Movie Trailer

Movie bosses have agreed to replace the trailer for VINCE VAUGHN's new comedy THE DILEMMA after U.S. newsman ANDERSON COOPER blasted its offensive...

9th October 2010 1:32

Fascinating Fact 10102

The editors of rock bible Rolling Stone have landed a scoop - the upcoming issue of the publication will feature an exclusive excerpt from KEITH...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18349

"Is there extra salary for top diva...? They just wanna make me look like a buffoon... It's just crazy." JENNIFER LOPEZ on reports she's not getting...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18350

"When I started out, someone suggested that we finish a meeting in the bedroom. I left. I was pretty shocked. I could see how someone who didn't know...

9th October 2010 1:32

Hamlin: 'Robbery Was Not A Publicity Stunt'

Actor HARRY HAMLIN has fired back at reports the break-in at the Los Angeles clothing store he owns with his wife LISA RINNA was a publicity stunt...

9th October 2010 1:32

Moretz Hopes Vampire Teen Character Is A Halloween Hit

Teenage movie star CHLOE MORETZ is hoping her new vampire movie LET ME IN takes off in Hollywood - because she'd like her character's costume to...

9th October 2010 1:32

Hindus Urge Ardant To Show Roma Film To The Pope

Leading Hindus are urging French actress FANNY ARDANT to extend her stay in Rome, Italy for the city's upcoming film festival - and show her film...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18353

"This movie I had a concussion, whiplash, a dislocated shoulder, stitches in my hand and I had a tooth knocked out by a dildo bazooka." Prankster...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18352

"I loved her and still love her inside... You can only just wish for the best and you hope people find the light." WILMER VALDERRAMA on his...

9th October 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 18351

"My sister once told me I would never work as an actress. She's now trying to be an actress." GEMMA ARTERTON likes to remind her sister of her...

9th October 2010 1:32

'Selfish' Actress Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker landed a role on 'Desperate Housewives' because she is "selfish."The actress - who has played Gabrielle Solis on the comedy drama...

9th October 2010 5:45

Robbie Williams Pens Funeral Song

Robbie Williams has written a song for his own funeral.The pop star doesn't want his biggest hit 'Angels' played when he is buried and has instead...

9th October 2010 5:45

Uncool Friend P. Diddy

P. Diddy fears he will destroy Arctic Monkeys star Matt Helders' image if he calls him by his real name.The rap mogul is friends with the British...

9th October 2010 6:45

Mark Wahlberg Needs Acting Approval

Mark Wahlberg chooses tough guy roles to impress his friends. The 39-year-old actor - whose troubled youth included drug use, antisocial behaviour...

9th October 2010 6:46

Jared Leto No Role Model

Jared Leto insists he isn't a role model to his fans - and doesn't want to be.The musician-and-actor thinks it's absurd that artists are...

9th October 2010 9:15

Ed Westwick's Homely Relationships

Ed Westwick thinks eating in bed is romantic.The 'Gossip Girl' actor - who is dating co-star Jessica Szohr - thinks the best think about being in a...

9th October 2010 9:15

Joe Mcelderry Plans N-dubz Duet

Joe McElderry may one day collaborate with N-Dubz.The clean-cut 'Ambitions' singer has struck up an unlikely friendship with the group's frontman...

9th October 2010 9:45

Bruce Willis Sets Die Hard Deadline

Bruce Willis is concerned he may be replaced in the 'Die Hard' franchise.The 55-year-old actor - who is currently filming his fifth film playing...

9th October 2010 9:46

Kim Kardashian 'Fine' After Bar Attack

Kim Kardashian is "totally fine" after being attacked by a jealous female.The 29-year-old beauty had a drink thrown over her in New York's Juliet...

9th October 2010 11:00

Matt Smith Faces Monsters At Doctor Who Live

Matt Smith faced a terrifying array of monsters at the opening night of the 'Doctor Who Live!' show yesterday (08.10.10).The actor - who plays The...

9th October 2010 12:15

Moody Boyfriend Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is a "difficult and moody" boyfriend.The Spanish singer - who has been in a relationship with tennis star Anna Kournikova for eight...

9th October 2010 14:00

Swift Sued By Former Manager

TAYLOR SWIFT's former manager is suing the country star over cash he alleges she owes him.Dan Dymtrow, who managed Swift when she was 14, has filed...

9th October 2010 14:12

Cyrus Criticised For Sexy New Music Video

Disney star MILEY CYRUS has come under fire from concerned parental groups over her racy new music video, in which she can be seen writhing...

9th October 2010 14:12

Ono: 'Mccartney Saved Marriage To Lennon'

YOKO ONO has credited SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY with saving her marriage to JOHN LENNON by stepping in to reunite the separated couple.Lennon and Ono, who...

9th October 2010 14:12

Fan Ordered To Stay Away From Madonna

A man who was arrested for loitering outside MADONNA's New York home last month (Sep10) has been ordered to stay away from the pop superstar.Robert...

9th October 2010 14:12

T.i. Facing 14 Months In Jail Over Drug Arrest

T.I.'s probation officer wants the troubled rapper to spend between eight and 14 months behind bars if he is sent back to jail following his drug...

9th October 2010 14:12

Sean Lennon: 'My Birthday Is All About Dad John'

JOHN LENNON's son SEAN has no plans to celebrate when he turns 35 on Saturday (09Oct10) - he'll be too busy paying tribute to his dad, who shared the...

9th October 2010 14:12

Stewart And Lovechild Reunited

Singer ROD STEWART is making efforts to patch up his relationship with his eldest daughter, who was given up for adoption in the 1960s.The star was...

9th October 2010 14:12

Brown Angers Club Promoters

FOXY BROWN is in the middle of a new dispute with nightclub promoters after allegedly showing up four hours late to a gig because she didn't like the...

9th October 2010 14:12

No 3d Magic For Penultimate Harry Potter Film

Movie executives at Warner Brothers have scrapped plans to give the penultimate HARRY POTTER movie a 3D makeover.The film bosses had hoped to make...

9th October 2010 14:12

The Things They Say 18356

"The world is taking a stand against wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. John would have done that but he'd have loved the new communication media. He...

9th October 2010 14:12

The Things They Say 18355

"A lot of people dress like Lady Gaga now... I'm over that. Trends are boring. It's boring to see everyone doing the same thing." RIHANNA is leading...

9th October 2010 14:12

Fascinating Fact 10103

THE FLAMING LIPS have announced they'll be staging their fourth annual March of 1,000 Skeletons Halloween Parade in their native Oklahoma City,...

9th October 2010 14:12

The Things They Say 18354

"I'm a parent. I have daughters. I don't cuss. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person… walking around my house (saying), 'B**ch, pick this...

9th October 2010 14:12

Parker & Mirren Worried About Running Scenes

Actresses MARY LOUISE PARKER and HELEN MIRREN feared they'd be sacked from new action comedy RED once director ROBERT SCHWENTKE saw them running.The...

9th October 2010 14:12

Sick Atkinson Delays Filming

MR. BEAN star ROWAN ATKINSON has been forced to postpone filming on his new movie after falling sick.The British funnyman has been shooting upcoming...

9th October 2010 14:12

Berry Introduces Martinez To Mum

HALLE BERRY has reportedly stepped up her rumoured romance with OLIVIER MARTINEZ by introducing the French actor to her mum.The Oscar-winner has been...

9th October 2010 14:12

Kardashian In 'Bar Fight'

Reality TV star KIM KARDASHIAN has assured fans she is "totally fine" after a bar brawl erupted during her night out in New York City on Thursday...

9th October 2010 14:12

Fascinating Fact 10104

HUGH GRANT celebrated turning 50 years old on Saturday (09Oct10) by purchasing a sleek black Ferrari California. The Italian sports car comes with a...

9th October 2010 14:12

Knoxville's Fatherhood Fears

JACKASS prankster JOHNNY KNOXVILLE is closely monitoring his daredevil antics now he's a dad again - because he fears he's been a bad influence on...

9th October 2010 14:12

Richards Writing Her Memoir

DENISE RICHARDS wants to share her story with her fans - the actress is writing an autobiography.The former Bond girl will tell all about her journey...

9th October 2010 14:12

Rhys Ifans' 'Dodgy' Tours

Rhys Ifans likes befriending people who are "hard as f**k" and live in "dodgy areas".The 'Mr Nice' actor gets a huge "rush" by walking through...

9th October 2010 17:00

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