2nd October 2010

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Keys' Star-studded Gala Raises $2.4 Million For Charity

ALICIA KEYS and her superstar pals JAY-Z, BEYONCE, WHITNEY HOUSTON and USHER have helped to raise a massive $2.4 million (£1.6 million) for the R&B...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Rowling Rejected Jackson's Potter Musical Proposal

MICHAEL JACKSON once approached J.K. ROWLING with plans to turn her HARRY POTTER stories into a stage musical - but his idea was snubbed because the...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Ray Charles Museum Opens

A museum dedicated to late music legend RAY CHARLES has opened in Los Angeles.The Ray Charles Memorial Library, comprising of seven galleries in an...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Mandy Moore Fights Malaria In Africa

Singer MANDY MOORE has spent the past week with aid workers in the Central African Republic to experience first-hand the battle against malaria.The...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Mars Charged After Drug Arrest

R&B singer BRUNO MARS is facing up to four years behind bars for a felony charge of drug possession following his arrest in Las Vegas last month...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Joel Opening His Own Motorcycle Store

Rocker BILLY JOEL is turning his love for motorcycles into a money-making venture - he's opening his own bike store in his New York home town.The...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Singer Mario Charged With Assault

R&B star MARIO has been charged with second degree assault following his arrest on Friday (01Oct10) for allegedly assaulting his mother at their...

2nd October 2010 1:28

The Things They Say 18240

"I did a marathon of testing for the film. I tested more than anyone. I have to fight against my music career - I'm cognisant of that. But I didn't...

2nd October 2010 1:28

The Things They Tweet 1227

"Mistakingly (sic) walked into a church thinking it was a Twin Shadow concert. Sure some folk thought I was dressed wrong (sic) for Thursday bible...

2nd October 2010 1:28

The Things They Say 18239

"I'm 29 and I wouldn't want a film made about me. All the mistakes I made at 19 are pretty well-documented by the popular world but that would be a...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Fatone Wants Glee Role

Former 'N SYNC star JOEY FATONE is lobbying TV producers on GLEE to hand him a role on the hit show after watching his old pal BRITNEY SPEARS make a...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Glee Success Makes Michele Feel Beautiful

Starring in GLEE has cured actress LEA MICHELE of the crippling insecurity she suffered before finding fame.The star struggled with her self image as...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Producer Cannell Dies

Hollywood screenwriter and THE A-TEAM producer STEPHEN CANNELL has lost his battle with skin cancer at the age of 69.The star died on Thursday...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Weatherly Involved In Car Smash

NCIS star MICHAEL WEATHERLY has escaped unscathed after he was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles on Friday (01Oct10).The actor was behind the...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Rowling: 'There Would Be No Potter If Mum Hadn't Died'

Author J.K. ROWLING has credited the death of her late mother with inspiring her to complete the first HARRY POTTER book - because there would be no...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Lopez Producing Tv Comedy Series

JENNIFER LOPEZ is preparing to dominate U.S. TV next year (11) - the newly-crowned AMERICAN IDOL judge is also producing a new comedy series about...

2nd October 2010 1:28

The Things They Say 18243

"I've never been a fool with money... (I think), 'God, if I blew this, how could I look everyone in the face?!' I feel I don't want to be complacent,...

2nd October 2010 1:28

The Things They Say 18242

"I stopped drinking coffee. It has already made me feel better." Retired tennis champion MARTINA NAVRATILOVA has had to adapt her diet after beating...

2nd October 2010 1:28

The Things They Say 18241

"I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, tenth. I'm not going to say I won't. I don't think I will, I feel I am done, but you never know." HARRY...

2nd October 2010 1:28

Mark Ronson's Movie Tears

Mark Ronson cries at chick flicks.The 'Bike Song' artist - who grew up splitting his time between New York and London - said he enjoys taking...

2nd October 2010 5:45

Nicole Scherzinger's Flag Tribute

Nicole Scherzinger has her own flag.The 'Don't Cha' singer - who rose to fame in Pussycat Dolls - said a group of Portuguese fans who follow her...

2nd October 2010 5:45

Good Gorilla Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn doesn't party when he tours with Gorillaz. The singer admits his lifestyle has changed dramatically since his days as the frontman of...

2nd October 2010 6:45

Rosario Dawson Wants Sin Sequel Soon

Rosario Dawson needs 'Sin City 2' to happen soon if she's going to fit into skimpy outfits.The 31-year-old actress - who played prostitute dominatrix...

2nd October 2010 6:46

Gabriella Cilmi's Downey Crush

Gabriella Cilimi has a crush on Robert Downey Jr. The 18-year-old singer insists she doesn't worry about how much older the married 'Sherlock Holmes'...

2nd October 2010 9:15

Kelly Osbourne's Bristol Support

Kelly Osbourne is tipping Bristol Palin to win 'Dancing With The Stars'.The presenter - who credits taking part in the celebrity dance contest last...

2nd October 2010 9:15

Kim Cattrall's Early Criticism

Kim Cattrall was told she "lacked talent" when she first embarked on an acting career.The 'Sex and the City' star says meeting with veteran director...

2nd October 2010 9:45

Ne-yo Blasts Money Driven Musicians

Ne-Yo has blasted today's songwriters - claiming they are only interested in making money. The 'Closer' singer - who as well as topping the charts...

2nd October 2010 9:46

Rosario Dawson At Home With Hookers

Rosario Dawson bought a house in the Red Light district of London to "feel at home".The 'Sin City' star revealed she chose to purchase a property in...

2nd October 2010 14:00

Spears Hit With Nanny Lawsuit

BRITNEY SPEARS has been hit with a lawsuit from a former nanny who claims the singer failed to pay her for one month's work.The Toxic hitmaker often...

2nd October 2010 14:17

50 Cent Defends Controversial Twitter Post

Rapper 50 CENT has defended his controversial post on Twitter.com which implied gay men should commit suicide, insisting the comment was...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Gallagher Is A Dad Again

British rocker NOEL GALLAGHER is celebrating after becoming a father for the third time.The Wonderwall hitmaker's girlfriend Sara MACDonald gave...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Goldie: 'Water-ski Accident Changed My Life'

British DJ-turned-actor GOLDIE has credited a water-ski accident with turning his life around - because the terrifying episode made him realise he...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Stewart's Baby News Overshadowed By Family Cancer Shock

ROD STEWART's wife PENNY LANCASTER's joy at falling pregnant for a second time was overshadowed when her sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Fletcher Fuming Over Awards Show Performance

MCFLY star TOM FLETCHER was left fuming when his guitar cut out during a performance of the band's latest song at a British awards show on Thursday...

2nd October 2010 14:17

The Things They Say 18244

"To me she is a special person because she is such a respectful person. I just respect everything she does." Rapper/actor BOW WOW is full of praise...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Rah Digga Took Filmmaking Classes

Rapper RAH DIGGA has been learning all about working behind the camera after enrolling in filmmaking courses during her three-year hiatus from her...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Jackson's Sisterella Heading Back To The Stage

MICHAEL JACKSON's pop/rock musical based on the CINDERELLA fairytale is dancing its way back to the Los Angeles stage for a new production next year...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Curtis' Wig Shame

TONY CURTIS once required emergency treatment from a doctor after one of his love interests ripped off a wig which the star had glued to his head.The...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Mcelhone's Book Of Mourning Too Sad For Family To Read

NATASCHA MCELHONE's mother has refused to read the actress' touching book detailing the aftermath of her husband's sudden death - because the notes...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Firth To Star In Kercher Murder Movie

Actor COLIN FIRTH has signed up to star in a movie about the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher.The Bridget Jones's Diary star will take...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Beckham's Rep Dismisses Divorce Paper Allegations

A representative for soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM has dismissed allegations linking him to a U.S. couple's divorce - branding the claims...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Douglas 'Intimidated' By Father Kirk

MICHAEL DOUGLAS found his father KIRK "intimidating" when he was a child - because the SPARTACUS star was "consumed with ambition" as he pursued his...

2nd October 2010 14:17

The Things They Say 18245

"I grow chillies. I have a greenhouse full of them." SIR MICHAEL CAINE has an unusual hobby.

2nd October 2010 14:17

Mcgillis' Marriage Marks Fresh Start

Lesbian TOP GUN star KELLY MCGILLIS is glad she married her long term partner last month (Sep10) - because she has "no secrets anymore".The actress,...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Boone Junior Cleared Of Cop Assault

Actor MARK BOONE JUNIOR has been cleared over allegations he assaulted a police officer in August (10).The Batman Begins star, also known as Mark...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Hurley Delighted With New Pink World Record

Actress/model ELIZABETH HURLEY is celebrating after breaking the world record for illuminating the most historic landmarks as part of a new Estee...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Zeta-jones & Douglas' Son Has Dyslexia

MICHAEL DOUGLAS has opened up about his son's special educational needs - DYLAN suffers from mild dyslexia.The actor recently revealed he and wife...

2nd October 2010 14:17

Christina Ricci Fears Plants

Christina Ricci is scared of plants.The 30-year-old actress hates gardening and admits she can't even go near a pot plant at someone's house because...

2nd October 2010 17:00

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