10th July 2010

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Snoop Dogg Sued For Copyright Infringement

MILES DAVIS' legendary bass player MICHAEL HENDERSON is taking SNOOP DOGG to court after accusing the rapper of illegally sampling one of his...

10th July 2010 1:32

Doherty Out Of Hospital, Appears At French Festival

Mystery surrounds rocker PETE DOHERTY's health after photos of him enjoying the French sun with friends appeared online a day after the...

10th July 2010 1:32

Goldsmith Torn Between Grief And Greatness At Led Zeppelin Reunion

Music mogul HARVEY GOLDSMITH almost missed out on the one-off LED ZEPPELIN reunion he helped stage in 2007 - because his father-in-law died as the...

10th July 2010 1:32

Gaga's Insurance Firm Want No Part In Producer's Legal Battle

Bosses at LADY GAGA's insurance company have filed court documents in New York distancing themselves from the singer's legal battle with a former...

10th July 2010 1:32

Marr & Zimmer To Perform For Dicaprio At Premiere Party

Former THE SMITHS star JOHNNY MARR and legendary film composer HANS ZIMMER are teaming up to perform at the Los Angeles premiere of LEONARDO...

10th July 2010 1:32

Politician Writing Springfield Musical

Former U.K. politician GEORGE GALLOWAY is writing a musical about the life of British soul singer DUSTY SPRINGFIELD.The revered peace campaigner has...

10th July 2010 1:32

Lohan Cut From Machete Trailer

LINDSAY LOHAN's jail sentence appears to have cost her an appearance in the trailer for her new movie MACHETE.The actress was featured in the first...

10th July 2010 1:32

Gibson Planning To Reveal All About Ex's Alleged Extortion Plans

MEL GIBSON is planning to expose his ex-girlfriend's extortion plans after she alleged he beat her and threatened her with a gun.Gibson is currently...

10th July 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 17267

"When Ozzy calls and asks you to go on tour, you say, 'When do I start?' Over 25 years ago, Ozzy took Motley Crüe on, what some say, was one of the...

10th July 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 17266

"It's just been one great big merry-go-round and I don't want to get off." Scottish singer SUSAN BOYLE on her rise from nobody to global superstar in...

10th July 2010 1:32

Pitt & Jolie Get Serious About Religion

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT encourage their six kids to show interest in all religions - but refuse to steer them towards any particular faith.The...

10th July 2010 1:32

Swinton: 'My Romantic Life Is Not As Weird As Reported'

British actress TILDA SWINTON has attempted to clear up misconceptions about her romantic life once and for all in a new magazine interview,...

10th July 2010 1:32

Model Loses Defamation Case Against Couple's Retreat Movie Bosses

A bizarre defamation suit against the producers of VINCE VAUGHN comedy COUPLE'S RETREAT has been thrown out of court in New York.Former model Irina...

10th July 2010 1:32

The Things They Tweet 1139

"I was selected for the California Hall of Fame by @MariaShriver and @Schwarzenegger in 2008. They've just announced the 2010 inductees and I'm in...

10th July 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 17269

"I've got a bolt in my neck where he cracked the vertebra. I knew it was really f**king bad. The doctor wanted to fix my neck and my shoulder right...

10th July 2010 1:32

The Things They Say 17268

"I don't remember the kiss itself; I think I was too nervous about what Shirley would think." JANE FONDA on sharing her first screen kiss with pal...

10th July 2010 1:32

Sting Won't Rejoin Police

Sting has ruled out another reunion with The Police. The 58-year-old singer - who took part in a worldwide tour with his old band starting in 2007...

10th July 2010 5:45

Emily Mortimer Scared Of Surgery

Emily Mortimer thinks plastic surgery "f***s with your head".The 'Shutter Island' star - who has two children with her actor husband Alessandro...

10th July 2010 5:46

Fergie Grateful For Fame

Fergie is grateful to be successful and famous. The Black Eyed Peas singer is very appreciative of the success she has in her life because she can...

10th July 2010 5:46

James Cameron Not Shocked By Oscars

James Cameron didn't expect the stars of 'Avatar' to get Oscar nominations.The director - who broke box office records when the 3-D sci-fi film went...

10th July 2010 6:45

Steven Spielberg's Special Effects Worries

Steven Spielberg doesn't like the overuse of special effects.The 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' director admits it is up to...

10th July 2010 6:45

Dark Psychology Lover Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio finds dark films "exciting".The award-winning actor - who recently made his sci-fi debut in British director Christopher Nolan's...

10th July 2010 6:45

Enrique Iglesias Gets Ghastly Gifts

Enrique Iglesias gets sent "disgusting" gifts by his fans.The 'Hero' hitmaker - who has been dating tennis ace Anna Kournikova for years - has...

10th July 2010 9:30

Angelina Jolie 'Rough' In Salt

Angelina Jolie looks "rough" in her new movie 'Salt'. The 35-year-old beauty admits her turn as CIA officer Evelyn Salt is one of the most...

10th July 2010 9:45

New Housemates Enter Bb

Three new housemates entered the 'Big Brother' house last night (09.07.10).Following Nathan's eviction, air hostess Rachel, student Andrew and travel...

10th July 2010 10:00

Nathan Evicted

Nathan has become the fourth person to be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house.The trainee joiner - who was only put up for eviction after Caoimhe...

10th July 2010 10:00

Robyn Was Dismayed By Pop

Robyn used to feel "disgusted" by the pop industry.The Swedish singer hated the way she was grouped in with other female stars after the success of...

10th July 2010 10:01

Robert Pattinson's Understanding Co-stars

Robert Pattinson thinks his 'Twilight' co-stars are the only people who truly understand him.The actor - who became an overnight sensation after...

10th July 2010 14:00

Fan Dies At Scotland's T In The Park Festival

Tragedy struck as Scotland's T in the Park festival launched on Friday (09Jul10) after one reveller collapsed and died.The 24 year old was making his...

10th July 2010 14:11

N'fa To Release Ledger Track

Rapper N'FA is preparing to officially release HEATH LEDGER's final work as a music video director - more than two years after the actor's death.The...

10th July 2010 14:11

Giants To Honour Garcia On 15th Anniversary Of His Death

JERRY GARCIA's GRATEFUL DEAD bandmates will honour the 15th anniversary of the rocker's death by performing the STAR SPANGLED BANNER at the San...

10th July 2010 14:11

Prince Enjoying Stress-free Album Giveaway

PRINCE is relieved to be giving away his new album through European newspapers - insisting there's "no stress" in releasing 20TEN for free.The Purple...

10th July 2010 14:11

Fears For Jailbound Lohan's Cigarette Habit

Friends are urging LINDSAY LOHAN to stamp out her tobacco habit before she heads behind bars - because smoking is banned in the prison where she'll...

10th July 2010 14:11

Lindemulder Wants James To Stay In California

JESSE JAMES' custody battle with his ex-wife has taken another twist - JANINE LINDEMULDER is asking a judge to ban the shamed mechanic from moving to...

10th July 2010 14:11

The Things They Say 17272

"Now I have a high bar. I love being in control of how I date, who I date, when I date. My new thing is, nothing pops off until the fifth date."...

10th July 2010 14:11

The Things They Say 17271

"I thought that they wanted me out. I had no idea that Joan (Jett) was upset that I left, and I couldn't listen to the Runaways' music for over 20...

10th July 2010 14:11

The Things They Say 17270

"I thought I had it figured out: 'I'm going to be this great pop star, be married, have babies.'" Singer JESSICA SIMPSON admits she didn't expect to...

10th July 2010 14:11

Recovering Addict Rossi Is Whisky Boss

STATUS QUO frontman FRANCIS ROSSI has become the boss of a whisky company - more than a decade after overcoming his alcohol addiction.The teetotal...

10th July 2010 14:11

Queen Latifah Defends New Jersey Reality Shows

QUEEN LATIFAH is proud of the controversial reality shows filmed in her native New Jersey, branding the programmes' stars kind and "neighbourly".The...

10th July 2010 14:11

Tennant's Costly Doctor Who Sacrifice

Actor DAVID TENNANT's bank balance took a hit when he gave up DOCTOR WHO for a Shakespeare role - the decision cost him $1.6 million (£1 million),...

10th July 2010 14:12

Rutherford Is Officially Divorced

GOSSIP GIRL star KELLY RUTHERFORD's nightmare divorce battle is over - her split from ex-beau DANIEL GIERSCH has been made official.The actress filed...

10th July 2010 14:12

Aames Working On A Cruise Ship

Former child star WILLIE AAMES has set sail on the high seas in a bid to get his career back on track - he's working as an assistant director on a...

10th July 2010 14:12

Franco Felt Like 'Impostor' On General Hospital

Actor JAMES FRANCO struggled with his stint on U.S. soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL, insisting he felt like "an impostor" on the set.The Spider-Man star...

10th July 2010 14:12

The Things They Say 17273

"I was actually quite a cool kid. I was not tough. I was certainly independent and bold. I was never teased. I never had any trouble from anybody....

10th July 2010 14:12

The Things They Say 17274

"I don't like to work out, if you really wanna know the truth." One-time fitness icon JANE FONDA insists she's not a gym fan.

10th July 2010 14:12

Screen Spy Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne wants to play a Russian spy on the big screen.The TV star is fascinated by the recent news about suspected Russian spy Anna Chapman -...

10th July 2010 17:00

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