23rd May 2010

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Alexandra Burke Ditches Diets

Alexandra Burke doesn't believe in dieting.The 'Bad Boys' hitmaker insists she eats whatever she wants and has an equally relaxed approach to...

23rd May 2010 5:45

Renee Zellweger Walks Sick Dog

Renee Zellweger made her boyfriend Bradley Cooper's dog sick on set. The 'Bridget Jones' Diary' actress - who has been dating the actor since the...

23rd May 2010 5:45

Dwayne Johnson Teased Over Fairy Role

Dwayne Johnson's wrestling fans have teased him for playing a tooth fairy. The grappler-turned-actor - who stars in new fantasy film 'The Tooth...

23rd May 2010 6:46

Josh Holloway Can't Wait For Old Age.

Josh Holloway thinks he's a 70-year-old beer-drinking man.The 40-year-old actor loves the thought of growing older and being able to relax because it...

23rd May 2010 9:30

Gemma Arterton Teased By Jake

Jake Gyllenhaal called Gemma Arterton a "commoner".The pair formed a strong bond while working together on 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' and...

23rd May 2010 9:46

Slash Blasts Rock Scene

Slash thinks there is "nothing positive" about the current rock scene.The legendary guitarist admits he is unhappy about the lack of "spirit" in the...

23rd May 2010 10:02

Jake Gyllenhaal's British Fear

Jake Gyllenhaal was scared of taking on a British accent.The US actor has finally overcome his fear he would be unable to pull of an English dialect...

23rd May 2010 14:02

Rihanna Considers Adoption

RIHANNA is contemplating adopting a child in the future - because she's terrified of giving birth.The Umbrella singer has opened up about her future...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Knight Had No Gun In Police Search - Report

A representative for MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT has dismissed reports the rap mogul was in possession of a gun when he was arrested on Thursday...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Gaga Tested For Lupus

LADY GAGA has undergone testing to determine if she suffers from lupus, the genetic disease which killed her aunt.The Poker Face singer has sought...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Irons Worries About Overpopulation

JEREMY IRONS fears mankind will be hit with a devastating disease, insisting it is nature's way of curbing the population explosion.The Betrayal...

23rd May 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 16621

"I'm body confident and I don't really have to work for it which will make people annoyed. But it's kind of true!" Fit at 41, KYLIE MINOGUE insists...

23rd May 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 16620

"Working on this film helped me to heal - it was very cathartic. The tears I cried in this film were real and from a special place. I had a job to do...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Jay Kay Accused Of Foul-mouthed Tirade

JAMIROQUAI star JAY KAY has been accused of threatening a pet breeder in a foul-mouthed phone rant about his dog last week (ends16May10).The singer...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Jagger Addresses Exile Drug Use

SIR MICK JAGGER has defended the drug use captured in 40-year-old footage of the ROLLING STONES in a new documentary, insisting "excess was the order...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Fascinating Fact 9356

NUMB3RS star DAVID KRUMHOLTZ and actress VANESSA BRITTING married in a New York City ceremony on Saturday (22May10). The couple became engaged in...

23rd May 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 16622

"I have a funny girl fetish. When women are funny, that's sexy to me... When I was a kid, I used to watch Lucy with a boner. I was like, 'Yeah, I...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Campbell Given All-clear For Haiti Trip

NAOMI CAMPBELL has been given permission to fly to Haiti after a previously planned trip was called off due to an outbreak of malaria.The supermodel...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Hamilton Charged Over Road Stunt

Racing driver LEWIS HAMILTON has been charged over a stunt he performed on a public road ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in March (10).The Formula...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Hill Suffered After Day In The Life Of Diddy

JONAH HILL struggled to focus on the first day of filming new comedy GET HIM TO THE GREEK after his co-star SEAN COMBS insisted on showing the actor...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Watson Clears Up Dating Rumours

HARRY POTTER star EMMA WATSON has dismissed reports she's dating Spanish rocker RAFAEL CEBRIAN, telling fans she is currently a single woman.The...

23rd May 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 16623

"I'm so sad because I wish they would make Shreks until people just threw up... I would do it forever." EDDIE MURPHY is upset the Shrek film...

23rd May 2010 14:06

Rihanna Fears Birth

Rihanna is scared of child birth.The 'Rude Boy' singer wants to have a baby one day but admits the reality of labour and the delivery terrifies...

23rd May 2010 17:01

Parton Offers Admission Fees From Dollywood To Flood Victims

Country legend DOLLY PARTON will donate all the net admission proceeds from her Dollywood themepark in Tennessee over the weekend (22-23May10) to...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Will.i.am Has 'Secret Girlfriend'

WILL.I.AM's mum has fuelled further speculation about the rapper's love life amid reports he's dating U.K. singer CHERYL COLE, admitting the BLACK...

23rd May 2010 23:06

New Pussycat Dolls Line-up Unveiled

THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS creator ROBIN ANTIN has introduced four new members to the girl group to back singer NICOLE SCHERZINGER.The famed choreographer,...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Trump: 'Bret Michaels Is A Real Fighter'

Business tycoon-turned-reality TV star DONALD TRUMP has become a big fan of his CELEBRITY APPRENTICE contestant BRET MICHAELS - because the rocker is...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Bardem & Binoche Triumph At Cannes

Oscar winners JAVIER BARDEM and JULIETTE BINOCHE added major trophies to their collections on Sunday (23May10) when the two European stars landed the...

23rd May 2010 23:06

The Things They Say 16624

"You know what I spend most of my money on? Disappearing. I hate the paparazzi. Because the truth is - no matter what people tell you - you can...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Workaholic Gaga Blasts 'Lazy' Bands

LADY GAGA has taken aim at her "lazy" pop star contemporaries who release albums every other year, insisting she is busy writing new songs daily.The...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Stones Return To Top Of U.k. Album Chart

THE ROLLING STONES have stormed to the top of the U.K. album chart for the first time in 16 years.The classic rockers' Exile on Main Street album,...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Lohan Back In Los Angeles

LINDSAY LOHAN has returned to Los Angeles, where she faces jail time after missing a mandatory probation hearing on Thursday (20May10).The actress...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Davis Feared Set Fall

KRISTEN DAVIS feared she'd fall flat on her face while filming a camel 'stunt' for the SEX AND THE CITY sequel - because the men responsible for...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Brand's Dad Won't Attend Perry Nuptials

RUSSELL BRAND has reportedly dealt his dad a blow by omitting him from the guest list for his wedding to KATY PERRY.The Forgetting Sarah Marshall...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Tequila Seeks Rehab Help On Tv Show

Internet pin-up, reality TV star and singer TILA TEQUILA has signed up to star on the new season of CELEBRITY REHAB in a bid to clean up her act...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Survivor Producer Goes Missing In Mexico After Wife's Death

U.S. reality TV producer BRUCE BERESFORD-REDMAN has gone missing six weeks after his wife was found dead in a sewer near the hotel where the couple...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Baseball Star Lima Dead At 37

Beloved baseball star JOSE LIMA died on Saturday (22May10) just hours after he attended a tribute to his career at the Los Angeles Dodgers.The 37...

23rd May 2010 23:06

The Things They Say 16627

"I can have as many falafels and chips as I can eat." SIR BEN KINGSLEY jokes about how he's getting paid for his role in upcoming action film PRINCE...

23rd May 2010 23:06

The Things They Say 16626

"He's my local MP (Member of Parliament)... He's my man. I live in Oxfordshire and he's the MP for Witney, and I'm delighted... His wife's pretty...

23rd May 2010 23:06

The Things They Say 16625

"I was really fortunate because I was not a great student - not even close - and I was really blessed with a daughter who's an amazing student. She...

23rd May 2010 23:06

Shrek Slays U.s. Box Office Competition

SHREK FOREVER AFTER is bringing in the green after ending IRON MAN 2's reign as America's box office champion.The animated 3D movie took in $71.3...

23rd May 2010 23:06

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