11th April 2010

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Heidi Range's Crying Boyfriend

Heidi Range's fiance cries to impress her.TV presenter Dave Berry - who proposed to the Sugababes star earlier this year - tries to show his softer...

11th April 2010 5:45

'Ruffian' Shia Labeouf

Shia LaBeouf has a "dark side".The 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' actor - who is dating actress Carey Mulligan - could never be as squeaky-clean...

11th April 2010 5:45

Robert Downey Jr Loves Having On Set Wife

Robert Downey Jr. loves working with his wife.The actor - who married producer Susan Levin in 2005, two years after they met on the set of 'Gothika'...

11th April 2010 6:46

Pilot Girlfriend Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank surprised her boyfriend by giving him a lift during one of her flight lessons.The actress - who recently portrayed aviator Amelia...

11th April 2010 9:30

Billie Piper's Musical Dream

Billie Piper wants to star in a musical.The 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' actress - who shot to fame when she released the single 'Because We Want...

11th April 2010 9:30

Carey Mulligan Just Says No To Drugs

Carey Mulligan has never taken drugs.The 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' actress has no interest in illegal substances, and doesn't think she'd be...

11th April 2010 9:46

Chipmunk's Kanye Praise

Chipmunk claims Kanye West's fashion sense changed hip-hop.The 'Chip Diddy Chip' hitmaker - whose real name is Jahmaal Noel Fyffe - is inspired by...

11th April 2010 10:01

Grateful Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton will always be grateful for her Oscar win.The 'I Am Love' star was given the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 2008 for her role...

11th April 2010 14:01

Lopez Not Sure About Love?

JENNIFER LOPEZ has written a song for her twin two year olds but fears it's too personal to release.The ballad Love? is a big hit at home, but the...

11th April 2010 14:50

Chilli Is Always Faithful In Love

TLC star ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS has never been unfaithful in a relationship - because she thinks cheating on a partner would take "too much...

11th April 2010 14:50

Connery Leads Tributes To Scottish Singer Mckellar

SIR SEAN CONNERY has paid tribute to Scottish tenor KENNETH MCKELLAR, who has died at the age of 82.The star passed away at his daughter Jane's home...

11th April 2010 14:50

Banderas: 'Griffith Is Winning Addiction Battle'

ANTONIO BANDERAS has praised his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH for showing courage in her ongoing battle with addiction.The Mask of Zorro star married...

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16079

"We write it, we mix it, we produce it. It's like ABBA - we're the younger version of ABBA." N-DUBZ star DAPPY compares the British hip-hop group to...

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16078

"There are people building houses and having babies based on me not getting tired." Country star KENNY CHESNEY has a lot of people depending on his...

11th April 2010 14:50

Van Dyke Has Red Hot Fun With Chili Peppers Star Smith On Kids Album

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer CHAD SMITH has teamed up with beloved MARY POPPINS star DICK VAN DYKE for a new children's album.The rocker plays drums...

11th April 2010 14:50

Stone Strips Off For Peta

JOSS STONE has bared all for a new animal rights campaign - in a bid to ban black bear pelts worn by royal guards in the U.K.The You Had Me hitmaker...

11th April 2010 14:50

Gaga Thrills Newlyweds

LADY GAGA delighted a pair of newlyweds on their big day - by posing alongside the couple in their wedding pictures.The Poker Face singer was on her...

11th April 2010 14:50

Lucas' Lawyers Target 'Star Wars Toy'

Lawyers representing GEORGE LUCAS' production company are taking aim at toy manufacturers who are allegedly selling unauthorised reproductions of a...

11th April 2010 14:50

Mcavoy To Take A Break From Films

JAMES MCAVOY is turning his back on Hollywood blockbusters - because wants to focus on forging a stage career in his native Britain.The Atonement...

11th April 2010 14:50

Johnson Defends 11-Year-old's Tough Language In New Movie

British actor AARON JOHNSON has fired back at critics upset about the fact an 11-year-old girl uses foul language in his new movie KICK-ASS,...

11th April 2010 14:50

Cheyne Denies Blame In Henry & French Split

A woman who spent the night with LENNY HENRY 11 years ago has denied she is to blame for his split from wife DAWN FRENCH.The Harry Potter funnywoman...

11th April 2010 14:50

Carter Dies

Actress DIXIE CARTER has died at the age of 70.Carter, best known for her role in hit sitcom Designing Women, passed away on Saturday (10Apr10). Her...

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16084

"I just didn't want it on demand in a hotel room. It was a bit of a nightmare, and an expensive 14 minutes, but, at the end of the day, it was...

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16083

"He's black and white... The only time you see his white side is when he's dancing." Comedian MARTIN LAWRENCE on U.S. President BARACK OBAMA.

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16082

"There's not enough money in the world to get me singing again. I would be happy to turn down a million." British actress, and former pop star,...

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16081

"I took her to the spot where we fell in love. I was so nervous, I forgot my dress pants, my shoes!" BROTHERS & SISTERS star DAVE ANNABLE made a mess...

11th April 2010 14:50

The Things They Say 16080

"One night we ended up having a little too much fun and not remembering a whole lot. The details I do remember are kind of random, like Fear &...

11th April 2010 14:50

Kelis' Godly Childbirth

Kelis believes faith helped her give birth. The 'Acapella' singer, who has nine-month-old son Knight from her former marriage to rapper Nas, admits...

11th April 2010 17:01

Gaga Preaches Celibacy

Celibate LADY GAGA is urging her fans not to sleep around, insisting it's "not really cool" to have various sex partners.The Poker Face singer is...

11th April 2010 23:55

Rose Grateful No One Was Hurt In Venue Collapse

AXL ROSE is relieved no one was hurt in a stage collapse which prompted GUNS N' ROSES to cancel a concert in San Jose, Costa Rica on Friday...

11th April 2010 23:55

Jackson's Former Sidekick Sues For Estate Cash

MICHAEL JACKSON's long-serving publicist/manager RAYMONE BAIN has joined the list of creditors seeking cash from the King of Pop's estate.Bain, who...

11th April 2010 23:55

Lopez: 'Gay Fans Know How To Party At Concerts'

JENNIFER LOPEZ is urging her straight fans to check out more of her gay concerts - to learn how to party.The Waiting For Tonight singer often plays...

11th April 2010 23:55

Chesney Treats Grandma To First Flight

KENNY CHESNEY recently treated his grandmother to her first flight - and the whole adventure was caught on camera for the OPRAH show.TV presenter...

11th April 2010 23:55

Former Chili Peppers Star Frusciante Is Top Guitarist

Former RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS star JOHN FRUSCIANTE has been named the greatest guitarist of the last 30 years.The musician left the rock band after...

11th April 2010 23:55

Depp Defends Pirates Movies

JOHNNY DEPP is adamant his decision to continue the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise was not motivated by money - insisting he "loves" his...

11th April 2010 23:55

Monaghan Joins Soccer Hero Beckham On The Injury List

LORD OF THE RINGS star DOMINIC MONAGHAN is hobbling around Hollywood after breaking his foot while surfing.According to the actor's publicist, the...

11th April 2010 23:55

Hollywood 'Bling Ring' Mystify Police By Stealing Heirlooms

The Los Angeles cop spearheading the campaign to track down the teenage burglars targeting the homes of stars like ORLANDO BLOOM and PARIS HILTON is...

11th April 2010 23:55

Embattled Dick Asked To Leave Winery

Comedian ANDY DICK was kicked out of a winery in Temecula, California on Friday (09Apr10) for drunken behaviour.TMZ.com reports the Reality Bites...

11th April 2010 23:55

James Loses Tv Show

Reality TV star JESSE JAMES' alleged cheating scandal has cost him his hit U.S. show.Jesse James is a Dead Man will not return for a second season on...

11th April 2010 23:55

The Things They Say 16086

"I'm not here to replace anyone. Miley is such a sweetheart. There is no feud! There's nothing going on!" SELENA GOMEZ laughs off speculation she's...

11th April 2010 23:55

The Things They Say 16085

"Someone to play me? Probably Chuck Norris!" JUSTIN BIEBER is convinced his action idol would be perfect to play the teen star in a future biopic of...

11th April 2010 23:55

The Things They Say 16089

"On my way here today I had to stop and get my leg and pubic hair ripped out so that I could wear a hooker costume later in a sketch that won't even...

11th April 2010 23:55

The Things They Say 16088

"At my age why am I working so hard, people ask? Three or four years ago I was constantly saying to myself, 'You don't need to act, there are other...

11th April 2010 23:55

The Things They Say 16087

"I've actually worked with Justin Bieber before - he was one of the babies in Baby Mama, two years ago." Actress/comedienne TINA FEY pokes fun at her...

11th April 2010 23:55

Date Night Wins Titans Clash

STEVE CARELL and TINA FEY's comedy DATE NIGHT has edged out CLASH OF THE TITANS to top the U.S. box office by an estimated $200,000 (£125,000).The...

11th April 2010 23:55

Momsen 'Done' With Gossip Girl

Actress TAYLOR MOMSEN has fuelled reports she has quit hit TV show GOSSIP GIRL, telling reporters she's "done" with the programme.Reports suggest...

11th April 2010 23:55

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