6th June 2009

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Jackson Is 'Thrilled' With 50-Date Comeback

The promoters behind MICHAEL JACKSON's comeback have slammed reports the pop superstar is angry he has been signed to perform 50 London...

6th June 2009 1:30

Nbc Footage 'Proves Cohen Is Innocent Of Assault'

Movie bosses have blasted a lawsuit against comedian SACHA BARON COHEN, insisting video evidence proves he never touched the woman he's accused of...

6th June 2009 1:30

Carradine's Attorney Believes He Was Murdered

DAVID CARRADINE's lawyer is calling on Thai authorities to launch a murder investigation, because she believes the actor was killed and his death...

6th June 2009 1:30

Naked Violinist Is Back... With Her Clothes On

Violinist LARA ST. JOHN has vowed to keep her clothes on - 13 years after she stunned the classical world by posing naked on the cover of her debut...

6th June 2009 1:30

Stryper Rocker Marries Ex-prostitute

American rocker OZ FOX married his former prostitute fiancee on Friday (5Jun09) in a Las Vegas ceremony.The wedding, at the Church of Las Vegas, was...

6th June 2009 1:30

Nirvana Rocker Runs For Office

Former NIRVANA bassist KRIST NOVOSELIC is running for office in his native Washington to protest the way the state elects officials.The grunge legend...

6th June 2009 1:30

50 Cent Settles House Battle

Rap superstar 50 CENT has finally settled a long legal battle with an engineering company he accused of misleading him over his purchase of MIKE...

6th June 2009 1:30

Shih Kien Dies

Chinese movie star SHIH KIEN has died at the age of 96.Shih will be best remembered for his role as Bruce Lee's rival in hit 1973 movie Enter the...

6th June 2009 1:30

Reitman Mulls Over Ghostbusters 3 Offer

GHOSTBUSTERS director IVAN REITMAN is considering returning to direct the long-awaited third installment of the spooky movie franchise.Original stars...

6th June 2009 1:30

Petty Charged Over D.u.i.

Actress LORI PETTY has been hit with three misdemeanour charges following her arrest for driving under the influence last weekend (30May09).The Tank...

6th June 2009 1:30

Nine Year Old Slumdog Star Writes Memoir

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star RUBINA ALI is writing her life-story - at the age of nine.Ali was plucked from the slums of Mumbai, India to star in Danny...

6th June 2009 1:30

Adele's Grammy Gum

Adele's mother was furious when her daughter won a Grammy - because she was chewing gum when she went to collect her award.The 'Chasing Pavements'...

6th June 2009 4:45

Peacemaker Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams settles all the arguments in Take That.The 'Angels' singer - who quit the group in 1995 to pursue a solo career - is now the mediator...

6th June 2009 4:45

'Oddball' Robyn

Robyn was viewed as an "oddball" in Sweden.The Scandinavian singer found it difficult to be accepted in her home country and knew she would have to...

6th June 2009 4:45

Iggy Pop Blasts Brainy Rockers

Iggy Pop hates rock stars who "think they've got brains".The legendary singer - dubbed 'the godfather of punk' for the sound he created with garage...

6th June 2009 7:00

Megan Fox Hates News

Megan Fox thinks news is "mindless bulls**t."The 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen' actress has no interest in watching world events on TV, and is...

6th June 2009 9:00

Ashley Tisdale Admires Alba Curves

Ashley Tisdale thinks Jessica Alba has the perfect figure.The 'High School Musical' star thinks shapely women are "beautiful" and she would love to...

6th June 2009 9:00

Channing Tatum Puts Neck On The Line

Channing Tatum's neck stops him getting film roles.The actor struggles to land serious parts because his well-built appearance is more suited to...

6th June 2009 9:00

Dogface And Halfwit Become Housemates

Sophie and Freddie have changed their names to 'Dogface' and 'Halfwit' to become housemates. The pair legally renamed themselves by signing a deed...

6th June 2009 9:54

'Big Brother's Got Talent

'Big Brother' housemates staged a talent contest last night (05.06.09). A 'Britain's Got Talent' style showcase was staged by the reality TV hopefuls...

6th June 2009 9:59

'Womaniser' Sree Dasari

'Big Brother' virgin Sree Dasari is a "womaniser".Friends of the Indian contestant say despite his claims to the show's producers he is a virgin and...

6th June 2009 12:32

Beinazir To Have Arranged Marriage

Beinazir Lasharie says her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her. The Pakistan born 'Big Brother' contestant revealed last night...

6th June 2009 12:35

David Carradine Murdered?

'Kill Bill' star David Carradine's manager claims he was murdered in a Thai hotel earlier this week. The 72-year-old actor was hanging found naked in...

6th June 2009 12:54

Sharp Dressed Pauper Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke never stopped wearing designer clothes when he was broke. The US actor – who recently made a comeback in 'The Wrestler' after his...

6th June 2009 13:04

Spector's Wife Speaks Out

PHIL SPECTOR's wife RACHELLE SHORT has slammed the shamed star's treatment in prison - insisting inmates are treated "worse than animals".The...

6th June 2009 14:00

Spears Settles Ex-manager's Lawsuit

BRITNEY SPEARS has settled a lawsuit brought against her by a former manager who accused the pop star of failing to pay him commission.Spears was...

6th June 2009 14:00

De Ravin Splits From Husband

LOST star EMILIE DE RAVIN's three-year marriage to actor JOSH JANOWICZ is over.The couple, both 27, dated for four years before marrying in her...

6th June 2009 14:00

De Niro Accosted By Drunk Fan

Police were called to the set of ROBERT DE NIRO's new film in Michigan on Friday (05Jun09) after the star was accosted by a drunken female fan.The...

6th June 2009 14:00

The Things They Say 12517

"I did pay for a lapdance for my father once, at the Crazy Horse bar in Fort Lauderdale (Florida). But I had to look away. I averted my gaze." Rocker...

6th June 2009 14:00

Lady Gaga Gets Close To Lover In Hawaii

LADY GAGA has quashed rumours she has broken up with her entrepreneur boyfriend - the pair was spotted kissing on a beach in Hawaii on Wednesday...

6th June 2009 14:00

Usher & Akon Honour Young People In New York

Stars including USHER, AKON and rap mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS were on hand to present special prizes to inspirational youngsters at the Do Something...

6th June 2009 14:00

The Lemonheads Sue Car Company

Rockers THE LEMONHEADS have filed suit against bosses at General Motors accusing the car company of using their music without permission.The lawsuit...

6th June 2009 14:00

The Things They Say 12518

"There's something sexy and wild about being that blonde." JESSICA BIEL loved sporting golden locks for her new movie EASY VIRTUE.

6th June 2009 14:00

Mckellen Campaigns For Older Actresses

SIR IAN MCKELLEN has launched a campaign urging theatre bosses to stage more plays with parts for older actresses - because veteran stars are often...

6th June 2009 14:00

Laurie's Suicide Pact

HOUSE star HUGH LAURIE made a suicide pact with his friends as a teenager - they all vowed to end their lives shortly before their 40th birthday.The...

6th June 2009 14:00

Aussie Soap Hit With Sex And Drugs Scandal

Australian soap opera HOME AND AWAY has been rocked by scandal after two cast members were caught up in separate incidents involving sex and...

6th June 2009 14:00

Busson Vows To Work On Thurman Marriage

UMA THURMAN's fiance ARPAD BUSSON has promised to do everything he can to make their marriage work - because they are too old to play games.The...

6th June 2009 14:00

Security Guard Charged For Shoving Seymour

A security guard has been charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly shoving former supermodel STEPHANIE SEYMOUR into a door at her Connecticut...

6th June 2009 14:00

The Things They Say 12519

"I looked like Attila the Hun on acid. When my wife had said to me 'You need to change and you need help', she was right". MICKEY ROURKE's ex-wife...

6th June 2009 14:00

Phil Spector's Wife Misses Sex

Phil Spector's wife misses their sex life. Rachelle Spector - who at 28 is 41 years younger than her husband - revealed she has been pining for him...

6th June 2009 14:04

'Big Brother's Dunking Challenge

'Big Brother' has set the remaining seven non-housemates a biscuit dunking challenge.To officially be inducted to the show, contestants must all...

6th June 2009 15:41

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