24th January 2009

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Lily Allen Was Baby Bait For Dad's Drug Business

Pop star LILY ALLEN was introduced to a life of crime at just eight years old when her actor father KEITH ALLEN used her cute looks to help him sell...

24th January 2009 1:32

50 To Team Up With Cage In Prison Drama

50 CENT's first big screen project under his new film production banner will team the rapper up with action movie veteran NICOLAS CAGE. The rap star...

24th January 2009 1:32

Franklin Gives Obama Father's Sermons

ARETHA FRANKLIN has gifted America's new President, BARACK OBAMA, with a bound collection of her civil rights leader father's most inspiring...

24th January 2009 1:32

Hilton Goes Ga-ga Over Lady Gaga

PARIS HILTON is keen to end reports of a feud with Trans-Atlantic chart-topper LADY GAGA - by recording a new tune with the JUST DANCE hitmaker. ...

24th January 2009 1:32

The Things They Say 10877

"People assume that because I went to PRINCE CHARLES' old school for six months, I must be well educated. I went to 13 different schools between...

24th January 2009 1:32

Slash Gets The Ok To Sue Realtor Over House Drama

Rocker SLASH and his wife have been given permission to pursue a lawsuit against a realtor who allegedly conned them into buying a Hollywood Hills...

24th January 2009 1:32

Hanks Apologises For Bashing Mormons

Actor TOM HANKS has apologised to the Mormon community, after slamming some followers "un-American" for backing the gay marriage ban in California. ...

24th January 2009 1:32

Neeson Goes To War With Pink And Hynde Over Carriage Controversy

LIAM NEESON is squaring up against celebrity animal rights campaigners PINK and CHRISSIE HYNDE over New York's famous horse-drawn carriages. The...

24th January 2009 1:32

Travolta 'Family Friend' Detained In Extortion Plot Investigation

The Bahamas former Minister of Tourism has been detained by police for his part in an alleged plot to extort money from movie star JOHN TRAVOLTA. ...

24th January 2009 1:32

The Things They Say 10878

"Maybe I can afford to book (comedian) DAVE CHAPPELLE at the baby shower now." Pregnant M.I.A. hopes her Best Song Oscar nomination for SLUMDOG...

24th January 2009 1:32

Jade Jagger Follows In Dad's Musical Footsteps

SIR MICK JAGGER's daughter JADE is following in the ROLLING STONES star's footsteps, by launching her own music career. After quitting her job as a...

24th January 2009 1:32

The Things They Say 10879

"It's the first time I've been sat with four women, and there's not loud music and I haven't got a drink in both my hands." MICKEY ROURKE during an...

24th January 2009 1:32

Winfrey Has High Praise For Actress Who Took Her Role In Doubt

OPRAH WINFREY has faced off with the actress who took the role she wanted to play in DOUBT just a day after her Oscar nomination was announced. Talk...

24th January 2009 1:32

Bunchen And Brady 'Not Engaged'

Supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN has dismissed reports she and American football star TOM BRADY are engaged. The pair has been subjected to repeated...

24th January 2009 1:32

Sheen: 'I Was A Drunken, Raging Monster'

Actor MARTIN SHEEN is set to destroy his good-guy image in a shocking new book, which will expose his past booze-fuelled rages and alcohol problems. ...

24th January 2009 1:32

The Things They Say 10881

"I was screaming at the projectionist all the time; I was like, 'Focus!' And then somebody handed me a pair of glasses." JIM CARREY on his new...

24th January 2009 1:32

The Things They Say 10880

"We just had a pizza party. We sat around on the couch and sorta ate pizza, watched SPONGEBOB (SQUARE PANTS), scratched ourselves." BRENDAN FRASER on...

24th January 2009 1:32

Three Detained Over Plot To Extort From John Travolta

An ambulance driver and two politicians have been detained over an alleged extortion plot against John Travolta.Paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and...

24th January 2009 8:58

Nice To Be Back, Says Jonathan Ross After Radio Return

Jonathan Ross has remarked it was "nice to be back" on Radio 2, as he made his return to the airwaves following a three-month suspension.The...

24th January 2009 12:48

Madonna Returning To Road With Sticky + Sweet?

Pop queen MADONNA is reportedly gearing up to hit the road again with her Sticky + Sweet tour following the phenomenal success of her global jaunt in...

24th January 2009 14:12

Trujillo's Family Gang Warfare

Family get-togethers were dangerous affairs for METALLICA rocker ROBERT TRUJILLO growing up - his cousins were all in rival California gangs. The...

24th January 2009 14:12

Cronin Reveals Heartbreak Over Hewitt Split

Former L.F.O. frontman RICH CRONIN has spoken out about his failed fling with actress JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT - insisting he was "the girl" in their...

24th January 2009 14:12

Winehouse Faces Label Crisis Talks

Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE's record label has sent an official to her luxurious Caribbean resort in an attempt to straighten out her hedonistic...

24th January 2009 14:12

Cruise Quizzed Over Flatulence Habits On U.k. Tv

TOM CRUISE suffered another red-faced TV appearance on Friday night (23Jan09) - after he was forced to sing and was quizzed about his flatulence...

24th January 2009 14:12

Freeman Still Paralysed

Actor MORGAN FREEMAN's hand is still paralysed from a car accident he was involved in last year (08) - and it's keeping him from the skies. The Dark...

24th January 2009 14:12

Boyle Urged To Share Oscar Nod

A leading U.S. women's campaigner has launched an online protest demanding SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE filmmaker DANNY BOYLE shares this year's (09) Best...

24th January 2009 14:12

Fascinating Fact 6698

Actor RHYS IFANS' band THE PETH will support OASIS on their forthcoming U.K. stadium tour. The band will play at the WONDERWALL rockers' Cardiff...

24th January 2009 14:12

Allen Demands Good Sex From Her Men

LILY ALLEN has set the bar high for potential lovers - if they don't satisfy her in bed, she'll dump them. The British singer admits she has no time...

24th January 2009 14:12

The Things They Say 10882

'It gets hard sometimes. You know, everyone in life needs and wants a little privacy - especially living in L.A. There are a lot of paparazzi that...

24th January 2009 14:12

Ab Fab New Pilot For Fox Tv

Cult British comedy ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS is getting a makeover for American TV. Bosses at America's Fox network have signed to make a U.S. version of...

24th January 2009 14:12

Henson: 'I'm Out Of Work'

Oscar-nominated actress TARAJI P. HENSON is desperately searching for her next role - because there are no movie offers on the horizon. The Curious...

24th January 2009 14:12

Rourke Still Hasn't Seen The Wrestler

MICKEY ROURKE still hasn't seen his Golden Globe-winning and Oscar nominated performance in THE WRESTLER, because he hates seeing himself onscreen. ...

24th January 2009 14:12

Ringwald Pregnant With Twins

Actress MOLLY RINGWALD is preparing for double trouble - she's expecting twins. The Breakfast Club star, 40, has announced she is pregnant with a...

24th January 2009 14:12

Cruz Wants To Win Oscar For Spain

PENELOPE CRUZ is eager to get her hands on an Oscar after she received an Academy Awards nod on Thursday (22Jan09) - insisting she wants to "bring it...

24th January 2009 14:12

Fascinating Fact 6699

Before he became an actor BRENDAN FRASER tried out jobs as a paper boy, valet, bus boy and balloon toy expert.

24th January 2009 14:12

Five Million Tune In For Jonathan Ross Tv Return

An estimated five million people watched Jonathan Ross' television comeback after his three-month suspension.A peak of 5.1 million people saw the...

24th January 2009 15:22

Noel Gallagher Attacker Facing 14-Year Prison Sentence

A man who pushed Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher at a concert in Toronto could be jailed for 14 years after his charge was upgraded.Gallagher, 41,...

24th January 2009 16:16

Kelly Osbourne Checks Into Rehab For Third Time

Television presenter Kelly Osbourne has admitted herself to rehab for the third time, her mother has confirmed.The daughter of rock legend Ozzy...

24th January 2009 18:27

Prince Harry And Girlfriend Chelsy Davy Split

Prince Harry has split from his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, it is believed.The couple have parted amicably, it is believed, after they held discussions...

24th January 2009 19:00

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