2008 - like any other 12 months in showbiz - has been a year of blockbusters and flops, marriages and divorces, meltdowns and comebacks.
As a global financial crisis and an American Presidential election threatened to dominate headlines, our favourite stars have stepped up to trump anything politicians could manage.
Whether it's twin baby-making machines Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie; Madonna and Guy Ritchie's slow-crumbling marriage; or a rollercoaster year-in-the-life of Britney Spears - the stars have kept us on the edge of our seats all year.
As the year comes to an end, it's time to celebrate the big winners - so we've joined forces with AOL's PopEater.com website to ask our readers who they want to honour in 2008.
An incredible 150,000 people clicked their mouse, and here's who they chose:
Actress of the Year - Nicole Kidman
Kidman's performance in the epic Australia failed to win over movie critics - but film fans were impressed, and have made her our Actress of 2008. The prize crowns a great year for the Aussie star, who also gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose in July (08), her first kid with husband, country music singer Keith Urban. British actress Kate Winslet landed the second spot, followed by this year's top-earning actress Angelina Jolie. Anne Hathaway trailed in at fourth, followed by Jolie's younger lookalike, Megan Fox.
Actor of the Year - Robert Downey JR.
After such a promising start to his acting career, Downey Jr. was the black sheep of Hollywood just a few short years ago. Successive arrests and spells in rehab meant no studios could get him insured to make a movie, even if they were prepared to take the risk. Someone took that risk, and he has paid them back well. The 43-year-old finally planted his flag on planet A-list in 2008 with a box office belter of a role in Iron Man.
The movie became one of the big hits of the year, and the critics loved it too. He made it from junkie drop out to all-conquering superhero in a matter of a few short years. Which is why WENN readers and visitors to PopEater.com have voted in their droves to hand Downey Jr the Actor of the Year title. More than 150,000 entertainment junkies voted, and a staggering 47 per cent plumped for the Iron Man star, leaving Leonardo DiCaprio (17 per cent), George Clooney (13 per cent), and Harrison Ford (11 per cent) trailing in his wake.
Comeback of the Year - Britney Spears
He may be the comeback king - but Downey Jr had to settle for second place in the Comeback of the Year category - trumped to the top spot by Britney Spears.
Britney started 2008 in dramatic fashion with a 4 January standoff with authorities after refusing to hand over her two sons to their father Kevin Federline.
She'll end the year with a new album, new look and well on the way to winning back the critics who had her written off just months ago.
Her achievement in dragging herself back from the pits of despair convinced internet users to crown her our comeback queen, with 35 per cent of the vote; ahead of Downey Jr. with 24 per cent and New Kids on the Block with 11 per cent. There was even a spot in the top ten for some old rockers – with AC DC and Guns N' Roses picking up nine per cent of the vote.
Movie of the Year - The Dark Knight
Mr Batman himself, Christian Bale, may be a conspicuous absentee on the Best Actor shortlist, but his powerful performance as the Dark Knight helped the movie of the same name thrill cinema goers around the world this year (08).
It smashed box office records, and topped our poll to be named Movie of the Year. Teen vampire flick Twilight came in second, followed by Iron Man, Sex and the City: The Movie, and Wall-E.
Hottest New Male - Rob Pattinson
Late newcomer Rob Pattinson has stolen this award from the hunks and studs who have toiled and struggled to look perfect and preened for the past 12 months. The brooding Brit star of vampire film Twilight swept into town in November with his unwashed hair and deep stare and stole the hearts of teenage girls across America. So much so, he won a staggering 50 per cent of the votes in the Hottest New Male category. Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was a brave contender with 40 per cent - but his teen show co-star Penn Badgley lagged behind in third with a sorry 10 per cent.
Hottest New Female - Kristen Stewart
Pattinson wasn't the only young star to use the Twilight tidal wave to sweep home a WENN/PopEater award - his co-star Kristen Stewart has topped the Hottest New Female poll, pipping Juno actress Ellen Page to the top of the pile. Gossip Girl teen Taylor Momsen managed third place.
Best Female Musician - Taylor Swift
2008 has been the year of the teens. And one of the big winners this year is country up-and-comer Taylor Swift. Her music has stormed the charts, and her love affair with Joe Jonas filled gossip columns, as well as providing her with some great material - particularly after he ditched her.
It's all been enough to convince music fans to give her the Female Musician of the Year award, helping her beat the impressive likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Madonna.
Best Male Musician - David Archuleta
Archuleta may not have impressed American Idol judges to make him this year's champ - but he'll be celebrating after beating his victor David Cook in the Best Male Musician category. He kept his rival in second place, after scoring 44 per cent of the vote, to Cook's 38 per cent. The Jonas Brothers' poor seven per cent makes it look as though their careers are in decline before they've even passed puberty; and Lil Wayne will be disappointed with just six per cent.
Best Album of the Year: Coldplay – Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
2008 wasn't all about the teens - Coldplay, now among rock's elder statesmen, returned this year with a new album, and blew away the competition. Even Beyonce's I Am.... Sasha Fierce and Katy Perry's cheeky debut One of the Boys couldn't stop Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends from stealing the Album of the Year prize, with 35 per cent of the vote, 16 per cent more than Beyonce managed. Guns N' Roses' elusive frontman Axl Rose won't have to come out of hiding to pick up any WENN/PopEater awards - his band's whimpering comeback managed just seven per cent of the votes, landing Chinese Democracy in a poor sixth place.
Couple of the Year - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
If it wasn't already, brand Brangelina has established itself as showbiz's most stomach-churningly happy couple of the year in 2008. So there was no other choice for this award. In between a few movies, and a summer vacation in the South of France, the pair managed to pop out a couple more kids, bringing their brood to six. And it seems to have created no stress or strain for this unstoppable and unflappable duo.
But they have faced competition from some of Tinseltown's top teams, all in the running for the Couple of the Year prize. Romantic weddings for Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, helped them steal second and third places. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's pairing may not have convinced tabloid critics, but our readers felt fit to offer them fourth place.
Two match-ups left wallowing at the foot of the pile are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, with a poor nine per cent of the vote between them.
The freshly outed gay couple may insist they are happily loved-up - but not everyone is sure they're the real deal.
Cruise and Holmes seem to respond to the endless rumours their marriage is a sham by making more and more public appearances looking desperately in love. After this news, we can expect them to buy TV airtime to declare their commitment to each other.