10th June 2007

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Victoria Beckham Ditches Wag Tag

Victoria Beckham has explained her recent new look is all part of a move away from the footballer's wife label.The 33-year-old was first seen...

10th June 2007 7:00

Paris Going Nowhere

Paris Hilton says she will not appeal the decision to send her back to jail.Judge Michael Sauer sent the 26-year-old millionaire heiress back to...

10th June 2007 10:41

Ono: 'Lennon Convinced Me To Keep Baby Sean'

JOHN LENNON was forced to persuade his wife YOKO ONO to keep the baby when she discovered she was pregnant in 1975, because she was ready to have an...

10th June 2007 14:41

Michael Thanks Fans For Unwavering Support

British pop star GEORGE MICHAEL thanked his fans for their continued support last night (09Jun07) as he played the first ever concert at London's new...

10th June 2007 14:41

The Things They Say 4870

"I know you're not supposed to use an iPod when flying. You should be more aware of what's going on." ENRIQUE IGLESIAS listens to music while flying...

10th June 2007 14:41

Combs Wins First Fragrance Award

Rap mogul SEAN COMBS is celebrating the success of his latest business venture - he's just won his first fragrance award. Combs teamed up with...

10th June 2007 14:41

Winehouse's Drunken Encounter With Jay-z

Soul star AMY WINEHOUSE thinks highly of rapper JAY-Z - but struggles to remember much of their first meeting because was so drunk. The British...

10th June 2007 14:41

No Doubt Break Allowed Bandmembers To 'Grow Up'

NO DOUBT guitarist TOM DUMONT is thankful for his four year break from the band, because the hiatus allowed him to mature into a family man. The...

10th June 2007 14:41

Richards: 'Rolling Stones Won't Retire As Long As We're Having Fun'

British rock legend KEITH RICHARDS has dismissed reports his band THE ROLLING STONES are near retirement, insisting they will continue rocking the...

10th June 2007 14:41

Baca Denies Hilton Donation Influenced House Arrest Decision

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has denied reports his controversial decision to let PARIS HILTON out of jail was influenced her grandfather's...

10th June 2007 14:41

Diana Photographers Sue Channel 4 For 'Stealing' Controversial Images

LATEST: The photographers who took the controversial images of British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES in her final moments are suing U.K. TV network...

10th June 2007 14:41

Hilton Learns A 'Bitter' Lesson And Withdraws Appeal

LATEST: PARIS HILTON has acknowledged the "bitter, but important lesson" her recent legal troubles have taught her - and has decided not to appeal...

10th June 2007 14:41

The Things They Say 4871

"I learned a long time ago, never have an orgasm right before you go on stage, you can't stand up properly. It's true! I know first hand..." VELVET...

10th June 2007 14:41

Joseph Favourite Wins West End Role

A star was born last night (09Jun07) as LEE MEAD was named as the winner of SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER's TV talent contest, ANY DREAM WILL DO. The...

10th June 2007 14:41

Mcgregor Plans His Next Challenge Before He Completes Africa Trip

Actor EWAN MCGREGOR has plans for a third cross-continent motorcycle trip - just days after he embarked on his latest adventure from Scotland to...

10th June 2007 14:41

Federline 'Too Busy' For Night Watch

BRITNEY SPEARS' estranged husband KEVIN FEDERLINE has dismissed reports he is to star alongside KEANU REEVES and FOREST WHITAKER in a new movie - he...

10th June 2007 14:41

Bale Dreads Filming Batman Sequel In The Summer Heat

Actor CHRISTIAN BALE is dreading filming the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS this summer - because he knows hot weather and rubber suits are a bad...

10th June 2007 14:41

Lee Lands West End Joseph Job

Lee Mead promised "a hell of a show" after winning the BBC's Any Dream Will Do contest last night.The 25-year-old from Southend-on-Sea was handed the...

10th June 2007 17:22

New Housemate Opposes New Housemates

Having been introduced to the Big Brother house on Friday night, Gerry is already moaning about the possibility of more newcomers.The 31-year-old...

10th June 2007 17:45

Rowland 'Didn't Have Time' To Cry Over Failed Engagement

R+B star KELLY ROWLAND didn't cry over her failed engagement to American footballer ROY WILLIAMS - because she was "too busy" to be sad. The Like...

10th June 2007 23:57

Lennon Skipped Dinner To See Son When He Was Shot

JOHN LENNON decided to skip dinner and return home to see his five-year-old son the night he was fatally shot outside his New York City apartment. ...

10th June 2007 23:57

Ne-yo Credits Gay Rumours For His Star Turn

R+B singer NE-YO isn't angered by rumours about his sexuality - he credits the false whispers for making him a household name. The So Sick hitmaker...

10th June 2007 23:57

Williams' Soccer Star Appeal

British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS has placed an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper appealing for budding young soccer stars to play for his team...

10th June 2007 23:57

Allen: 'Fergie Is Too Sexy'

Pop star LILY ALLEN has blasted fellow singer FERGIE for her sexy lyrics, insisting they give out the wrong message to young music fans. The Smile...

10th June 2007 23:57

Mika's Bad Credit

British pop star MIKA was left red-faced when his application for a new mobile phone was turned down - because he had no money. The singer, whose...

10th June 2007 23:57

Almond Shocked By Media Attention

Former Soft Cell singer MARC ALMOND was amazed his near-death motorcycle accident attracted so much media attention. The Tainted Love hitmaker found...

10th June 2007 23:57

Jamie Bell: 'Young Actors Are Lazy'

BILLY ELLIOT star JAMIE BELL has accused the current crop of young acting talent of being too arrogant to learn new techniques. Bell attempted...

10th June 2007 23:57

Mabius Hates Sex Scenes With Hayek

SALMA HAYEK's UGLY BETTY co-star ERIC MABIUS hated shooting sex scenes with the stunning star - because she brought her pack of dogs on set. Instead...

10th June 2007 23:57

Willis' Die Hard Character Picks Up 'Best Cop' Honour

JOHN MCCLANE, BRUCE WILLIS' character in the DIE HARD movies, has been voted the best movie cop ever. In a poll conducted by British magazine Total...

10th June 2007 23:57

Winner In Great Spirits After Beating Rare Disease

British film director MICHAEL WINNER has beaten the virus that almost killed him, after a five month battle. The 72-year-old was discharged from a...

10th June 2007 23:57

Lohan's Bodyguard: 'Lindsay Has A Deathwish'

LINDSAY LOHAN's former bodyguard fears the troubled actress's addictions will kill her. Lee Weaver, who was Lohan's minder for two years, has worked...

10th June 2007 23:57

Dawson Pities Suffering Brother

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON hates the impact her sex symbol status has on her family. The actress particularly pities her long suffering brother...

10th June 2007 23:57

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