15th April 2007

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Walsh Autobiography Lays Into X Factor Rival Cowell

Louis Walsh's forthcoming autobiography will include a no-holds barred assault on Simon Cowell, it has been revealed.According to the Daily Mirror,...

15th April 2007 7:00

Questions Raised Over Royal Split

The end of Prince William's relationship with Kate Middleton is at the centre of further media speculation today, as the Sunday papers ponder over...

15th April 2007 10:14

Sheen Settles Tv Lawsuit

Actor CHARLIE SHEEN has settled a lawsuit brought against him by a disgruntled woman who claimed a character on his hit TV show was based on her...

15th April 2007 14:21

The Things They Say 4465

"Most of my girl fans in the 80s are now probably in their early 30s with children. So at least I'll get to see a classy range on knickerwear this...

15th April 2007 14:21

Mccartney's Secret Ode To Linda

Music legend SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY will pay tribute to his late wife LINDA in the title of his new album Memory Almost Full. The title is reportedly an...

15th April 2007 14:21

Duff Defends Madden Romance As The Former Couple Become Friends

Pop star HILARY DUFF is back on speaking terms with her ex-boyfriend after he left her devastated by ending their lengthy romance last November (06)...

15th April 2007 14:21

Ferry Slammed For Nazi Appreciation

Roxy Music star BRYAN FERRY has provoked outrage by confessing he admires the Nazi propaganda machine. Ferry praised the work of propaganda...

15th April 2007 14:21

Smith Plans Rap Comeback

Hollywood superstar WILL SMITH is reuniting with his old hip-hop partner JAZZY JEFF for a world tour. The pair found fame in the 1980s and 1990s...

15th April 2007 14:21

Banda Begs Madonna For Better Communication

The father of MADONNA's adopted son DAVID BANDA is disappointed he hears so little of the baby she brought from Malawi to the UK six months ago...

15th April 2007 14:21

Spears' Bizarre Video Rant

Troubled pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has recorded a bizarre video message seemingly supporting her management's decision to force her into rehab. The...

15th April 2007 14:21

Don Ho Dies

Legendary singer DON HO has died of heart failure. He was 76. The crooner passed away in Hawaii yesterday (14Apr07) after suffering heart problems...

15th April 2007 14:21

Fascinating Fact 3117

CHRISTINA RICCI has joined the cast of the movie adaptation of cult cartoon SPEED RACER. She'll play the title character's girlfriend TRIXIE in the...

15th April 2007 14:21

The Things They Say 4466

"I've had great experiences with people I've met on films; I've married half of them. I should come with a warning sign that says, 'Don't worry, I'm...

15th April 2007 14:21

Outen Finds Love With Former Flame

British TV presenter DENISE VAN OUTEN has found love again - in the arms of the first boy she ever kissed. The Grease: You're The One That I Want...

15th April 2007 14:21

Tyson Set For Bollywood Role

Boxer MIKE TYSON has signed on for a cameo in a Bollywood promotional video. The former heavyweight boxing champion will dance to Indian pop music...

15th April 2007 14:21

Newton-john: 'No Plans For Travolta Movie'

LATEST: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN has dismissed rumours she is to reunite with Grease co-star JOHN TRAVOLTA for the upcoming Dallas movie. Earlier this...

15th April 2007 14:21

Smith's Sister Spills Drug Secrets

ANNA NICOLE SMITH was hooked on drugs 16 years before her death, according to her half-sister. Donna Hogan reveals the late Playboy model took drugs...

15th April 2007 14:21

Beckhams Want Tv Documentary Banned

DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM have threatened to sue the producers of a TV documentary which follows their look-a-likes as they fool fans in Los...

15th April 2007 14:21

Maradona 'Stable'

LATEST: Argentine soccer legend DIEGO MARADONA's condition is "clinically stable" according to the hospital he was readmitted to on Friday...

15th April 2007 14:21

Cruz 'Incomplete' Without Adopted Children

Actress PENELOPE CRUZ looks set to be the next celebrity foster mother after revealing her life would be "incomplete" without kids. Cruz, who is...

15th April 2007 14:21

Grey's Anatomy Wins Pro-gay Award

Hit show GREY'S ANATOMY has been honoured by a gay organisation despite recent criticism of its lead actor for using a homophobic slur. The show was...

15th April 2007 14:21

Kylie Minogue 'Dating 80s Singer'

Popstar Kylie Minogue is dating Scottish singer and DJ Calvin Harris, it has been claimed.The 38-year-old has been spotted spending romantic evenings...

15th April 2007 16:32

Britney Spears 'Thanks Management For Rehab'

Britney Spears has reportedly thanked her management team for forcing her to enter rehab.The Oops! I Did it Again singer spent March in a...

15th April 2007 17:12

Mccartney's Cryptic Tribute To Soul-mate Linda

The title of Sir Paul McCartney's upcoming album contains a cryptic message to the singer's late wife Linda.Memory Almost Full, due to be released...

15th April 2007 17:51

Fascinating Fact 3118

GOOD CHARLOTTE rockers BENJI and JOEL MADDEN perform Milli Vanilli's hits whenever they're invited to perform at a karaoke bar.

15th April 2007 23:36

Heaton Plans Death At 27

British pop star MICHELLE HEATON has begun planning her own funeral at the tender age of 27, after being diagnosed with a debilitating heart...

15th April 2007 23:36

Rollins Loves Unlikely Best Pal Shatner

US punk icon HENRY ROLLINS has become an unlikely best friend of STAR TREK star WILLIAM SHATNER and admits even he can't believe the match-up is for...

15th April 2007 23:36

Janet Is Jackson Family Kids' Agony Aunt

JANET JACKSON has become a family problem because she's always trying to help her nieces and nephews avoid fights with their parents when they get...

15th April 2007 23:36

Lavigne Sick Of 20-Second Celebs

Canadian pop star AVRIL LAVIGNE has hit out at 'celebrities' who are known only for "being at Hollywood clubs or dating people". The SK8ER BOI...

15th April 2007 23:36

Cowell's Girlfriend: 'I'm Not Dumping Him Over Kids'

SIMON COWELL's girlfriend TERRI SEYMOUR has hit out at reports she will dump the music mogul if he continues to refuse her children. The model/TV...

15th April 2007 23:36

Godsmack Star In Car Crash

GODSMACK frontman SULLY ERNA was involved in a car crash on Wednesday (11Apr07) that has left a 25-year-old woman in critical condition in a Boston,...

15th April 2007 23:36

Madonna To Visit Malawi Orphanages

Superstar MADONNA will visit her adopted son DAVID's former home when she visit Malawi tomorrow (16Apr07), officials have confirmed. The Material...

15th April 2007 23:36

Fascinating Fact 3119

Moviemakers GUS VAN SANT and BRYAN SINGER are both working on new biopics about assassinated San Francisco official HARVEY MILK, who made history by...

15th April 2007 23:36

Director Foley Knocked Out By Beautiful Berry

Moviemaker JAMES FOLEY had no problems giving sexy HALLE BERRY top billing above Bruce Willis in new thriller PERFECT STRANGER - because she's one of...

15th April 2007 23:36

Ferrera Struggled With Teenage Fame

UGLY BETTY star AMERICA FERRERA had a mini-nervous breakdown while appearing in her first movie, Gotta Kick It Up, because her acting dream wasn't...

15th April 2007 23:36

The Things They Say 4468

"I didn't like it immediately, but now it's good. I've got a circle of dear friends; I love my house and my little dog Vino." Spanish actress...

15th April 2007 23:36

Wahlberg Quizzed On Boogie Nights Package

MARK WAHLBERG is mortified he has yet to live down the furore surrounding his manhood after playing porn star Dirk Diggler in the 1997 film BOOGIE...

15th April 2007 23:36

Bbc Gives Austen Sex In The City Makeover

A new BBC adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's SENSE AND SENSIBILITY has been likened to saucy TV show SEX AND THE CITY. The broadcaster has been accused of...

15th April 2007 23:36

Alba Learned To Play The Violin For New Role

JESSICA ALBA learned to play the violin for her new role as a virtuoso in THE EYE. The actress admits she's no expert but at least she'll be playing...

15th April 2007 23:36

Duchovny Asks Girl To Wed Theatre Owner

X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY agreed to ask a fan's girlfriend to marry him - as long as the fiance-to-be screened his new movie THE TV SET for a...

15th April 2007 23:36

Spider-man Keeps Franco From His Studies

SPIDER-MAN is interfering with JAMES FRANCO's education - because he has no time to attend classes. The actor, who plays Peter Parker's...

15th April 2007 23:36

Lucille Ball Tops The Honour Roll At Tv Land Awards

Beloved US TV comedienne LUCILLE BALL was among those honoured at the TV Land Awards in Santa Monica, California on Saturday (14Apr07). TV shows The...

15th April 2007 23:36

Lucas Crashes In Celebrity Race

STAR WARS creator GEORGE LUCAS had a smashing time at the Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race in Long Beach, California on Saturday (14Apr07) when he collided...

15th April 2007 23:36

Anna Nicole Diaries Fail To Sell

LATEST: Two diaries written by tragic model ANNA NICOLE SMITH failed to sell at auction in Texas on Saturday (14Apr07). An unnamed German...

15th April 2007 23:36

The Things They Say 4467

"It's really fun 'cos I know every language, at least three sentences (sic)... Well, not every (language) but, like, 15 of 'em... But my Spanish is...

15th April 2007 23:36

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