17th December 2006

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Mel B's 'Mystery Lover' Pictures Published

LATEST: Photographs of EDDIE MURPHY's ex-girlfriend MELANIE BROWN frolicking in Hawaii with her so-called 'mystery man' have been published in...

17th December 2006 0:00

Bee Gee Barry Goes Country

Pop and disco icon BARRY GIBB is set to try his hand at country music after announcing his next album project will be recorded in Nashville,...

17th December 2006 0:00

Gibson Facing Paternity Suit?

Movie star MEL GIBSON is allegedly facing a legal battle from a young Australian woman who insists she is his love-child. CARMEL SLOANE, 29, claims...

17th December 2006 0:00

O'toole Was Destined To Play Lawrence Of Arabia

PETER O'TOOLE has a guru to thank for his groundbreaking role in DAVID LEAN's LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, because the mystic told the director's wife O'Toole...

17th December 2006 0:00

Stiller Hates Being In The Public Eye

BEN STILLER hates attending celebrity events, because people are always surprised to see him with an attractive lady on his arm. The MEET THE...

17th December 2006 0:00

Attenborough Wins Icon Award

SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH was named Britain's Greatest Living Icon yesterday (16DEC06) after viewers voted for the British naturalist on the BBC's THE...

17th December 2006 0:00

Threat Made Against Mills

British police have briefed SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's estranged wife HEATHER MILLS on a potential threat to her safety as her divorce battle with the...

17th December 2006 0:00

Cowell's Secret Plan To Launch X Factor Winner

Music mogul SIMON COWELL is reportedly paving the way for THE X FACTOR winner LEONA LEWIS to break America, having sealed a string of high-profile TV...

17th December 2006 0:00

'Moss Banned Our Album', Insists Doherty Ex

PETE DOHERTY's former love DOT ALLISON insists an album of love songs recorded by the pair has been shelved - because the rocker's supermodel partner...

17th December 2006 0:00

Campbell To Appear On Oprah?

NAOMI CAMPBELL has reportedly agreed to appear on OPRAH WINFREY's talk show in a bid to show the world she does not deserve a reputation for...

17th December 2006 0:00

Metcalfe Planning Coyle Proposal?

JESSE METCALFE is planning to propose to pop star girlfriend GIRLS ALOUD's NADINE COYLE in a bid to fix their strained transatlantic relationship -...

17th December 2006 0:00

Perez Hilton Hit With $7.6 Million Lawsuit

Celebrity blogger PEREZ HILTON has been hit with a $7.6 million (GBP3.9 million) copyright infringement lawsuit by a Los Angeles photo agency. ...

17th December 2006 0:00

Smith Shuns Scientology

WILL SMITH has laughed of rumours he has become a Scientologist, insisting he would upset his late grandmother by adopting the religion. The MEN IN...

17th December 2006 0:00

Mcgregor Hooked On Paragliding

TRAINSPOTTING star EWAN MCGREGOR became hooked on paragliding after discovering the extreme sport while filming CASSANDRA'S DREAM with WOODY ALLEN. ...

17th December 2006 0:00

Holmes Helping Beckham's Hollywood Ambitions

KATIE HOLMES is pulling out all the stops to ensure her new best friend pop singer VICTORIA BECKHAM becomes a Hollywood star. Holmes is setting up...

17th December 2006 0:00

Ed Norton Happy For Hayek

US actor EDWARD NORTON is stunned by his ex-girlfriend SALMA HAYEK's new TV hit UGLY BETTY, and is desperate for a role himself. Ugly Betty,...

17th December 2006 0:00

Mcgregor: 'I'm No Daredevil'

Scottish movie star EWAN MCGREGOR insists his daredevil reputation pales into insignificance when compared to the deeds performed by his Royal Air...

17th December 2006 0:00

Piper Splits With Sowe

British actress BILLIE PIPER has reportedly split up with her longterm boyfriend AMADU SOWE. The former DOCTOR WHO star had a close relationship...

17th December 2006 0:00

Bacon Attacker Was Love Rival Tv Star

LATEST: The man who beat up British radio DJ RICHARD BACON earlier this year (06) was Bravo TV sports presenter ANDY BURTON - Bacon's now...

17th December 2006 0:00

Middleton Snubs Royal Christmas Dinner

British royal PRINCE WILLIAM's girlfriend KATE MIDDLETON has snubbed a special invitation to join the royal family for Christmas - according to...

17th December 2006 0:00

Beckhams Get Boozy

English golden couple VICTORIA and DAVID BECKHAM have found an expensive new hobby - vintage wine-collecting. The stylish twosome were formerly...

17th December 2006 0:00

Gallagher Defends Reality Check

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER insists on carrying out mundane tasks everyday because doing his chores keeps him down to earth. The WONDERWALL rocker...

17th December 2006 0:00

Williams Unwanted In England

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is fleeing England because he no longer feels welcome by his British fans. The ANGEL hitmaker has enjoyed a decade of success as a...

17th December 2006 0:00

Kylie's Smelling Sweeter Than Beckham

KYLIE MINOGUE has knocked VICTORIA BECKHAM off the top of the best-selling celebrity perfume chart in the UK. The SPINNING AROUND star's Darling...

17th December 2006 0:00

Doherty 'High' During Death Fall

LATEST: PETE DOHERTY was high on drugs as he fled the house where late actor MARK BLANCO fell to his death. The troubled rocker, who was involved in...

17th December 2006 0:00

Williams 'Heart-breaking' Insecurity

ROBBIE WILLIAMS obsessively searches for bad reviews about himself because he thinks he deserves to be slammed. The ex-TAKE THAT star is suffering...

17th December 2006 0:00

Stiller Chokes On Jokes

Funnyman BEN STILLER finds it impossible to make people laugh when he's not in character - despite starring in a string of comedy blockbusters. The...

17th December 2006 0:00

Fascinating Fact 2612

TORI SPELLING is keeping the reported $300,000 (GBP154,000) she made from her estate sale in Los Angeles last week (ends10DEC06) and putting the cash...

17th December 2006 0:00

Fascinating Fact 2613

RUDY YOUNGBLOOD, the star of MEL GIBSON's new movie epic APOCALYPTO, is part-Cree and part-Comanche native American.

17th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3607

"She's going to stay out of the business until she's at least 18. Unless this tap-dancing thing works out." COURTENEY COX insists she won't be...

17th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3606

"I want a fat, ugly singer to perform on my special day so I look fabulous." Welsh singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH refuses to be outshone by a glamorous...

17th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3605

"I thought I was just trying out for the part of some extra, the guy in the background eating a piece of chicken." APOCALYPTO star RUDY YOUNGBLOOD.

17th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3608

"I would do hair in the funeral home for the dead people... I'd take a beautiful little old lady, who's dead, and fix her hair really nice in the...

17th December 2006 0:00

Attenborough Beats Singers For Living Icon Award

Acclaimed naturalist Sir David Attenborough has been named as Britain's greatest living icon after coming ahead of Sir Paul McCartney and Morrissey...

17th December 2006 16:55

Jackson Delays Tokyo Xmas Party

Michael Jackson has postponed an appearance at a Christmas party being held in the Japanese capital Tokyo by more than three months.The 48-year-old...

17th December 2006 17:05

Little Britain's Lucas 'Marries' Partner

Comedy sketch show Little Britain co-creator Matt Lucas has 'wed' his long-term partner Kevin McGee in a civil partnership ceremony in London.The...

17th December 2006 17:27

Cheeky Mp Splits From Fiancee

Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik has confirmed that he has separated from his fiancee Sian Lloyd, amid claims that he is in a relationship with one...

17th December 2006 18:09

Patient Take That Still Number One

Comeback kids come good Take That are top of the singles chart for a fourth week with Patience.But their reign is not likely to extend to a fifth...

17th December 2006 20:06

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