Rapper 2 Chainz fears he has been unfairly targeted by cops after two drug busts this year (13).

The hip-hop hitmaker has had a long-time connection to marijuana and was first arrested for using the drug when he was a teenager and now he feels like he is on every U.S. police force's radar as a weed smoker, and that cops like to make an example of him.

2 Chainz has already beaten one of the drug possession charges from earlier this year (13) and now he is speaking about a bust in Oklahoma last month (Aug13), when he was charged with obstructing a police officer by refusing to let him onboard his tour bus after the cop claimed he could smell pot smoke coming from the vehicle.

The rapper, real name Tauheed Epps, tells Rolling Stone magazine, "It just p**ses me off, every time. It didn't make a lot of sense. 'No matter if my chef is cooking f**king tilapia covered in onions, you still smell weed? Well, let me talk to my lawyer, before y'all shoot the s**t out of one of us'."

However, the busts haven't halted 2 Chainz's post-show pot ritual.

He adds, "I don't do nothing to harm nobody. After a show, I take my shoes off, drink some water and, I'm sorry, but I may smoke a joint... I hop that don't get me no time (in prison)."