London's live music mecca the 100 Club is facing closure due to increasing costs.
The owners of the 68-year-old venue, which opened for business as a jazz bar in the early 1940s and became a leading punk hang-out in the '70s, have been hit with a rent increase - and are struggling to keep the club open.
According to insiders, the rent has gone up from $16,500 (£11,000) in 1985 to over $247,500 (£165,000)-a-year.
Owner Jeff Horton says, "The Government, Westminster council and even some of the commercial landlords say they want to help small businesses, they say they want to preserve London's uniqueness, they want to help multi-cultural venues. Yet we're all that and all these organisations have all dumped on us from a great height."
Horton regrets he'll have to close the 100 Club at Christmas (10) unless he gets aid to help him with the spiralling costs.