New York Dolls founder ARTHUR `KILLER' KANE is set to release his memoirs from beyond the grave.

The punk icon wrote all about the early days of the Dolls and planned to release his memoirs as new book I, DOLL.. He died last year (04) before he could complete the project.

Now, his estranged wife Barbara Kane has taken over the project, and she's asking fans of the group to send her any photographs they have of the New York Dolls' early shows.

She says, "It's a great read. It's funny, campy and cynical. It tells how Arthur Killer Kane started the New York Dolls, nobody else.

"The way Arthur tells it, he crossed the street and said to (guitarist) Johnny Thunders, 'Hey John, I love your hair. Can you play?' John says, 'Yeah, I'm a bass player,' and Arthur goes, 'Well, I play the guitar. Do you want to start a band?' They set it up with (drummer) Billy Murcia and started a band."