New Order's former manager TONY WILSON blames the iconic '80s group's frontman BERNARD SUMMER for his dog troubles.

The 54-year-old music boss enjoys a bitter-sweet relationship with his protege - whom he signed to his ill-fated Manchester, England, record label FACTORY during his time in '70s cult band JOY DIVISION - but was furious when the pooch Wilson inadvertently received from Sumner left him stranded on a wet and windy day.

However, rather than contact Sumner to unleash his fury, Wilson was stunned when the singer called up - to moan at him.

Recalling the telephone conversation, Wilson says, "He (Sumner) said, 'I just want you to know that I'm out for my family Christmas dinner. We're going to the theatre tonight and we've come to a noodle bar and these bastards have sat me directly in front of a photograph of you and I've lost my f**king appetite.'

"I said, 'That's nothing, Bernard. I'm on top of a f**king mountain in the driving f**king rain and it's all your fault.'"

At that point, Wilson was battling adverse weather conditions on Werneth Low in Cheshire, England, with his canine.

He adds, "The dog I was given is a Weimaraner as seen in the New Order BLUE MONDAY video. So it was all Bernard's fault. And Bernard said to me, 'I'm sorry about that, Tony.'"

10/02/2005 17:47