New Order star BERNARD SUMNER was left fearing for his life after his luxury yacht almost sank when a shark rammed it.
The Blue Monday hitmaker was sailing off the coast of Scotland with his family in August (09) when he felt a massive thump on the side of the boat.
Sumner radioed the coastguard and was told several sharks had been spotted in the area, leaving him petrified the vessel would be sunk by the creatures, in an echo of classic Steven Spielberg movie Jaws.
Describing the experience as the "hairiest moment" of his 25 years sailing, he says: "It actually happened. I had a collision with a 30-foot shark. The boat nearly sank and there was a big imprint of a huge shark in the paint on its bottom.
"There was this God-almighty crash, like I'd hit rocks. I checked the charts and there were no rocks, so I called the coastguard and he said other boats that had been up there that morning had reported six large sharks in that part of the sea. My family were in bed so I'm pulling the floorboards up every 10 minutes to see if we'd taken on water."