English rockers New Order are threatening to pull out of soundtrack commitments to JOY DIVISION film CONTROL, because the director is too domineering. Bandmembers claim they are being "disrespected" on set and their creativity thwarted by Anton Corbijn's constant interfering. Bassist PETER HOOK fumes, "I'm p**sed about the movie right now because Anton Corbijn seems to be getting too much control, precisely. "I would have preferred that he showed more respect for us. That's what he should do... Anton is too passionate about the movie but I think he should have a wider view. At the beginning he would say: 'Come everyone to help' but now he closed the doors and sent everyone to p**s off. "We're suppose to (record the film's soundtrack) but the problem is that he's telling us what to do. If we don't tell him how to direct, why is he telling us how to make music? BERNARD (SUMNER - singer) and STEPHEN (MORRIS -drummer) seem to be OK about it but it bothers me a lot." Joy Division were an English rock band formed in 1976. The band dissolved in May 1980 after the suicide of its lead singer, Ian Curtis. The remaining members - Hook, Sumner and Morris - reformed as New Order. The movie is based on the book TOUCHING FROM A DISTANCE by Curtis' widow DEBORAH.