New Order have received complaints from fans over the sound quality of the band's recent re-issues.

Former JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER bassist said the albums - which were released at the end of September - suffered due to cut backs in the record industry, as well as some lost tapes.

"A lot of them are lost, between us listening to the collation and between them coming onto the CD, something seems to have gone wrong," he told the BBC.

He claimed that the record industry has changed over the years, saying: "They don't have half the staff they used to have so everything becomes quite a trial, and I know from doing the Hacienda compilation tape, you get a lot of masters of old songs - they are mastered from the record because nobody can find the tape."

The bassist also said it was "intensely annoying" that Warners had chosen to distribute the re-issues to the shops before sending them to the band, deeming it "a masterful piece of planning".

15/10/2008 11:57:14