New Order bassist Peter Hook has no doubt why the British band still remains successful after a quarter of a century - today's music bosses are longterm fans.

New Order formed from the ashes of JOY DIVISION after frontman Ian Curtis killed himself in 1980 and have proved to be a phenomenally popular act around the world ever since.

But Hook believes the band now has fate on its side.

He says, "We've proven time and again that we make good music. The thing New Order has going for it is that a lot of people in this business have grown up with us, since 1979 with Joy Division.

"Now the record execs that are the bosses were fans of ours in the 1980s. We were in France, and the head of Warner BROS in France was explaining to us how he ran into a New Order gig and ripped his trousers."

27/04/2005 02:50