New Order's American bosses barred actor David Hasselhoff from singing with them during a live TV performance - because his US show Baywatch wasn't "cool" enough for the British band's fans.

The veteran dance outfit recorded a version of their 1993 hit REGRET on the sandy Baywatch set at Los Angeles' Venice Beach, amidst a horde of scantily-clad beauties.

However, New Order's US aides - who failed to understand that New Order's use of the Baywatch props was an ironic statement - were quick to steer the actor away from the microphone, fearing his presence would affect their "cool" reputation stateside.

Frontman BERNARD SUMNER says, "If you look at the video, the birds (women) in it are pretty rough.

"David Hasselhoff wanted to get up and sing backing vocals, but our people in America wouldn't allow it because it's not a very cool programme. They didn't get the irony."

03/02/2005 09:27