New Order star Gillian Gilbert will wear a blindfold when the band plays a concert at an observatory because she has a bizarre fear of telescopes.

The Blue Monday hitmakers are due to perform at the U.K.'s astrophysics research site Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, England in July (13), in the shadow of the enormous Lovell Telescope.

However, keyboardist Gilbert is taking drastic measures to get through the show - she is planning to shield her eyes with a dark veil so she can avoid a meltdown over her deep-rooted fear of radio receivers.

Drummer Stephen Morris says, "Playing at Jodrell Bank is going to be really exciting... Unfortunately it's likely that Gillian will have to spend the whole show blindfolded because she's got a phobia of radio telescopes, so naturally she's terrified of Jodrell Bank. We used to drive past it, and every time she'd need to duck under the dashboard when we got close."