New Kids On The Block star Donnie Wahlberg is convinced his bandmates made the right decision to take a 14-year break before their comeback - because fame left them feeling jaded.
The 1990s pop stars returned to the music scene with their new album The Block this month (Sep08) after stepping out of the limelight for more than a decade.
And Wahlberg insists turning their backs on fame was necessary for the five-piece to get some perspective.
He says, "We had people taking care of every little thing we wanted to do. There was a point where we didn't have to turn on a light switch if we didn't want to, not that we were those type of people.
"We just needed time away... I think the fans needed time away too."
But the singer admits he longed for a normal life despite the luxuries of fame, adding: "Growing up in the eye of a crazy storm, we missed out on a lot of things. We certainly don't complain about it but while most kids are off at college, having their first love or living with their first girlfriend, we were living in hotels trapped because there were 20,000 people outside screaming."